Possible Indian Military Scenarios - Part I

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A small suggession guys....for amateurs like me it is tough to know what all the fancy shortforms mean. So how about including full forms in brackets atleast once? An appendix of all would be the best...


Going to Guwahati over the weekend

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Given your detailed knowledge of Guwahati, you probably don't need anymore local color, but I'm going there over the weekend for the inaugural of the ASEAN car rally. Do you need any additional local details, or photos, if possible--although I don't think that I'll go to Fatasil Ambaril!


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Postby Rudra » 21 Nov 2004 20:11

thanks Guest for the kind offer. I walked those paths for 18 long years and
in my teenage years got into the habit of 'exploring' unknown areas of
the city on foot with a particular interest in the worst and most forbidding
places. helped to pass the time - no internet or Doom in those days and
onlee DD channels and no petite brunette ever gave me time inspite of some
'effort' :oops: .

good decision to avoid fatasil ambari - its not a savagely bad as I described
but close. :twisted:

Have fun. I am almost done with the closing part of the current chapter.


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Great thread.... decided to add some more "meat" to the Military take over in Dhaka at the begining.....

At 9:00 AM BST six unmarked trucks half bodies trucks came out of the Army Cantonment near Khilket in Dhaka and started making their way through the late morning rush hour towards Lalsarai. Each truck had twenty armed paratroopers along with two teams armed with RPGs. Each truck was commanded by a Captain , who sat in front next to the driver. The captains were dressed in drab olives and their red berets and their automatic rifles stashed under the seat. The whole convey itself was commanded by a Major, who took the place of the captain in the first truck. The trucks had a tarpaulin cover stretched tightly over the chassis and had a flap that covered the back, which was tied down to keep the prying eyes out. For all purposes they looked like hundreds of truck that plied their trade daily on the streets of Dhaka. As the trucks meandered their way purposefully through the traffic the Major adjusted the rearview mirror on the passenger side of the truck and kept a eye on the traffic behind him. At the junction at the New Airport Road, the convey turned left and continued their way towards Tejgaon Industrial Area. The Major nodded in satisfaction as three motorcycles formed up behind the last of the trucks.

Soon the cantonment became a bee hive of activity, every fifteen minutes conveys of unmarked trucks and minibuses started making their way towards different parts of the city. If the vendors and the rickshaw pullers sitting and lounging outside noticed, they did not do much. Life was tough in Bangladesh and people had little time for worrying about the sudden increase in the number of buses and trucks coming out of a Army Cantonment.

The first convey went past Tejgaon Industrial area and turned into Manik Mia Road and continued threading their way through the multitude of Rickshaw pullers and cyclist that ensured any motorized traffic moved at snails pace. The Major grimaced and cursed as a Rickshaw Puller suddenly pulled in front of his truck forcing the driver to slam on the breaks and severve to the right. Cursing, the driver engaged the first gear and made his way around the Rickshaw. If the traffic was slowing them down then it would probably slow every one down the Major consoled himself, not that they expected any opposition, but still better to plan for everything. And they had planned for the traffic. The imposing National Assembly building could now be seen through the windscreen as the convey took its final turn and made its way towards the National Assembly. The Major noted the three motorcycles pealing away and picking up speed as they sped past the truck. About a kilometer away from the National Assembly building the trucks turned abruptly into a by lane and went down the road for about 500 meters until they came to a round about in the middle of the road. The convey went right around the round about and started their way back where they came from. The stopped about 100 meters before the lane joined the main road. The Major jumped down and walked down to the end of the road to a street side tea vendor. Clutching his Kulud of tea the Major took up position next to a lamppost and slowly sipped the sweet milky tea.

Ten minutes the major was wondering what the hell was going on, until he saw the four people walking towards him with helmets in their hand. The looked the major in the eye and nodded. The Major tossed his Kulud into a heap of rubbish near by and made his way back to the truck. The three men with helmets walked behind him and went to the back of truck and pulling the tarpaulin flap aside climbed up. The Major got into the cab and reached under the dashboard got a shortwave radio out. Clicking on Transmit the Major took a deep breath and said

“Rhino in Place”
“Wait for the signal”

And the transmission ceased. Reaching into his front pocket the Major brought out a Cigarette and lit it with a matchbox. Inhaling deeply the major settled down into what he hoped would not be long wait. He had just about finished his cigarette and was contemplating lighting up another one that the radio cracked into life

“This is Zoo Keeper … all unit go .. I repeat all units go …. 10 mins to Zulu.”

