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Possible Indian Military Scenarios - XIII

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Re: Possible Indian Military Scenarios - XIII

Postby member_28539 » 23 Feb 2015 15:49

I am very much open to something like this. Any ideas on how that might be made to work? Where do we even start?

@Vivek Sir: Start by contacting Natraj Publications, given their majority books being Military oriented they would definately agree to it & they can further help with getting together the rest of pack (Lt Gen P C Katoch, Maharoof Raza etc) on board with you.

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Re: Possible Indian Military Scenarios - XIII

Postby chaanakya » 23 Feb 2015 20:07

Congrates Vivek. What a riveting tale of death and destruction. I would keep watch on both websites for the book going on sale. Will buy. Surely. Since you are in India is it possible to arrange Author's tour so that I , like many other fans, could get the books autographed?

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Re: Possible Indian Military Scenarios - XIII

Postby vardhank » 23 Feb 2015 22:04

Hi Vivek,
Great writing, and a lovely, fast-paced thriller. Wish there had been more on the Pathfinders and their action deep in enemy territory - hope you will expand this when you get to later drafts.
However, I'd like to understand why you've left the rest of the world out of both scenarios - do you believe that in a three-cornered, nuclear-armed conflict zone, the US in particular, and possibly Russia as well, will not get involved? At the end of the previous scenario, I would've imagined a vast change in China's relationship with the rest of the world (either ostracism or fawning), and even more so in this scenario. Given that things went nuclear already at the beginning of the scenario, I can't believe that the rest of the world (again, read the US particularly) would not have tried to step in. No matter what the speed of our response, there would've been US missiles aimed at both Indian and Pakistan, a "take the sharp toys out of the playground" strike, or a very, very panicky and quick response to try and secure Paki nukes. Nor would, I imagine, the Middle Eastern countries stay so calm: either they would've fallen sharply on the Islamic-republic side, or remembered which side their bread was buttered - a nuclear-wasteland in South Asia is in no one's interests. I can't even imagine Russia staying out of this just to needle the West: this isn't Syria, and the Russians aren't mad. What I'd like to see is India, China and the USA rushing to lock down Pakistani nukes, with a couple of subtle words exchanged between the USA, Russia and China to keep their own nukes out of this, but who knows? All I know is, no one's going to allow two 'small' nuclear powers to go at it.
Frankly, even the idea that a nuclear attack on Mumbai would NOT be blamed on Pakistan is far-fetched - it's not like there are too many supermarkets for nuclear warheads. Even if the response from the 'global community' is not direct punishment against Pakistan, the knowledge that a (most likely Pakistani) nuke has made its way into terrorist hands will mean that no one's going to wait to find out whether the Pakistani government/ISI/army helped or not. Pakistani sovereignty is going to be totally ignored, and NEST/SF type teams, with plenty of cover, are going to be in-country in no time at all.
This isn't meant to be personal :) just playing devil's advocate.
One thing that MIGHT be personal, though. I think the ethos attributed to Haider might apply to your thinking: to destroy Pakistan, no matter what the cost to us. Just a thought :) I know this is in the end a fantasy, but, well... I know Pakistan isn't going to turn into Canada any time soon, but perhaps there's more than one way to skin a cat, no matter how rabid.

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Re: Possible Indian Military Scenarios - XIII

Postby aditp » 01 Mar 2015 22:18

For the mango peepuls, Kulkarni's feats can be visualised like this :



Rahul M
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Re: Possible Indian Military Scenarios - XIII

Postby Rahul M » 01 Mar 2015 22:41

>> Following Cerberus, I will need to decide what direction to take. One option that has come up is to follow the Pathfinders as a standalone series of novels (Ala an Indian Rainbow Six?). But we will see what happens when we get Cerberus up and going.

vivek, you might think of doing some historical fiction. use your skills to bring to life some of the lesser known episodes of India's security establishment.

op khukri would be a good candidate f.e.

