Possible Indian Military Scenarios - Part VI

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Postby ramana » 26 Oct 2006 19:30

Those who are volunteering lets take this off-line. Hari I expect you to provide oversight.
Thanks, ramana

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Postby Hari Sud » 26 Oct 2006 20:38


Join the group

Siva, Please do take a note of it.

Hello Ramana - Without you, we will not go too far. So please stay on top of it.

For myself, I will do the needful.

Ultimate objective: Both Shankar and Dillep writings to be compliled, edited and told in form of a coherent story.


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Postby Shankar » 27 Oct 2006 13:27

Hi guys
I am overwhelmed by your support
Never thought you guys like the scenario so much

No how to organise these last scenarios in a book format .

First lets think a name of the book
Then how to arrange
since most of the scenarios are inter service type that is overlapping airforce/navy and some army action maybe it is best we do not segregate it into distinct types like air action or navy action .My idea of writting in this way was create the image of balanced interservice cooperation and co ordination in any future conflict in india or abroad.

We can always add some maps and photographs before and after each chapter -particularly showing the location of air /naval and land battles and ingress /strike routes etc . In fact most of the routes and places i have described are based in real world data that includes african scenario Also we can may just mat be add photographs of some of the airbases and aircrafts /weapon systems of both sides for the readers to have a better scenario visualisation when reading . For example a sukhoi 30 fuly loaded on to a air dominance mission is not easy to visualise or a jaguar on a low level strike with anti ship missiles.

While i usally try to be as accurate as possible on technical data of all weapon platforms and systems by doing a careful net search before putting them in the story some mistakes are possible -those need to be corrected .

The reason for spelling mistakes is simple - i dont make any draft -whereevr in between work i get some time download some relevent info/data and make the story write on this post a reply format straight and when you are typing fast on a small window and that too by some one like me whos spelling is not a strong thing anyway mistakes crop up .But still write knowing deep within you all guys like my story just as it is and being freinds manage to overlook the spell mistakes and inconsistancies that some time crop up .

(recently got a couple of offers from other forums who wanted to publish these scenarios in thier site -which i did not agree after all no matter what BR is my site /our site and if the scenarios are really good enough to be published let it get published thru BR .

Comming back
the key element in all my scenarios is indian military capability and innovative tactics employed to prevail in any situation some time with outside help some times just by itself one name i can think of


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Postby Shankar » 27 Oct 2006 14:36

Lt comander Julia yawned for the nth time as she looked at the control console of state of the art desalination palnt worked on full load togenerate enough fresh water to satisfy the perched thorat of more than 6000 men and women of us navy/airforce residing on the base on that day . Outside her airconditioned control room huge million gallon stainless steel tanks held the life blood of the base and further down the huge salt water pumps worked overtime to push the sea water thru a battery od settlement tanks,rough and fine filters and finally thru the reverse osmosis based desalination system toprovide clean and safe drinking water to american men and women getting ready to fight a new war . In the distance she could see a flight of b-1 s landing after a gruelling 14 hrs flight from their homebase on the spanking new 12000 ft runway . On her other side she could agin see the supply ships taking on thier load of jet a and supplies including drinking water before leaving for persian gulf/arabian sea .

Strangely ground security on diego garcia was notvery pronounced .While the airbase area was fenced off and regularly patrolled by the airforce securityand the naval loading out bay by the marines the rest of the island was left very much as it was 200 years back with an occassional military jeep driving in to check everything o.k evry 4 hrs or so . No one seriously thought the desalination plant to be any knid of military target . There were six sodium vapour lamps around the plants perimeter a single marine guard would come on duty later in the evening for so called "night watch" usally watching the latest base ball game in sat tv in guard room .Nothing really happened in diego garcia.

The state of the water quality monitor spewed out its hourly report mentioning each and every paramter from salinity to ph level from bacteria count to biological oxygen demand and chemical oxygen demand to susspened solid concentration in the raw sea water ,in the intermediate stages as well as the final treated water being stored in the stainless steel potable water tanks . The water from the large tanks was supplied to the base and the navy ships thru a net work of underground pumps and pipingnet work not easily accessible .

The six mirror polished stainless steel tanks stood out like giant cylindrical mirrors on the flat island surface holding in its belly the war fihting capability of united states in this part of the world .

Diego garcia british india ocean teritory is located 7 degrees south latitude off the tip of india .It is an exclussive military reservation located on a small host country atoll in the chagos archipelago .The heavily vegetated isalnd has an approximate total arae of 6770 acres and above elevation about 4 ft over sea level.The horse shoe shaped island has a perimeter of more than 40 miles .From the air diego garcia takes on the rough outline of a foot print on the ocean surface thus gaining the nickname "foot print of freedom".The island streches 15 mile north to south and 35 miles from tip to tip of its horse shoe shape.The interior lagoon is 13 miles inlength and 6.5 miles at its widest point.Lagoon depth varies from 60-100 ft with coral heads in all areas.Shallow reefs surround the island on the ocean side and are scattered in the lagoon .The waters surrounding diego garcia are host to a wide variety of sea life (some 700) and the waters offre some of the best fishing any one can think of.Wild life on land however is some what dissapointing -feral chickens,donkeys,and crabs more or less complete the picture

The main installations of us navy which depended on that day on the the central de salination palnt for drinking water were

- navy computer and telecommunication centre
-military sea lift command office
-maritime prepositioning shios squadron
-afloat prepositionng ships squadron
- naval obile construction battalion detachment
-naval pacific metorology and oceanography detachment
-personnel support detachment
-naval medical centre detachment

- USAF base on the other side of the island
- ships at anchor

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Postby Shankar » 27 Oct 2006 14:44

She sailed quitely -waiting for the darkness in which to discharge the her deadly cargo .Captain khaled was nervous barely 30 kms from giant us naval air base and so far not detetected .The base appeared some what desserted all the carrier groups having left few days back and except for a couple of fleet replenishment ships at anchor -nothing much was in sight. Behind him the small group pf pakistani special forces commandoes were getting ready to board the black zodiac and cast off for the not so distant shore of diego garcia moment he surfaces . Captain khaled just hoped after discharging his cargo of special force team he will be able to sneak out of the american protective screen .The comandoes knew they will not be able to come back .Forthem it was an one way ticket.

