LCA News and Discussions, 22-Oct-2013

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Re: LCA News and Discussions, 22-Oct-2013

Postby tsarkar » 10 Feb 2015 20:07

I'm perplexed here.

IAF Tejas are going to 45 squadron. One more squadron will form thereafter.

Where or when did IAF say that Tejas will go to OFTU like Hunters or MiGs?

FWIW, when HOFTU was formed, Hunters were aircraft whose characteristics were well known and familiar to a large community of aviators.

Similarly, when MOFTU was formed, MiG-21 were aircraft whose characteristics were well known and familiar to a large community of aviators

These experienced aviators taught relatively fresher aviators.

Why on earth will IAF put an aircraft whose envelope is still being opened up and with a small percentage of its aviators familiar with into OFTU training freshers?????

IN similarly rotates young officers across cadres on older familiar ships like Nilgiri Class and now Godavari & Rajput classes and OPVs before sending them to ships serving at full operational tempo.

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Re: LCA News and Discussions, 22-Oct-2013

Postby deejay » 10 Feb 2015 21:28

Karan, firstly please drop the Sir.

Secondly, as far as I see the waiting for Cobham to deliver when we have Indian stuff even if at 60%, it is good to go. Having said that, I think initial orders for LCA MK1 is for IOC 2 levels (which I am sure you know). So if indeed it is a training role for the first Sqn then the IAF is doing what you want.

What is missing is the further orders for FOC level aircraft which should have come by now. And I am sure BVR can come much later without any issues.

tsarkar ji, I am not sure if the IAF has confirmed the training sqn thing like MOFT for LCA. Though, I think that is what will happen. Flight training and basic Role Clearance can be attained on the low operating cost machines before moving on to the advanced stuff. With Mig 21's ready to retire, IMO, the role will fall upon the LCA.

The way IAF trains may be slightly divergent than IN. Let me briefly outline both the IAF approach to training and the advantages of MOFTU like set up (again these are my views):

The training profile is handled by Qualified Flight Instructors. Not 'any' experienced pilot.

There are certain roles where a pilot's experience or qualification on role is required and not the experience or qualification on type.

Since my background is helicopters, I will use helicopter examples to explain these roles before a person is declared Fully Ops. Further, Fully Ops does not mean that if a pilot converts on to a similar type (Like from Mi 17 to Mi 17 IV or Mi 17 V5), the pilot is all trained. Additional training is required.

These 'roles' on helicopters could be SHBO (Special Heli Borne Ops), NOE (Nap of Earth) flying, Air Maintenance (landing and para drop), SAR role, etc. These roles are useful for most of the fleet with some roles dropping out on certain types. Such training could be combined at a particular place so that Line Flying Units could concentrate more on their specialty and not look after every new pilots overall training needs.

This training can specially become challenging in roles like SHBO where quite often 04 aircraft will be needed for a single mission and imagine using 08 sets of crew and 04 aircraft to train just one person. These missions are so complicated that from planning, briefing, flying to debrief it takes the better part of the day for all involved.

In fighter flying vast majority of missions are multiple aircraft and hence we could have a trained lead, then three UTs (Under Trainees) can accompany for training on a single mission.

Hence, in fighters a HOFTU or MOFTU make more sense and may be TOFTU will come along.

A tid bit: Flying training in IAF, even in the most advanced stages is in a Guru - Shishya mode. The 'Instructors' are 'God' like figures who demand and get total devotion. I have seen senior pilots getting their a$$ chewed for trying to instruct if they were not qualified instructors. This relationship really works well in a school / academy like atmosphere which MOFTU like places provide. In many ways these 'schools' are the cutting edge of IAF work.


Re: LCA News and Discussions, 22-Oct-2013

Postby tushar_m » 10 Feb 2015 23:39





Notice the Difference

1. Landing gear is massive when compared to LCA IAF

2. Nose wheel for some reason is single compared to IAF

*Sorry don't know how to reduce size

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Re: LCA News and Discussions, 22-Oct-2013

Postby John » 11 Feb 2015 01:08

Looks like a bigger nose-wheel? Which should handle landings better but single wheel might make it little to maneuver on the ground.

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Re: LCA News and Discussions, 22-Oct-2013

Postby Indranil » 11 Feb 2015 02:46

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