The Major immediately clicked the transmit button of the radio twice and nodded to the driver.. Without turning he rapped the back panel of the drivers cab signaling to his men. Inside the various trucks the paratroopers, stiff from the one hour drive in a closed environment, started checking their weapons. Rivulets of sweat that was pouring down the faces in closed hot and humid environment at the back of the truck so water was passed around and each took a swig before passing it on to their neighbor The trucks started their engines with a roar and accelerating turned to take make their approach to the National Assembly. The Major armed the detonator in his hand pressed the red button.

At 10:45 AM three large explosions shook the ground to the core, each explosion was within 10 seconds of each other. 25 Kgs of Semtex had been packed into each one of the motor cycles pillion bags and was embedded with steel ball bearings. The first motorcycle detonated in front of a Restaurant packed with people grabbing their late afternoon breakfast. It took the brunt of the explosion as the glass panel in front was blown inside with the force of the explosion. Ten people were killed instantly and dozens lay wounded. Two cars parked next to the motor cycle blew up their petrol tanks 15 seconds later and spreading a 50 sq meter area with shreds of glass, metal and burning petrol. Seven people were killed in the secondary explosion and again dozens lay critically wounded. The second motorcycle was parked a 100 meters down the road in front of a convenience shop. The fatalities here were less as the shop did not have a glass window and the most of the damage was done in a limited radius by the flying ball bearings. The brunt was absorbed up by a parked car , still 5 lay dead and over twelve wounded.

It was the third that cause the maximum damage. It was parked next to a bus stop and at that time a Mini Bus had stopped to alight passengers when the explosion occurred. The flying ball bearings super heated by the explosion ripped through the wooden body of the bus and killed ten people. Some of the bearings ripped through the exposed fuel tank on the left hand side of the bus and it went off ten seconds later engulfing the whole bus… The bus was packed as buses in Dhaka are liable to be the death toll was horrendous. Over twenty five lay dead and over 70 lay wounded on the side walk.

The sounds of the explosion had barely died down when the six trucks went roaring by with horns blaring towards the national assembly. Screeching to a halt the paratroopers quickly jumped down and formed up into squads of ten men each under the command of a JCO. The first people out were the teams with the RPG and the quickly rushed up to from up on their Major, who by now was bearing his red paratrooper beret and clutching a automatic rifle. The Security detail in front of the Assembly was very basic , mostly manned by the Bangladesh Police and some elements of the Bangladesh Border Guards, the BDR . The senior police officer in command of the Assembly security detail had gone to the toilet and without any leadership the carnage 600 meters down the road and them in a state of confusion unsure on how to react to the paratroopers leaping down from the trucks. The two RPG team from the first truck took out the first two sandbagged positions next to the main entrance within seconds of dismounting and they pumped in two more RPGs just to make sure. The RPG team from the second truck took out to the two wooden guardhouses at the entrance and the ten policemen inside had no chance as shrapnel ripped the wooden huts to toothpicks. The team from the third truck took out the two trucks of the BDR, which was parked across the road, killing or maiming all those unfortunate enough to be sitting inside. Automatic fire ripped across the remnants of the trucks and the sandbagged positions as the paratroopers made sure that none survived.

The Major finished the carnage by putting a bullet through the ceremonial guard still standing at the main Iron Gate with his mouth open. The Guard had not even hit the ground and the Major was racing towards the imposing staircase leading to the assembly. Three squads sunder the command of a Captain raced behind the Major as a further three squads along with three RPG teams raced towards the car park to the right of the Assembly building. Another three squads raced towards the rear of the building accompanied by a further two RPG teams. The remaining squads quickly started taking up their positions around the Assembly building and securing the perimeter.

Rivulets of sweat poured down the Majors’ face as he ran up the stairs and turned left towards the main hall where the Parliament was in session. It was now three minutes since the motorcycle bombs had gone off and a few members of parliaments and the officials attached to the Parliament had come out of the meeting hall curious as to what was happening.

“Get back in … Get back in we are under attack from militants. I am Major Habibul Bashar of Bangladesh Army… my men are trying to secure the building and flush out the militants. Please for your safety please get back in… until my men can clear the perimeter.”