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Postby ramana » 27 Oct 2006 19:11

Shankar, let not the lack of name delay the compilation. It will emerge as swaymbhu!

We have Shankar and Hari guiding it!

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Postby Sudhanshu » 28 Oct 2006 02:15

As far as book's name is concerned

What about

--"The final war"
--"The impending war"
--"War on terror, final assult"
--"Crushing the snake pit of terrorism"
--"The present future"

I am feeling sleepy.. I could suggest more later.

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Postby Shankar » 28 Oct 2006 11:22





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Postby Shankar » 28 Oct 2006 11:56

The new sea water reverse osmosis plant in to meet the ever increasing need of the huge naval base came on stream late 2007 and took almost 3 yrs to complete .Modelled after the ashkelon desalination plant of israel but much lesser capacity approximately 10 million cu mtr of water annually.The plant design included membrane desaliation units,and facilities for sea water pumping,brine removal,raw water pretreatmentand product water treatment.Along with themain plant complex auxilary facilities also came up which included a modern workshop and laboratory buildings ,access roads abd a dedicated gas turbine power station.However there was no seperate secutity complex for this vital installation.The total projecy cost to us navy was close to 50 million us dollars

The development of desalination technology was spurred on essentially by the fact that north africa and middle east holds more than 6% of worlds population and less than 25 of worlds renewable fresh water resources.In common with other countries in this region the palnets most water scarce region israel in 2000 launched adesalination master plan .The plan called for a series of desalinationplants along the mediterian coast to allow production of 400 millionmtr cube of fresh water to be produced annually and rraiseit to 750 million mtr cube by 2020.

US navy immediately saw a convergence of interest in developing this technology just like arrow 2 anti ballistic missile programm and shared in the research costs .Once the technology was established along with askelon desalination plant in israel a smaller plant actually the pilot plant used for development of the tachnology was quitely shifted to diego garcia and re commissioned as a dedicated unit .The capacity was more than enough to meet the water requirements of the base till 2020.

With the exception of the sea water intake ,product water treatment palnt and dedicated power plant all other facilities were duplicated to ensure reliability and fully automated to ensure hands free operation.The reverse osmosis membrane elements were provided by dow chemical company

It was essentially a civilian use water trewatment facility inside a military base. The lack of ground security or sensitivity of the reverse osmosis membranes to heavy metal contamination was never factore in the plant design .After all ocean water usally do not contain any toxic heavy meatl more than a few aprts per million and the abundant sea life around the island of diego garcia was proof enough about absence of toxicity in the raw water input .

Najor mohshin closed the folder and place d it back in his small persoanl locker in the sub.The slight nose up attitude of the latest agosta sub of pakistani navy confirmed they are atleast surfacing and it was time to bid good bye to his ship board collegues. The pitching action increased as the sub neared surface and the contower hatch was quitely being opened . Inside his water proof swim suit he was wearing lead shielded belt weighing almost 20 kgs containing a crushed mixture of spent fuel from kahuta reactor -an indeterminate mass of enriched uranium,small percentage of plutonium ,and a variety of highly toxic and radio active niclear wastes ,once injected into water system capable of contaminating the water supply of the base for a century or more .

The president of pakistan have indeed prepared an exotic new year gift for his strategic ally .

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Postby Hari Sud » 28 Oct 2006 16:11

Do not sweat on names. It will emerge as the compilation proceeds.

We may be able to use most of the above for various chapters inside.

Shankar - Could you confirm that your first scenario post was in June 2005. If not please let us know.

Thanks guys


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Postby Shankar » 28 Oct 2006 17:20

Hari -sorry i cannot recollect the exact date but it was about acciedental spotting of the pak agosta class sub khalid off paradeep by an indian airlines flight on routine flight from kolkata to port blair -thanks for taking the initiative -ghoshsh@gmail.com

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Postby Shankar » 29 Oct 2006 12:32

Lt commander Julia yawned for the 347 th time as she looke at the mass of digital indiactors and the alarm panels ,everthing was ok and it was all so boring.A chemical engineering graduate from university of illinoise it was her first tour of duty overseas in six years of service .Her dreams of serving aboard a nimitz class andsee the world as the navy recruitment brochures promised was yet to be fullfilled but her commanding offiecr did promise her after her tour of duty in DG as diego garcia is called by the serving men and women of us armed forces that a stoong letter of recomendation would most like ensure her a slot on as dpty chief engineer on board one the carriers of indian ocean fleet and who knows she might one day be the chief engineer on one of latest carriers like ronald regan .Julia remebered the poem she read just the night before published in the un official navy blog and smiled -it was all so true.

I once went to live on DG,
It was a delightful place to be,
Whiskey and wine,
The dancing was fine,
Men behind every tree.
For women the tour was a breeze,
Full moons, hungry men and the seas,
Happy times, good friends and no strife,
'Tis where I met the love of my life!

Not far from her ,in fact exactly 27.6 kms awy the captain akhtar of pakistan navy special forces checked the dials of his divers watch and started the powerful 150 hp yamaha outboard .Behind hin three other zodiacs lay in a single line each carrying a three member demolistion team did the same .The well maintained engines strted at the first turn and the the heavily silenced motors started with a deep rumbling suppressed roar as the lead boat swung away from the mother submarine and arrowed coastwards. Their target was the raw sewage dump pipe , amonstrous 36 inch dia re inforced PVC pipe which extendes more than 6 kms from the shore . All the comandoes were equipped with scuba diving gear and fully self contained breathing apparatus and would be surviving on theier helium-oxygen supply for their entire journey thru the muck filled sewar pipe till they reach the land fall . Once on land the would streak out to thier individual targets and in less than 10 minutes they hoped the sprawling base will be put beyond use for centuries . It would indeed be a sweet revenge of the general on his "allies" for tying up with india and planning a crushing strike on the state of pakistan .

Lt commander Julia turned the page of the news letter and has to smile as she came across another funny poem -this time a mans perspective on life in diego garcia
An island in the ocean,
paradise this is not,
we’re doomed to spend our tour,
in the land that time forgot.