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Re: Possible Indian Military Scenarios - XIII

Postby Aaryan » 03 Mar 2015 11:14

Vivek just a friendly suggestion..

Can you keep Kulkarni's return for last page and last line as " We are going home".. Looks good and powerful to me also happy ending after such devastation..

BRFite -Trainee
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Re: Possible Indian Military Scenarios - XIII

Postby member_28305 » 10 Mar 2015 08:52

Vivek Saar..
Im visiting amazon almost everyday to check if the Fenix is published... :-?

by when can we expect the book to hit the online store?

Thanks, :)

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Re: Possible Indian Military Scenarios - XIII

Postby vivek_ahuja » 05 Apr 2015 16:48

Dear readers,

An update: Fenix is under review by the publication folks at Harper Collins at the moment. I received an email last week that the book is under serious consideration and that I can expect a final word from them on it by April 10. So currently I am waiting with fingers crossed.

The book draft is done and ready for Amazon. So in case things fall of the table with the publishers (as it happened for Chimera :oops: ), I will be pushing Fenix on amazon immediately. At that point it will be available on the amazon sites in hard copy and kindle versions.

Just wanted to let everyone here know that I haven't forgotten about Fenix, but that certain things pertaining to publication (especially in India) are taking longer than expected. :-?

P.S.: What is the thought here about perhaps opening a new dhaga for the Cerberus scenario so that I can get things kicked off there? "Possible Indian Military Scenarios - XIV" ? 8)


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Re: Possible Indian Military Scenarios - XIII

Postby deejay » 05 Apr 2015 17:55

^ Neki aur pooch-pooch. Please Sir, let Chimera thread happen.

Ankit Desai
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Re: Possible Indian Military Scenarios - XIII

Postby Ankit Desai » 06 Apr 2015 21:20

Who are you waiting for Vivek sir ?


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Re: Possible Indian Military Scenarios - XIII

Postby vila » 29 Apr 2015 17:36

Vivek Sir,

10th April came and went now 10th May round the corner. Any news updates?

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Re: Possible Indian Military Scenarios - XIII

Postby kancha » 11 Jun 2015 21:11

10 June too has passed!!!
Give us a sitrep, Vivek!

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Re: Possible Indian Military Scenarios - XIII

Postby vivek_ahuja » 11 Jul 2015 20:54


Fenix is now in publication via Amazon. 8)

The books will be available on Kindle and paperback versions via as well.

I will post the links on amazon as soon as they go live in the next day.

If you liked Fenix over here, pliss to help the book by posting some reviews on the amazon page for the book when it comes out. Like Chimera, Fenix will climb (or fall) on the basis of the initial mass of reviews that readers here will post.

Lots of happenings on the personal side (including me now reporting to SHQ :) ) has prevented me from delivering the book to the publishers earlier. I also tried getting some publishers to look at it but so far, no joy. In the end, I realized that the book was simply gathering dust while the fickle-minded publishers shuffled in their seats. So Fenix has gone the Chimera route. And so will Cerberus (the next novel).

Image Image Image

Humble note to admins: Pliss to allow the new dhaga for Cerberus to continue flying like the drones over Pakistan and not shoot it down onlee. 8)

I will post Fenix related news and updates here but will migrate all Cerberus stuff to the new dhaga.


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Re: Possible Indian Military Scenarios - XIII

Postby RamaY » 11 Jul 2015 20:57

Congratulations Vivekji, on both fronts.

Will order a copy & write my yindutva review...

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Re: Possible Indian Military Scenarios - XIII

Postby arshyam » 11 Jul 2015 20:59

Excellent Vivek saar, off to Amazon then with my F5 key :). And, congrats!

BRF Oldie
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Re: Possible Indian Military Scenarios - XIII

Postby vivek_ahuja » 11 Jul 2015 22:08

The kindle link is now live! 8)

Pliss to review at this page:

Fenix Kindle Link



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Re: Possible Indian Military Scenarios - XIII

Postby ramana » 11 Jul 2015 22:16

will now lock topic....


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