And with that Major Bashar hustled them into the main assembly hall, two squads poured into the hall after him and after closing the doors and bolting them from inside took up positions around the hall. It was the inaugural day of the winter session of the Bangladesh Assembly and most members of parliaments were there to attend the session and listen to the inaugural address by the President of Bangladesh. Bashar quickly glanced down to the treasury benches where the Madam Prime Minister usually sat and noted with dismay the empty seat. “Where was she, the bitch …this could through the whole plan off” Forcing down the uneasy feeling rising in his throat the major raised his hand and turned to address the members of the parliament.

“Ladies gentlemen I am Major Habibul Bashar of the Bangladesh Army. The National Assembly is under attack by some unknown Militants…. Three explosions have just gone off next to the Assembly with some damage to property and lives… Some militant groups have attacked the National Assembly … They have managed to get past the security guards and as we speak some of them have managed to get into the assembly building itself”

As Major Bashar spoke sound of automatic fire could be heard coming from the east of the building where the car park was. Major Bashar’s men had ran into some security detachments attached to the President and some key Members of Parliament who had seen what had taken place at the gate. A firefight had broken out between them and Paratroopers as the Security detail tried desperately to hold the paras off. The noise of the firefight served to fuel the uncertainty and panic that had started spreading among the MPs and the officials gathered there. A murmur broke out from the crowd as each one tried to shout out questions and some of them tried to make their way towards the rear door of the Assembly. Seeing a few of their colleagues running towards the rear door a general melee broke out as the remaining people tried to push their way to the rear door.

Quickly climbing up onto a Table Major Bashar, gestured to his men and then raised his voice

“Please stay where you are… For your safety stay where you are… my men are trying to find and eliminate these militants.. you will be safer here where my men can look after your security…. Please stay where you are. We cannot allow you out for our own safety”

The Paratroopers guarding the doors stepped up in front of the doors and the crowd turned back uncertainty and panic on their faces. Realization had started dawning on the faces of a few of the MPs and one of them a editor for a leading Bangla daily turned and addressed the Major..

“Where did you come from”

The Major glanced down sharply “We were passing by and saw it happen… Please stay inside and you will be safe here”

“Who are the Militants”
“I do not know…. Listen all of you stay inside and my men will look after you…. “

With that Major Bashar jumped down from the table and made his way out of the assembly hall oblivious to the questions being shouted at him.

“Make sure none of them get out…. Use force is necessary but make sure no one gets out and send a squad to secure and round up all those in the offices and check the loos” he said turning to address the Captain next to him.

With that he strode down towards the main gate speaking into the radio as he spoke.

“Zoo Keeper .. This is Rhino… The Hen Coop is secure”
“This is Zoo Keeper …Rhino excellent ..Transport will be there is twenty minutes.”
“Zoo Keeper ……Papa Hen is secure but Mama Hen is not in the main Assembly hall and a have team searching for them”
“No Problems Rhino… Mama Hen is in her residence and we have her holed up there”
“Will keep you posted over and out”

As Major Bashar made his way to the car park he could hear the dull whoosh as the RPG teams took out the remaining security details taking cover behind the cars. As he glanced down to check on the time it was 11:10 minutes…The whole operation had taken 25 minutes from the first explosion.

Dhaka was in a fluid state. Periodic explosions were rocking different parts of the city particularly in front of government buildings, airport, Political party headquarters and busy intersections. Units of the BD army moved into various points of the capital, taking over Government buildings, blocking intersections, surrounding the diplomatic enclave, halting all flights in and out of the airport. The pattern was simple, explosions would rock a building or a parked bus would blow up and within minutes units of the Army would appear and cordon off the area and ask the people to stay inside for their own safety. Stray sounds of shooting and grenades punctuated the haze of the humid October day until 4 in the afternoon. The only resistance came at the residence of the PM Madams house where a spirited resistance was put up by the security detail posted in PM Madam's house. They held off the intruders for nearly 3 hours. Finally, 2 T-55 tanks were brought in and the they blasted their way into the residence crushing. A Shaken and disheveled Prime Minister was taken into protective custody and whisked off in a Armored car to the cantonment, where she joined her fellow Member of Parliament and the President who had been brought there from the national Assembly in Army trucks.