Down with smoke and liquor,
we’re the gallant warriors in blue,
stuck amidst of nowhere,
a million miles from you.

Guardians of the footprint,
we earn our meager pay,
supporting naval vessels,
for two and a half a day.

Alone and bunked at nighttime,
yearning for that lovely miss,
to fondle with sweet memories,
tosavor that treasured kiss.

In rain and heat we labor,
our boots are filled with sand,
although not classed as convicts,
but protectors of our land.

No one knows we’re living,
no one gives a damn,
who would ever wonder,
‘cause we’re owned by Uncle Sam.

The time we spend on Diego,
is time we’ll never miss,
let NMPC get you,
but don’t ever ask for this.

When pearly gates are opened,
and life will be anew,
our frowns will turn to laughter,
and the joke will be on you.

For high above in heaven,
you’ll hear St. Peter yell,

Up in the sky a lone p3c patrolled the ocean -its powerful surface search radar giving off an automated alarm as it detected the hull of the quickly submerging pakistani navy agosta class sub and things strted happening quickly after that .In the excitement of a sub chase the radar operators on board orion overlooked 4 smaller blips almost same size as a sand shark on night feeding frenzy detaching itself from the mother sub and quickly moving inwards . It will prove to be a very costly oversight for us navy -but then who can look into future.

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Postby viktor » 29 Oct 2006 23:26

With due respects I would like to suggest that we call it 'The Awakening'. Because it is an awakening in many respects. Military, Economic as well as political.

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Have a 330 page word document from the Bangladesh scenarios

Postby HarshS » 30 Oct 2006 12:12


I have a 330 page word document from the first Bangladesh scenario to somewhere in the second, which was called "The Awakening". Would be happy to email it to whoever wants it.


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Postby Shankar » 30 Oct 2006 13:05

- Dive -dive -dive -screamed the captain khalid as the radar warning receiver on the sail analysed the emmision form the patrolling orion and triggred the visal alarm in form of red strobes thru out the sub
- genareal quarters -screamed the xo as the sailors rushed thru the narrow corridor taking up thier assigned position and started closing down the multiple water tight hatches of the agotsa 90b ,the latest aquisition of pakistan navy and its pride -named after another sub of identical name which was sunk by indian navy in an unfair war about 5 yrs back.
- I have the con
- captain has the con resonated the xo
- xo how deep we can go
- sir we have 300 ft under the keel but the corals are tricky-suggest go down to 200 ft
- make depth 200 ft -dive angle 15 degree
- helsman make depth 200 ft -dive angle 15 degree -acknowledge
- con -making depth 200ft -dive angle 15 degree

The large sub nosed down sharply as the diving planes adjusted to thier new orientation by the silent servo motors who got thier command signal from the joystick like artificial pressure fed control yoke.The digital depth guage reading changed quickly down to 200 ft and so did the outside pressure which climbed upto nearly seven times atmospheric and the hul creaking noise as the external ocean pressure increased made everyone know how close they were going to a wterey death with barely 50 mtrs between them and the soral reefs and a depth which will push in enough sea water into the ship in a minute to sink them quitely and surely .
- sonar -con -do we have any sub contact
-negative con- we only have a couple of surface contacts moving away -type freighter -single screw type
-roger that sonar -keep your ears open
- make course 285 -flank speed -now
- con - engine room -we are low on battery - need to switch to aip in 20 minutes
- message noted engine roo- just give me the revs

The panic was mounting within the closed confines of the agosta .It is true they were riding one of the best submarines in the world or almost one of the best but now they have violated the sanctum sanctum of worlds most powerful naval force and have been detected .They did not even know what kind of forces are being arrayed against them right at the moment .Whether that may include couple of los angeles or virginia class god only knew .Capt khalid knew his chances of getting out of this alive is some what low ,but in any case he intended to go down fighting ,in the best traditions of pakistani navy.
- load tubes 1thru four and confirm
-con-torpedo room -tubes 1 2 3 4 loaded with mark 48 .
- torpedo room-con -do not open outer doors -complete pre fire check now

- Navy 1 -beluga one -positive unidentified sub contact -grid sector bravo romeo -request permission to pursue
- beluga one -navy 1 - any ident on type of sub
- navy 1 -beluga 1 -weak radar return - no positive ident-possible diesel electric type
- Beluga one -navy one - you are authorised to pursue contact -no friendly sub in the area - you are not weapons free now - you are not weapons free now -over
The orion banked out and away from the probable hunt zone climbed to 8000 ft and came down on a reciprocal bearing for a magnetic anamoly run
The klaxon blared in the seaking parking apron and 3 us navy seakings had thier rotors turning in less than 2 minutes .All of them were equipped with dipping sonars and ofcourse obligatory comparitively light weight aerial torpedoes.
- dolphin flight - make course 270 to grid sector bravo romeo-beluga one getting ready for mad run - assist her in bracketing the unidentified sub quickly .
- navy one -dolphin lead - message understood -please instruct beluga one to keep navigation lights flashing
- beluga 1 -navy one -dolphin flight joining the hunt -keep nav light flashing for gods sake

As the the excitement of a possible sub kill filtered thru the rank and file the tension fo an imminent hunt filled the air -radio protocols were brokenand ignored as the four of most advanced sub hunters got into the act

Admiral Gibson(supreme commander sub forces pacific) watched with interest as the diego garcia team broke into sweat ,for many of them this was the first contact with a hostile sub that too so close home base .Still no one has yet contacted the 2 los angeles class at the moment close to srilanka coast via sat network which would be instrumental in blocking of the escape of the "hostile sub" one its identity was conformed .The seasoned admiral was in no doubt about the trespasser but he still allowed his juniors carry on in their own way .If the orions and sea kings can nab the sub o.k if not then some heads will surely roll.


