Possible Indian Military Scenarios - Part V

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Postby Shankar » 03 Aug 2006 12:02

Talibanisation of waziristan took more time than it did in afganistan simply because the tribals resisted any change in thier social order by an "outside agaency " but in the end were out manipulated by subtle religion based propaganda and brute show of force.It was done in the following way

the old tribal structure of waziris and mahsuds were completely superceeded by a religious system based on strict interpretation of shariat law.

The entire waziristan region comprising of north and south waziristan were slowly brought under direct physical control of taliban slowly strting from 2004 till 2011.

The pakistani taliban though initially assisted by pakistani army and intel agencies particularly ISI in the later years were totally outof its control as the alquaida consolidated its control over the local taliban.

Loyality to taliban was ensured by immediate executionusally in public of anyone even suspected of collaborating with the pakistani govt or army as they were considerd same as americans .It strted with killing of about 150 maliks in 2005-6 and continued unchecked inthe years to come.

The sensitive issue of uzbeks,chechansand arabs forming the core of alquaida advisors were completely integrated with waziri tribals thru familial links formed by marriage.

The question that has bothered many strategic analysts is why pakistan is commited to a suicidial policy of supporting the talibans .The answer may be lies in the fact that the military rulers in pakistan believe american interst in afganisatn will evaporate sooner or later and then taliban will retake afganistan and thereby offer the much needed strategic depth in any any future conflict with india.

But this assesment was not perfectly true since us had no plans to "give up afganistan "that early" and allow another 9/11 type attack to be planned and executed . Its basic plan was to create "a great empty space" in the region for a few decades atleast .Invasion of afganistan was just the first part of the plan .Waziristan was the next logical choice .

The impotency of pakistans military ruler in waziristan baluchistan region was nothing new to american administration. way back in in 2005 president bush stepped out of a meeting with pakistani president and said quote part of my mission today was to determine whether or not the president is as commited as he has been in the past to beinging these terrorists to justice unquote.This was followed by a statement by us assistant secratary of state richard boucher after a meeting with musharaf announcingquote us formly believes in civilian rules and civilian control of military in pakistan unquote .

All those messages were taken very seriously by the military junta of pakistan and even if some of them did understand the implication they kept quite as another super power from the east was getting involved in the waziristan -baluchistan game ---peoples republic of china -for a completely diffrent reason

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