Dhaka University was stormed by a battalion of elite BD infantry dressed in plain clothes. Always a hotbed of political activity, students had to be neutralized in the first hours of any revolution, so said the Book. Hostels were cordoned off, rooms were searched, HuJI spies accompanied the army into the hostels working from prepared lists they quickly identified anyone with potential for leadership or known troublemaker, all such were detained and sent in army trucks outside the city where they were summarily shot and buried. 75 decaying corpses were discovered by the villages next year when a torrential monsoon rain washed away the top soil. Small Army detachments were posted outside all the police stations and the ill equipped police force was asked to stay inside the police stations as the Army was taking care of the situation.

At 2 in the afternoon a broadcast came out on BD TV and radio channels. Army chief Jaffar Ahmed looking very composed in a fresh tunic bearing his Para commando badge addressed the nation.

"My fellow citizens, as you may already be aware Dhaka and many cities of this great country has been attacked by some unknown militant group. The Death toll has been horrendous and the latest casualty report is 245 dead and 750 injured. This no doubt is darkest hour of our nation. Your glorious Bangladesh Army has reacted to the situation and has been deployed in force all over the country to restore order and as we speak your army is out there in the streets hunting out those savages who have pulled of these heinous crimes.

For a decade we have watched the two political parties fight and squander our nations resources. They have battled each other and have also used violence to serve their anti national purposes. They have done nothing for you, they have failed you and they have failed to be true to our faith. Our initial investigations leave us with no doubt that these explosions are a result of the rivalry between these political parties trying to serve their own petty intrests. The army has watched as all the institutions and concepts we hold dear have been defiled. We can no longer watch the slow destruction of our country, our culture and our way of life. As guarantors of the country's security we had to act and we have done so. Ins'allah we shall succeed and for this we seek your prayers and blessings!

Effective immediately I am the President of BD, a ruling council of six generals drawn from all the services will look after ministerial affairs. They will nominate other officials soon. Martial law has been declared. No attempt to disturb the peace or spoil the law and order will be tolerated! When the situation improves a restoration of civil liberties will be arranged. We need your love, your support and your co-operation to reunify and take our nation forward into the glorious future. Please unite and close ranks behind the BD armed forces - we are for you, with you, will always be with you.

Joi Bangladesh! "

The BD people, accustomed as they were to chaos and insecurity tried their best to weather the storm. The army units did not molest them just frisked for arms at the checkpoints and let them proceed. Some impromptu gatherings of political workers were quickly snuffed out, there were no leaders, all leaders had been efficiently arrested in the first hour.

The International media , preoccupied by the continuing insurgency in Iraq and Syria against the American armed forces did cover the unfolding events in Bangladesh.

10 seconds of file footage on Dhaka came on CNN that night.
12 seconds on BBC world.
5 Seconds on Fox News

And hence ended the day, remarkable for its violence as also by the tacit acceptance of the new Order by the rest of the world.

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conclusion: The incident at fatasil ambari

Guwahati Central Post Office & Telephone exchange
Feb 21, 11:30PM

Living quarters for the NSG(SAG)+DAE nuclear terrorism response
detachment had been selected in the unused top floor of the big seven
story building after some careful logistical considerations. When the team
had initially flown in under the cover of a CBI investigation , the Assam
police DIG liasing with them had gone over a big map of guwahati with
the visitors. The GPO being at panbazar, the central hub of the city was
well connected by roads to the eastern, western suburbs and by ferry to
the IIT campus and township in north guwahati across the brahmaputra.
It was also around 6km from the southern areas of the city though the
roads leading there were always very crowded. Lacking in expressways
or light rail, siting the 'hide' in panbazar was decided on as the best

Accordingly these 'CBI officials' carting large trunkloads of forensic
equipment, computers , radios and assorted 'files' had been given use of
a vacant upper floor kept for future expansion. A dormitory of sorts, a
command center and a general living area with old sofas and TVs
borrowed from the circuit house across the street had been provided, as
also mess facility in the circuit house.

So the days had passed quietly, playing cards, doing recon drives to
familiarize themselves with the city and waiting for anything to do. The
team consisted of 10 SAG troopers under the command of captain
Gurung formerly of the gorkha regt. The DAE component were two
technicians Mr. K Nagaiah and Mr.Saroja Mallick both of whom were
involved in a unknown capacity within the N-weapons program. Gurung
was told during the initial briefing that while they were certainly not weapons designers , they knew enough and had the tools to detect a real
n-weapon from a conventional one and some skills in analyzing and
defusing it. Further questions were not entertained by the brigadier
conducting the briefing session in Maneswar. They usually kept to
themselves bar the occasional trip to a movie theater (they carried cellphones and a jeep always waiting outside lest their services be
desired at an odd moment).