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Postby Shankar » 30 Oct 2006 17:49

Captain akhtar squinted his eyes as the powerful 150 hp yamaha outbords pushed the zodiac over the 3 ft waves and each drop was hard and flat and before one had time to recover the next drop came without fail.At nearly 45 knots the zodiacs were moving more in air than over water and the sea was moderately rough and a steady north easterly wind at 20 knots plus made things miserable for everyone aboard the open fast asualt boats. The shock of the first of sea snakes dropping into his lap pushed out of the wave tops by the powerful hydrofoil actin of the assault boat was scary even for the hardened special forces officer who strted his carreer in the icy hts of kargil .The almost 3 mtr lonng green snake squirmed out of his lap and be it was more shocked than the captain and slithered into a corner . Akhtar did not hesitae as he held on to the grab line with one hand and with his other gloved hand picked up the miserable serpent and threw it back into the ocean .Sea snakes are highly venomous but not as aggressive like thier land based cousing ,akhtar knew this only too well since he spent most of his free time with in his brothers fishing trawler of the port of karachi fishing in the rich fishing grounds on the mouth of indus were the warm river water meets the cold currents of arabian sea. Before he has finished throwing the first one back the second one landed itself right in the centre of the boat causing a small commotion and was despatched unceremoniuosly by one of the soldiers with his commando knife and then thrown overboard its slippery body stl bleeding .Akhtar wanted to stop him from kiling the snake but he was too late and then the inevitable happened .The smell of hot blood strted attracting the scavengers of open ocean the sand sharks and the tiger sharks reputed to the most aggressive of all shark species even more than the legendary great white . The sharks first got attracted by the blood smell and then followed the commotion of the outboard motors . The pakistani group was not carrying any copper aceetate tablets or other shark repellents and akhtar just prayed the sharks will go off before they reach the ingress point expected in 15 more minutes .

To his north east he could see a trio of large helicopters moving off at max speed to a point in the ocean some what west of his drop point .Akhtar could only guess what the choppers were interested in but did not .In the faraway horizong he could also seethe red green navigation lights of one of the navys turbo props come on apparently trying to locate some thing in the dark ocean . This time captain akhtar prayed for all those on board PNS HAMAS.

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Postby jasmeet » 30 Oct 2006 18:15

harsh can I have the scenarios pls email me at jasmeet004 at yahoo.com

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Re: Have a 330 page word document from the Bangladesh scenar

Postby marimuthu » 30 Oct 2006 20:06

HarshS wrote:Friends,

I have a 330 page word document from the first Bangladesh scenario to somewhere in the second, which was called "The Awakening". Would be happy to email it to whoever wants it.


Harsh, I am editing the whole of Shankar's scenario.If you can mail that to me, it would of great help.Mail me at siva_aeroATyahooDOTcom

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Postby Sathish_A » 30 Oct 2006 20:58

Siva, check your yahoo mail. :lol:

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Postby ramana » 31 Oct 2006 00:05

Shankar can you game a modern version of Talikota on a national scale? India =Vijayanagar
Bahmani successor states= neighbors

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Postby Shankar » 31 Oct 2006 00:21

shall try -wil take some time for the background research particularly the historical details-thanks for the suggestion

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Postby VijayV » 31 Oct 2006 12:35

I came across this Blog (Scenario) on web-Rediff, May be some of members will like it.


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Postby Shankar » 31 Oct 2006 16:01

The president of pakistan believed in goo living copied from british masters who left the country longback but left eft behind a whole packafe of useless traditions and etiquettes and totaly unsuitable for the indian subcontinent climate Like wearing a neck piece and smoking jackets.When the british left these customs becamethe hall mark of indo pakistani elite class who copied every bad habbit in totto from drinking whisky after sunset to going to clubs on weekends to having a plethora of servants and maids to aid in the struggle of living and perform the very basic living functions except one or two.

The president tightened his brocade smoking jacket as he chewed on the cuban cigar ,a gift fom the cuban dictator during his last state visit and checked on the ops report on operation "poison touch" .The last report from the navy did report and evrything was on schedule .This kind of report did not really impress him much since just reaching the last reporting point about 300 kms from diego garcia was no big deal. As he checked the large wall clock he knew the actual penetration of us navys security screen around diego should be well under way now . He put the chances of sucess of the mission at less than 35% and the chance of the sub escaping us sub hunters at less than 25% even if it was one of the best pakistani navy had on the day.

But still he had given the go ahead to this audacious plan of navy submitted for his approval in response to do some thing dramatic with the exception of use of nukes .If sucessful the massive radioctive contamination the islands water resources will force us navy and airforce to evacuate the isalnd for atleast 100 years and since the isalnd did have a sizable pile of nuclear weapons it will be years before anyone can conclussively put the finger on pakistan .

If the plan failed - no probelem .Surely the agosta can be recovered from the 3 mile deep indian ocean atleast not in near future and none of the navy commandoes carrier any pesonal identification and in fact some of them did carry genuine iranian passport in waterproof pouches which would help to confuse the issue further .

As for those soldiers who would nessecerily have to die for the mission -after all that was thier job to fight and die even if not acknowledged by the country for whom they would be most likely making the supreme sacrifice .After all that had been the traditio pakistani army right from 71 war to kargil and to now .Soldiers for the general were an expendable commodity useful only when they are fighting for him otherwise not loosing a nights sleep over.

The general stubbed out the expensive cigar and pulled up the soft bukahara rug and went to sleep .The powerful carrier aircon airconditioning kept the islamabad heat out .After a few moments he could feel the two dogs snuggle up the rug -he did not have mind to shoo them out this night.

No one is more afraid of the nuclear weapons than those whose job is to store and maintain them and normally they will leave no stone unturned to make thier job as safe as possible . Living 24 hrs with live nukes of all shape and size from nuclear depth charges and torpedoes to arty shells to free fall and laser guided bombs all had to be stored and maintained and montored ona day to day basis .

The sprawling naval air base of diego garcia does not just store ammo and jet fuel or rinking water or machinery spares -it also is one us"s nuclear dumps prepositioned for immediate delivery to anywhere in indian ocean region which nessecerily include india pakistan ,north korea and central asia and pfcourse peoples republic of china.For the men and women of us airforce and navy whose job is to take care this nightmare load of destruction more than a preemptive nuclear strike from russia or china bigger threat is one of the older nukes going of acciedentally or just releasing high level of radiation within the close confines of the underground storage vault .As a matter of routine us navy ships carry only a small number usally 3-5 active nuclear warheads when on deployemnt the rest is stored in bases around the world from diego garcia to ankara to okinawa to rhineman ab germany which can be quickly assembled with the fissile core and uploaded to the weapon paltforms when the defcon status is 3 or higher .

