India Canada Relations

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India Canada Relations

Postby rsangram » 09 May 2017 03:41

These Sikh Ministers in Canada. There is something not normal about them. Particularly Sajjan. He went to India and exaggerated his role in the Canadian Army in Afghanistan. He is reported to have boasted big time, and got really carried away. Ultimately he had to apologize in the Canadian parliament for "speaking which was not true". So, he did not lie, just "spoke which was not true". I am 56 years old and just when I thought I had seen everything, I get hit with this "obvious" difference between a lie and "speaking which is not true". ... -diplomacy

But there definitely is something off about these Sikh ministers.......something very odd.

Here are some interesting figures. The "liberal boyish looking" Trudeau, appointed four Sikhs in his cabinet to represent approximately 570,000 Sikhs. The 300,000 Hindus in Canada, while clearly roughly half the number of Sikhs, do not deserve even one Hindu in the cabinet. Obviously, these are Hindus. What do they need representation for ? Or maybe, Trudeau and the Canadians are worried that since the percentage of Sikh population in Canada (1.8%) has hit roughly the percentage of Sikh population in India (1.9%), pretty soon there would be coming demands for a Khalistan in Canada. Come to think of it, Canada may be even more suitable for Khalistan, as the Khalistan in Canada can actually have clear access to the sea and have a chance of being a viable "Nation". Who knows, the majority Canadians may even support such a away their Sikhs in exchange for some "Canadian" land. They may consider it a great bargain.

The "Liberals" and the Sikh ministers of the Liberal Party look like strange bedfellows. One never thinks of Khalistanis as "liberal". Martyrs....yes, Lions......maybe, but Liberal ?? Gimme a break. Maybe thats why these Sikh ministers seem a bit "off".....

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Re: India Canada Relations

Postby ManSingh » 09 May 2017 03:48

Your choice of topic seems a bit-off with respect to your first post.
You are defaulting India-Canada relations with India-Khalistani sikh relations. Not a fair association.
Not all Sikhs should be considered Indian. (It is even unfair to consider all sikhs as punjabi/of punjabi origin). Neither should India-Canada relations be hijacked by a single thread.

1. Hindus in Canada do not live in ghettos like south vancouver, surrey, brahmpton etc. So 300,000 vote bank can not affect election outcomes.
2. Not all 570,000 sikhs have nothing else to do in life except Khalistan.
3. Not all Canadian hindu's are interested in politics/self-preservation.
4. A lot of the shady underground stuff in Canada is dominated by sikhs.

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Re: India Canada Relations

Postby ManSingh » 09 May 2017 05:31

Thanks, it really must have changed a lot in the last few years then. By ghetto, I do not mean slums but dominated by a particular community.

In 2012, almost the entire region surrounding the northern bank of fraser river, was sikh. Sajjan Singh is an MP from Vancouver south.

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Re: India Canada Relations

Postby Falijee » 09 May 2017 05:38

At the risk of stereotyping the Sikh Community of Canada, I agree with both the above two posters . My observations ( some positive, some negative ) are as unders:
- the Sikh community is very vocal in asserting their rights if they are not treated as equals. They have no hesitation in taking legal action if they feel they are discriminated against because of their appearance. This is good because all ethnic (non-white) communities gain when discriminatory laws are abolished and everyone is treated equally. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police , a few decades ago, had to reverse its decision to allow turban as head gear. The Sikh community was responsible for "overturning the ban of turbans".
- the Sikhs has a reputation for resorting to violence, specially when it comes to "gurdwara politics" . There have many instances ( specially in British Columbia ) where rival factions clash . Mostly, it may be related to getting hold of "temple funds" , which may be substantial . But this problem, IMO, is not restricted to Canada only !
- As noted by the above two posters, Sikhs are successful businessman and are noted for their good work ethic. Because of their "visible nature" specially in British Columbia (where they are "into farming, lumbering, truck driving etc ) many "White Canadians" associate Indian food with Punjabi cuisine, Indian culture with Punjabi culture
- the Sikh community is very vocal in Canadian federal politics and generally speaking vote Liberal (party ) . IMO, the present Defense Minister ( Sajjan ) may or may not have latent Khalistani sympathies . There are rumours that his father is an out and out Khalistani suppporter. Again IMO, he was "rewarded " by the young, inexperienced Trudeau" to the Defence Minister post for "delivering the Sikh vote in BC" . Sajjan is now, correctly IMO, accused of knowingly exaggerating his role ( not once but many times !) in an Afghan undercover operation when he was serving there as an intelligence officer. Because of this, there are demands for him to resign . IMO, he will be shuffled out of this portfolio shortly !.
- Khalistan may be a "dead issue " in India. But there are pockets of Khalistani supporters in Canada, specially in British Columbia . Again the Pakistanis , even in Canada, are courting the Sikh community to adopt an anti- India stance

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Re: India Canada Relations

Postby ramana » 09 May 2017 06:17

OK. This thread is not about India-Canada relations.
I am closing it.

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