Two temporary unlisted phone lines had been strung up from the
exchange below and a small vsat dish on the roof gave their computers
access to the defence services data network, A couple of long range
radios in the control room completed the austere picture.

Around 10:30 when most of them were ready to turn in, bar the two
people monitoring the phone and radio inside the control room....capt
gurung finally received the call he had hoped not to receive. After
running around giving terse orders for ten minutes they finally had the
necessary work tools ready and marched down in single file thru the rear
fire escape to a couple of waiting Canter minibuses below with dark tinted
glasses. These were requisitioned from a local bus operator and
the rear section of seats had been removed to keep a clear area where
equipment could be stored, assembled and discussions help between
small groups of people. Three large PVC boxes were quickly manhandled
aboard the first bus and two boxes for the second bus.

The 25 min journey to fatasil ambari lay ahead. Gurung uttered a silent
prayer as he opened the first box and took out his trusted HK MP5/10
weapon and clipped in a translucent straight 30 round magazine with its
matching mag clipped upside down. Unlike the old curved mags, these
allowed the operator to get visual feedback on ammo status and two
mags fit together without a extra clamp. Opposite him lance naik Kenghe
opened up another box, withdrew another smaller box from the
equipment inside and finally exposed his PSG-1 rifle to the dim light
inside the lurching bus. And so it went on - tactical radios (purchased
from israel in late 2004 with small bud type earpieces and a call-center
type mouthpiece, body armour, kevlar helmets, hand held thermal
imagers for 4 people , ammo, high intensity xenon torches made of aircraft grade aluminium, 9mm pistols strapped into thigh
holsters,..not much equipment this was not a sustained operation
needing food or camping supplies.

After some thought, Gurung did not alert the assam police HQ 2 kms
away. The police had no stealth, no training for this line of work and
were easily identifiable and in uniform. In a crowded henhouse like fatasil they could not maintain any cordon, so he thought it better
to go in and take his chances alone. he had the cell number of the liaison
DIG if heavy support was needed for whatever reason - like need to
evac casualties to the medical college hospital.

The two DAE technicians rode in the first bus grasping two hard shell
suitcases and did not check anything. They did however don body armour
from the NSG boxes.


At midnight, Fatasil was relatively quiet...not too many people on the
streets, just the late working rickshaw pullers and auto-rickshaw drivers
straggling back home from their last trip. A few roadside tea shops here
and there supplied hot tea and biscuits to these late comers. The
homeless snuggled deep into the cracks and corners of soild structures
to try and keep themselves warm. Near the godowns the night was alive
with floodlights and trucks growled through muddy yards to loading
docks where gangs of labour sang and shouted to keep their spirits
up during the unloading-loading process. semi feral dogs slept fitfully
near the dying embers of roadside fires, waking up now and then to
bark and register their protest at each new smell or furtive activity.
The local thieves and robbers, after finishing off their dinners, loading
up on a little brewski and finally began to filter furtively out of the
warren of shanties and depart in small groups to whichever
neighbourhoods they planned to target that night. Pickings were easy
because guwahati had a lot of money. it had gone underground when
the insurgents were around, but had come out later with a vengeance.
conspicuous consumption was OK, it was OK to enjoy & to spend and this
created opportunities and materials for thieves to steal. pimps prowled
the busier corners, calling out to lonely and tired truckers marking time
in the tea shops and dhabas as their trucks were made
ready. women of easy virtue linked to these pimps stood ready in nearby
ramshackle houses to service any clients. A thick fog hung over the
area, laced with the miasmic vapour of the bharalu river flowing gently
along the periphery carrying raw sewage. kerosene fuelled hurricane
lamps lit the interior of many huts, many had a sole
electric bulb fuelled by a illegal wire tapped into the nearest street line.
inside, tired men steadily drank their blues away, life was hard but could
be made manageable with strong liquor and a sniff of glue or a puria of
charas now and then. There were also long-suffering wives to rape and
kids to lash out at if things didnt go well any given day.

Nobody but the dogs paid attention to the two canter buses with interior
lights off driving slowing across the bharalu bridge from the north. there
were many semi-legal transport operators who ran bus services in the
city and had garages here. everyone knew to keep well clear of them in
the early morning when their 'trainee' drivers little more than 16 yr old
kids were let loose to learn the trade in the relatively empty city streets.
Two big shaggy dogs with sores & mange on their rumpquarters somehow
did not like the smell of these buses and gave chase for a while , barking
their hate and agitation, foam dripping from bared fangs.