Tonight there was no such alert .Lt colonel dick adams ,night duty officer of special weapons storage depot checked the radiation monitor palced all over the islands inhabitated areas and particularly the water supply lines and open ocean around the island .Before keyiing in his report he did see one of the sensors near the waste water dump area blink red and then stayed on but all other sensors showed normal level of background radiation.Dick adams placed the reason at a malfunctioning sensor and made a note to replace the sensor located some six kms out in the ocean first thing next morning .He even wrote up arequisition for a navy patrol boat to carry his technicians for the job .Work done he closed the window and went for a late night chat with his wife on yahoo chat .

He did not have any information on the unidentified sub or the hunt in progress-if known it might or might not have affected his judgement .But he did not know .

Captain akhtar killed the outboard and guided the lead zodiac closeot the waste water dump pipe which was at a ht of almost 4 mtrs from the wave tops and the stink of islands sewar dropping into ocean was not something that could be easily ignored thought akhtar, as he adjusted his belts ,fitted in the closed circuit breating gear ,signalled his team to follow and started climbing the structure which supprted the large 36 inch dia plastic pipe .The climb was difficult the slippery steel coated with sea slime and bird droppings made things real tricky,He did not want to use the metal hooks atleast not if absolutely essential since the that willact as a good radar reflector and attract undue attention may be in the form of a extra fast aptrol boat with medium machine gun mounted .

It ook him all of 4 mintes before he was at par with the outlet and and strapped himself in position with nylon webbing.Only then he dropped the length of thin nylon rope down for his team mates who started climbing up quickly and assembled at the mouth of the sewar pipe .

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Postby Shankar » 01 Nov 2006 14:59

The first of the mad runs did not yield any usable target data and the chances of loosing their query was real if it suceeds in getting to the open ocean .The base tactical co ordinator took command and co-ordination role based on sensor data from the orion and the three sea kings
-beluga one -navy one -dis continue mad run -resume grid search of sectors with sonobuyos in sector bravo delta followed charlie alpha
-dolphin lead -back off to scetor bravo romeo -use dunking sonar to loacte identify sub positively

It was an old navy trick ,to scare the prey by active sonar and catch its movement by the passive dunking sonar of the carried by the sea kings positioned around the likely escape route

-navy one -beluga one -going for grid search on active -over
-navy one -dolphin lead - positioning for dipping sonar detection in grid sector bravo romeo

This time the orion came in low barely 500 ft over the waves and strted dropping off the first line of sonobuyos 50 mtrs spacing then turned n and dropped the second line of sonobuyos at right angle to the first ,climbed off and came back to drop the third line of 500 mtr forward of the first line .

-navy one -beluga one -sonos in water
-dolphin lead -navy one -stand by

The first p3 orion took to skies i 1968 , afr improved version compared to earlier p3b models .With the introduction of advanced radar and esm systems and low light television cameras or an infrared detection system it was capable of visual search of the oceans surface in almost total darkness.It was also modified to fire harpoon anti ship missiles and from then on it is considered a serious threat to any surface combatant.Use of univac cp 901 digital computer which integrated the sensor and tactical data gretly improved the aircrafts performance envelope.Further upgrades followed including incorporation of inverse synthetic apperture radar providing a near pictorial vies of targets from distance along with substantial improvements in its sonar and esm capabilities.The standard operating range of more than 17 hrs and capable of loitering over target for 7 hrs at a distance of nearly 2000 kms from base makes it perhaps the best sub hunter in the world today with the russian tu-142 a close second.The orion usally carries 48 type A sonobuyos and can be easily loaded and unloaded intolaunch tubes just under the fuselage.They can be loaded also from inside the aircraft in four more launch tubes during flight.The mission profile can be preloaded and usally done in advance from known navigation data and latest intel reports on target.The hi speed data link system allows real time information exchange between the aircraft ,other surface ships and home base .once the orion has reached the operations zone (read sub killing zone)the tactical co ordinator usally on a surface ship or land base becomes the focal point of activities.In the large multifunction screen before him are dspalyed all the relevant information required for a sucessful conclussion of the hunt( one unlucky sub at the bottom of the ocean with all hands) like speed and direction of wind ,position of sonobuyos ,relative speed of the aircr4aft and its relative position with respect target and ofcourse individualisation of targets and percieved threat and attack priority .The onboard computer of orion automatically selects which type of sonobuyos are to be launched and also selects one of the 31 vhf channels available for monitoring the feed back signal recieved from the accoustic sensors.At a later stage the computer will also select the weapon system to be activated and launched and gives the crew a prior intimation of weapon launch ina sexy computer generated voice.

-Navy one -beluga one - we got a weak return from 3a and medium from 4b
-roger that beluga one -drop another line 1000 mtrs north of b line diego garcia and conform
The four engines revved up as the pilot took the orion on a new heading for dropping another line of sonos

the tension was thick and reeked of stale sweat and raw fear . Captain khalid watched the depth guage intently as he tried to steer his boat out of the coral reefs at max speed .He knew his only safety lay in the deep ocean bed of indian oceans where it micht be possible to hide in one of the numerous sea tranches till this hunt is over and then slowly make for home .But the illusory deep tranches where still few miles off and the he knew time was running out for Hamas

-Sir they have started dropping sonobuyos -request insytructions
- calm down xo -make course 185 -make speed 10 knots

The sleek sub turned effortlessly on its longitudal axis and took on the new heading as the screw adjusted to the new speed command .

This one was louder reverbating thru the hull for few seconds before dying off .One of the young crew members on stndby duty near the emrgency power unit knelt down and strted praying .The captain looked at him and then looked back -this was not the time for disciplinary action
-make course 240 -speed 12 knots
Every minute the game was becomming more and more desperate


-Navy one -beluga one -we have strong return on 2d and medium one from 4e -request permission for a confirmatory mad run
-beluga one -navy one -authorised to carry mad run in grid sector alpha charlie
-dolphin flight stand by and climb to altitude 3000 ft

In the distance the lone orion lined up for the magnetic anmoly detection run and this time she came inreal low barely 200 ft over the calm surface of indian ocean as technician and computer on board watched intently for that tell tale spiek on the magnetometer scope which will confirm the presence of a large ferrous /metal mass large enough to disturb the earths electromagnetic field .

- Mad man -mad man -smoke away ,the euphoric voice of orions mad boomoperator came over the navys tactical net as two orange smoke markers drifted down and settled on the oceans surface marking the spot where the target most likelwas at that moment

- navy one - dolphin lead - sub identification positive- type agosta 90b -screw count matches exactly -speed 10 knots plus course 237 -request weapons free -repeat request weapons free
-stand by dolphin lead -navy one
-beluga one break off -you are not weapons free -make orbit altitude 2000 ft
The tactical comander on diego garcia combat control centre looked up at the base commander a rear admiral for weapons free authorisation
-sir sub type agosta 90b possibly pakistani -request authorisation to open fire
- sink the bas----- was all that the admiral said who has just recently lost his 23 yr old son in afganistan
-dolphin lead -navy one -you are free to engage target -repeat you are free to engage target -weapons free authorisation lima delta 4 5 8 1
repeat lima delta 4 5 8 1
good hunting

The three sea kings spaced out around the orange smoke marker adjusted thesearch depth of their aerial torpedoes at 200 ft and one by one dropped 3 of the deadly mark 48 adcap underwater projectiles into water -sealing the fate of PNS HAMAS

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Postby JCage » 01 Nov 2006 16:51

VijayV wrote:I came across this Blog (Scenario) on web-Rediff, May be some of members will like it.


Are you sure thats fiction/ scenario writing? Some of the stuff in the writeups rings very true!

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Postby durvasa » 01 Nov 2006 17:02

JCage wrote:
VijayV wrote:I came across this Blog (Scenario) on web-Rediff, May be some of members will like it.


Are you sure thats fiction/ scenario writing? Some of the stuff in the writeups rings very true!

Thanks Vijay, This is probably the best writing on Kashmir I have ever read. My congratulations to him and let's spread the word as he deserves a wider audience than what he has at present.

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Postby Shankar » 01 Nov 2006 22:00

Too good and realistic to be a work of fiction .I have never read a more vivid description of counter insurgency ops before . thanks Vijay.This more or less what is hapening in kashmir .Some details are intentionally left out and that make it sound more true to life.

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Postby Shankar » 02 Nov 2006 12:57

-Sir -they are dropping on us -came the shaky voice of xo over the intercom
Captain khalid did not bother to reply to his first officer disgusted at the way the cream of pakistani navy was behaving under hostile fire
- helsman -make depth 100ft-steer course 090
- deploy two nise makers -now
The two perforated compressed air cannisters ejected from the sides and immediately strted generating a bubble screen immitating the cavitation noise of of the screw at full speed

The three mark 48s dropped silently thru the the ocaen depths ,the monopropellent fired engines strting up automatically as they entered water till they reached the programmed search depth of 200 ft and then turned on thier passive sonars . They immediately spotted the noise makers discharged by the pakistani navy agosta and discarded it the accoustic characteristics of nixie torpedo decoys were already programmed into thier robotic brains as something not worth chasing .Torp 2 was the first to get a confimatory return and immdiately went for active search for the submarine which was at the moement trying to out run worlds most effective torpedo if not the fastest .

-Sir we have been locked on by one of the torps
- calm down xo -captain khalid was still very much in command as he ordered another set of course and speed changes
- make course 130 -speed 12 knots -make your depth 280 ft
Once again the shaky helsman adjusted the diving planes as the sub took on a new course and went for the deep .
It was then the second torpedo aquired the submarine and took a wide turn locking on to the massive sound reflector and immediately went active

Mark 48 had been in use with us navy since 1972 the more advanced capability version have in in use only from 1988 and was approved for serial production in early 1990s.Designed essentially to take on the soviet ballistic missile submarines have been tested under variety of operating conditions ,under the arctic ice to tropical oceans like diego garcia to prove its usability in times of combat.The advanced capability version incorporated bettre target aquistion sensors and software,reduced vulnerability to counter measures,reduced ship board constraints such as warm up and reactivation time along with beetr efectiveness against fast moving surface ships.The two piston engine driven contra rotating props in a shrouded pump jet like configuration can push it up to a spped of 55 knots in the terminal phase of attack and the 292 kg high explossive warhead more than adequate to destroy the twin hulled submarines .With a typical run time of 8 minutes usally an adcap mark 48 can seek,aquire and destroy its target in less than 4 minutes if dropped correctly .Its aquistion range is just under 2 kms for a submarine sized target and has the capability to chase it down to 1400 mtrs much more than any modern day submarine can go -and still manage to survive .

- PING PING PING PING ................
--Sir both torps are still locked on and one of them have gone on terminal attack mode with continuous pinging
- XO -blow all ballast -emergency surface -now
the first officer did not hesitate as he removed the hard plastic cover on emergency surface button on the control console and pushed in the red button.Hundred of cubic meter of compressed air rushed into the fore and aft ballast tanks from the high pressure air cylinders and pushed the sea water out and the submarine canted upwards in a last ditch attempt to survive .

-Navy one -beluga one - she is blowing her tanks -request instructions
- beluga one -navy one - you are authorised to use harpoon -terminate contact .There was no remorse in the voice of the base commander as he gave his final order

The agosta came out of the water at an angle of 25 degree and then settled down the two amrk 48 still hot in her tails

The orion came in deceptievly slow and her internal weapon bat opened and a single harpoon missile dropped free its solid boosters igniting just as it cleared the internal missile pylon .