But nobody minded a few extra barks. The buses continued on,
penetrating 2 km into the shantydown to a place where the ground
started rising up steeply towards the creastline of the 300m tall
Kalapahar hill.

Lucky Engineering Works, the sign at the gate of the industrial facility said.


At 6:00PM the Assam IB undercover agent detailed to locate the nest
had finally become certain of its location. It had been a painstaking
process since the co-ordination group meeting. First potential hiding
places in the city were identified - it had to be someplace where a bunch of strangers wouldnt attract much attention, with easy escape routes,
some base of local logistical support, where police presence was minimal,
near to highways...fatasil had topped the shortlist of candidates. Next
small teams of people went to work as labour, roadside food vendors,
fake renters looking for places to stay, travelling islamist literature
booksellers (seized caches of such materials had come in
use there), local police had quietly but brutally shaken down their
informers who generally were the smalltime local criminals. A "group" of
people had to be watched for, because a payload like the demonstration
near Dhaka was too valuable to be under the protection of only a couple
of people...A "group" that kept to themselves and had no visible means
of livelihood...A "group" that preferred to show themselves at night.

Three days ago, a member of the scout team while getting his cycle repaired at a local shop had heard the owner complain bitterly under his
breath that people didnt pay him too well anymore and how difficult it was
to make a living..without expecting anything he had asked in sympathy
what the matter was and it came out a bitter argument had ensued over
charges when two unknown people had come to get their motorcycle
fixed at dusk the day before. The strangers had tried to pass him
some fake money, which he caught...they had soothed him with twice the
real money and gone away into the Lucky Engineering Works compound
about 300m away...normally he wouldnt care where customers went, but
he did keep one eye on the cheats as they departed and observed them
turning off the road.

The problem was that Lucky engineering works had been closed and
locked for two years. The owner had upped and left for udaipur after
insurgent extortion threats.

The compound was overgrown with grass, rusty pieces of iron machinery
and raw materials lay in the open, the engineering shed had a few tin
sheets missing here and there from the monsoon storms. the office
annexe had broken glass windows and cobwebs 2 feet thick, the workers
dormitory was at the rear of this annex.

A careful watch was mounted from the wooded hill above day and night.
Six men were confirmed to be staying in the workers dormitory out of
sight from the road. They cooked their own food and seldom moved
during the day, preferring to shop for food at night.

Nobody came to the compound because there was no reason to. nothing
to steal or vandalize - these noble activities having run their course two
years ago. the local gamblers had more comfortable haunts and the
homeless couldnt stay without a proper roof and among the scorpions
and snakes prowling around. The 5 acre compound, backed by the
wooded hill was a dead place. Mature trees screened it from
the sides should any suicidal onlooker prefer to climb the rusting roofs of
the neighbouring godowns.

At 6:00PM , portable SIGINT gear hauled to the observation post on the
hill picked up radio transceiver activity and that had been the clincher. A
pack of itinerant car thieves or robbers wouldnt have that kind of
equipment and the lack of desire to use the local PCOs indicated a need
for deep cover.

So the spotter had used his reliance cell to call up Capt. Gurung and his
hit squad.


The buses passed the engineering compound and 200 mts away around a corner turned their headlights off , turned into a unsurfaced road leading
a zig-zag path up the hill....several huts , dark with sleeping occupants
were passed initially, then a thick grove of bamboo trees, then into a
shallow ravine which screened the buses from any observers down
below. The spotter was waiting their quietly with his cellphone on and giving precise directions.

The buses stopped and the occupants came out one by one , their eyes
already adjusted to the darkness outside....in single file the eleven men
started walking up the hill - the road had finished and only a dirt track
clinging to the hillside was ahead. The bus drivers gently took a K-turn in
the confined space and moved downhill ..orders were to wait at a
location 3km away and serve as a comm relay if need be. the drivers,
both from assam police black panthers unit had been provided the same
type of radios the SAG people used.

35 mins after midnight, capt gurung got to unclip his HHTI and started
carefully going over the terrain below. His deputy Kenghe simply used
the massive nightsights of his PSG-1 to look around for a good hiding spot.