No one really could recollect which hit the submarine first the mark 48s or the harpoon but the net ressult was the same .Hit by two heavy torpedos and an anti ship missle with enough explossive charge to sink an aircraft carrier the pakistan navy submarine simply did not stand a chance .The explossion was oddly muffled by the 8ft waves of indian ocean and she broke in two and then sank to the bottom leaving only few drops of oil and torn human limbs on the surface .The secondary explossions did take place but far below the surface as her liquid oxygen tank and stored ammo blew up half way to her watery grave .

-navy one -beluga one -target destroyed -returning base
-navy one -dolphin lead -target destroyed -claim an agosta kill-can you please confirm the kill
- roger that dolphin flight -good work -return to base

For all the navy personnel on diego garcia it was a back slapping happy moment -unknown to them the real nightmare was yet to come

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Postby pradeepe » 03 Nov 2006 11:15

VijayV wrote:I came across this Blog (Scenario) on web-Rediff, May be some of members will like it.


This is quite something!

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Postby VijayV » 03 Nov 2006 11:32

Thanks all,

I tryied my best to contact the author of this article (By email) . So that he can be a part of our familiy. But no Luck.

Again thanks all

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Postby negi » 03 Nov 2006 12:12

VijayV wrote:Thanks all,

I tryied my best to contact the author of this article (By email) . So that he can be a part of our familiy. But no Luck.

Again thanks all

You never know he might be a BR-fite working under cover :wink:

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Postby VijayV » 03 Nov 2006 12:17

Well sir that may be.

But then why Rediff, not our BR.

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Postby Shankar » 03 Nov 2006 12:50


Nuclear threats or terorist use of nuclear weapons or highly active radiation sources has become a possibility and needs to be addressed also in WHOs response to radiation events .Such threats include
-dispersal of highly radioactive materials by mean of dirty bombs
-contamination of drinking water or food supplies with highly radioactive material
- direct attack on nuclear power plants or nuclear fuel reprocessing facilities
-use of nuclear weapon by countries
-locating radioactive sources in heavily populated areas

Adirty bomb combines conventional explossives such as dynamite with radio active materials packed arond the exlossive core

.The idea is to spread radioactive material into the are around the explossion and frightem people.Indeed the main damage from a dirty bomb will be the blast itself while contamination from the radioactive materials to people or environment is expected to cause only limited harm.

Civilian drinking water and and fod supplies have been sabotaged throughout reccorded history usally during military campaighns.More recently however in situations not associated with open warfare such as sabotage has been used to terrorise or otherwise intimidate civilian population.While deliberate contamination of drinking water can cause serious health problems the long term effects can be even more catastrophic ...........

the genaeral closed the WHO notification and smiled . The confidential terrorist alert from a world body is about to serve a completely diffrent purpose . It has unintentionally given him a weapon to strike back at the might of us empire

Captian akhtar looked around at his surroundings and wrinkled his nose at disgust wihtin his closed circuit oxygen breathin set . The sewar flow was not very strong and wading thru was not difficult .But then the large sewar pipe was home to a variety of creatures from land and sea and most of them were highly irritated at the human presence . Crabs of all variety were everywhere and then there were rats as large as wild rabbits which made the sewar pipe their permanent home .And when there are so many rats logically snakes both land and sea varity abounded in every nook and cranny of the waste water pipe.The water flowing out was only waist deep but it was full of suspended sh-- of all colour and shape .Though he could not really smell the us navy rejects he could feel it right up his system .It was a long pipe almost 6 kms long and more than half still had to be covered . He once again checked the water tight shielded pakage taped to his ceramic breastplate and looked back at his team who all were doing exactly what he was doing -cursing the american shit and pakistani president all in same breadth -for landing them with such a glorious mission and then slouch forward and plod on kicking aside the disgusting sewar rats and funny crabs and stepping aside the highly poisonous sea snakes .

He checked his watch once again .The time was 0505 hrs just 40 minutes to daybreak and then pushed the walking pace and his team followed .

Sergent Jack hamsey looked at the dawn comming up over the eastern horizon as he climbed aboard his 12 year old humvee (a gift from usaf security police) and checked his 0.40 magnum .That was the only weapon he was carrying .An ex royal marine commando after a rather unsavoury affair with a commanders wife back home in portsmouth was given a choice -eiether face a court martial or accept a posting in diego garcia.He did choose the later .

His routine morning patrol will take him over the entire coastal road starting from the us navy desalination plant to the sea water intake pumping station to the treated water tank farm and then along the huge lagoon to the outskirts of sprawling us airbase on the other side of the lagoon ,then skirt around the ugly looking concrete nuclear weapon storage bunkers and back to his office cum residence in a army surplus pre fabricated hut .

He was not aware of the last nights sub hunt and its subsequent sinking by us navy helicopters .His job was to keep the evicted local population sneaking back into thier home land taking advantage of darkness and he was doing just that . In his entire carreer at diego garcia spanning more than 6 yrs he has made a total of 11 arrests and he was proud of his arrest reccord . The 0.40 magnum he was carrying was ofcourse in tip top condition which he cleaned daily (after all there was not much to do in diego except fishing and looking at some of the yankee lady officers very discreetly and that too from a safe distance ).His aim was some what rusty ,he had toadmit ,but then he still was a royal marine comando .So far he has never fired the gun in anger and as such considered carrying the spare clips a waste of space . His radio crackled to life after 10 minutes and alerted him to possible presence of intruders in his patrol zone and they may be armed . No more details were provided nor did he ask for . He thought once to go back and pick up the M-16 and few spare clips for the gun but then decided against it .Nothing ever happens in diego.

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Postby mandrake » 03 Nov 2006 14:46

pradeepe wrote:
VijayV wrote:I came across this Blog (Scenario) on web-Rediff, May be some of members will like it.


This is quite something!

Tell you guys what? this xanadu name is extremely familiar.
I've seen it either in WAB or Keypub for sure.

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Shankar's post on 2nd Nov.

Postby dhruvarka » 03 Nov 2006 16:51

Hi Shankar, this is Dhruvarka, a new member. I am reporting a typo / tech error on your post. Mk48 ADCAP is launched from SSN/SSBN only and not from Helicopters. You probably meant Mk 46 or Mk50 ALWT. Correct me if I am wrong.

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Postby krishnan » 03 Nov 2006 16:53


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Postby Sudhanshu » 04 Nov 2006 11:46

Sending PNS hamas reminds me the pakistani air force operation focus (or something like the israel did in gulf war) against Indian air bases, in which there were painfully successful in bombing indian bases and taking out substantial numbers of Indian fighter planes.

Everytime they draw the first blood.

So, the scenario is very much possible and the way shankar captured it, was realy pleasent.

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Postby Shankar » 04 Nov 2006 11:51

Dhruvarka -thanks for pointing out the mistake .Actually it was anintentional one .The wt of a latest version of mark 48 adcap is about 1540 kgs well within the payload capability of a sea king though there is no mention anywhere of seakings being used to drop or test this heavywt torpedo.If i am not mistaken the centre line pylon of sea king is rated for 2000kg+ .One reason why sea kings are not used for carrying arond a heavy wt torp like mark 48 adcap is it will shorten the loiter time over target and travel range to and from a ship.
In the scenario under discussion the situation is somewhat different.The pakistani agosta is locatedclose to shore barely 50 -60 kms .An orion is already being tasked with locating .All the threesea kings will have to to do is to drop the three mark 48 on the smoke marker hence no loiter/search ot extensive travel from take off point is required as such opened up the oppertunity to use sea king as a launching platform for the heavy torpedo .

Maybe some navy guys like kapil or some one can confirm if this extension of seakings performance envelope is correct or not -if not what are the limitations that do not allow such use .

For the time being I accept your correction and we may all consider it as a typo error and let it be at that .-Shankar

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Postby karthik » 04 Nov 2006 13:09

ramana wrote:Shankar can you game a modern version of Talikota on a national scale? India =Vijayanagar
Bahmani successor states= neighbors

Well Ramana Ji.. I have a two part question.... I thought the Vijayanagar Empire collapsed because of the Generals beheading on the battle field and the over confidence of Rama Raya and his generals which lead to bad preperation for war...

The 1st part.. I see this as possible again today compared to the Hindus (if i may use the word) of today who get very overconfident very fast about their country... Like the bashing of Chinese in the India China new direction thread... A lot of young people these days seem to be over confident about India, without any proper evidence... Like the problem with IAF and army, even while IAF squarden strength seems to have droped and the Army tank strenth getting depleted due to Arjun promise... We still seem to delude ourself that the Su-30 MKI will take care of everything.... Would this over confidence lead us to the same fate?

2nd part...All though the BJP influenced over confidence seem to be growing in the youth, at the same time havent we solved the problem of leadership, tatical and strategic managment thanks to western regimentation and battel field strategies. Haven't the Armed forces and the Leadership of today more realistic in their approach. Even though the depleting equipment strength seems to be of concern. Does this Western style regimentaion and planning given us the final tool to defend India in a realistic manner and hence forth given us the cork to plug the age old problem of Mahabratha style warfare aginst newer enemies.

A war today will result in India winning no dout but Pakistan just like Gajini or Bahmi Sultans still seem to follow the agressor strategy. They still seem to attack first, like in Kargil.. We all ways seem to be the defender... How long can we be the defenders. There will be times in defending that the enemy may choose the weekest time in our history to attack us it may be now or a 100yrs from now and eventually victory that will be written down in history in simpler therms and eventually forgotten.

Imagine a time in our future that our ageing Su-30MKI fleet cant be replaced and Pakistan with its Chinese made 5th generation aircrafts attacks India with Chinese aid and USA has become insignifecant in its intervension in this arena due to a huge China with economy rivaling USA.
With Asia becoming the back yard of PRC. Won't a powerfull China mean a different ball game for us.. What then... Are we in for it...

Its is quite important that the History of Prithivi Raj and Vijaynagar be remembered by every Indian. Its strange that the same Mahabaratha confidence seem to surface now and then leading us blind folded.

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Postby Shankar » 04 Nov 2006 14:33

Captian akhtar came out of the sewar line opening an inspection hatch from inside with his battery powered wrench ,his team members waiting insied for the boss tohave a look see before leaving thier slimey out .The first golden rays of sun have just started falling on the white sandy beack marked only by the foorprints of numerous crabs and spattered with bright coloured jelly fishes beached overnight . Akhtar could not see a single human being anywhere and gave the thumbs up signal for his team to come out .

As the pakistani special forces team came out and strted discarding their filthy dry suits and bulky closed loop oxygen breathing apparatus the lone humvee made its appearence still not aware of the commotion on the beach

Sergent hampsey had to look hard thruhis binos to believe what he was seeing .About a dozen intruders comming out of their neoprene dive suits and checking out the small arsnel of ak-47/74s and rpgs against the back ground of rising sun .The shock induced excitement made him commit a cardinal mistake .Instead of contacting base and reporting on the development he stepped on the gas and rushed towards the intrussion team while at the same time trying to clear his magnum out of holster .Half way thru the move his training tookover and he reached down to grab the vhf handset and called base
- alpha base-delta patrol-0 1 2 - have contact with

Captain akhtar kneeled on the smooth sand as he watched the fast approaching humvee.Unlike hampsey ,he had no confusion about what he must do and he did that with professional perfection .His right hand smoothly picked up the rpg 7 rocke launcher still in its water proof covering and left peeled off the thin polythene covering in one smooth motion as his right hand lifted the heavy launcher effortlessly onto a shoulder firing position ,the snub nosed projectile already loaded .As he aimed deliberately the humvee making max speed came into sharp focus over the sights .Akhtar waited for a few seconds til he was sure of the range and then slowly squeezed the fire button. The loud whoosh and jerk on the shoulder confirmed the grenade has indeed left the launcher as he kept his tightly squeezed shut aginst the hot exhaust of the solid rocket motor and then opened to see it guide itself unerringly into the wind shield of the humvee

It was sergent hamseys first exposure to a rpg shot and unfortunately the last one .The rocket propelled grenade came in too fast with a white smokey tail .Hampsey turned hard right and floored the accelerator and could actualy see the nose fuse before it impacted with horendous force and then exploded ,lifting him him and his humvee straight of the sany beach road 10 ft into sky and then -death came swiftly and surely

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