The untidy sprawl of fatasil lay out 200m below them, now mostly dark
and with occasional groves of trees. The Lucky works compound was
directly below with the 6' tall rear wall almost overgrown with jungle
weeds. it was holed in a couple of places probably by the weight of raw
materials dumped inside the wall and lack of upkeep. The factory hall
was dark, the dormitory had a couple of lamps showing
through soot blackened windows. There was some cover inside the
compound in the piles of iron rods, coal ash, girders and the shadows
and obstructions these created.


The squad pulled back from the observation line and after 10 mins of
discussion and planning, the creeping approach began. the spotter stayed
put, armed with a HHTI loaned to him and his cellphone and tactical radio
(again loaned) close at hand. From above the action he would be able to
monitor the assault and listen to anything on the ad-hoc short range radio
net. It took a few moments only for everyone to power up their tadiran
small radios and check that all were on same channel. Nagaiah and
Mallick remained with him, suitcases at the ready.

Gurung decided to use silencers for everyone seeing the CQB nature of
the problem and need for stealth to avoid rousing the local population into a hostile mob. They had no place to hide at the front and no way to
prevent a carload of people from escaping. The stubby black silencer
screwed into the sharp end of the MP5/10 , he led 8 men down the
hill...crawling and crouching, going slowly from bush to bush, using trees
for cover where available. The sickle moon with its feeble light helped
somewhat. Kenghe and his backup/close-in guard who was armed with a
AK47 moved separately, diagonally down the hill to a spot he had
selected atop the labourers toilet block which was RCC flat roofed and
located about 40mts from the dorm, right next to the wall at
the corner where the rear wall met the side wall. This would allow a field
of fire covering the rear and one side of the building. In a pinch they
could jump down and participate close in, though Kenghe just had his
pistol as a backup. He figured the chances of anyone visiting the toilet at
this late hour minimal, anyone wanting to pee would likely just walk out
and let fly against the rear wall and its boundary gutter...terrorists esp
pak ones had never been famous for their toilet hygiene.

Kenghe reached the rear wall first since they could just walk down using
a thick grove of bamboo to mask their movement. A quick jump and he
pulled himself his face over the wall and carefully looked around,
listening for any activity inside the toilets....1 min, the muscles of his arms
straining from the effort he decided the coast was clear and pulled up
further using his legs to lever himself atop the wall and flat onto the roof
into one fluid economical motion. His partner sharma carefully handed up
the giant sniper rifle and himself moved up to join kenghe shortly. turning on his NVG scope, he selected minimum distance given the short distance and slowly extended the bipod and chambered
one of the long sleek rounds into the firing chamber...drawing a line onto
the rear door of the dormitory but positioning his body to permit a easy
swivel towards the front of the building. Sharma was quiet, furtively
scanning all directions and listening for any noises.

Gurung's team reached the rear wall 10 mins after kenghe and paused
briefly to select the quietest ingress point. He sent off 4 men around the
side, two to cover the far side of the building and two to creep in from the
front via the factory shed. Gurung and three associates would be the
main entry force and enter from the rear.

Another ten mins of nerve wracking creeping and everyone had crossed
the boundary wall...the moon had crept behind a cloud, affording some
additional shadow and the crawl across the yard for the front and rear
teams went without incident. Inside the room Gurung spotted moving
shadows indicating people were awake. the two troopers meant to cover
the side took position behind a pile of bricks and waited. the two from
the front started a slow, cautious approach through the pile of trash,
girders and scrap iron strewn on the factory shopfloor towards the
dormitory in the rear. Another 10 mins and they had reached position at
the entrace of the dormitory.

A quiet word from gurung on the radio and the front team tried the door
and finding it unlocked, very quietly looked inside a disused dusty room
with another door leading into the other rooms...a dim glow came around
a corner where presumably the occupants were. the smell of cooking
meat and spices wafted down the corridor. one member readied two flash
grenades and both froze into the shadows tight as a piano wire, safeties
came noiselessly off their weapons and fingers crept to high intensity
torches clipped on their gun barrels.

Gurung looked at the moon, checked status quietly on the radio and led
his team to the right and left of the rear door..silent black shadows barely
perceptible to the naked eye from 20 mts away. Up on the hill, the
spotter trained his HHTI keenly and held his breath waiting for the
inevitable. He saw the troopers fold down their NVG googles from each

"GO" - thirteen radios heard the call, two in the parked buses and their
drivers flinched with the finality of the word.

Gurung swivelled to the door and smashed it in with a single kick,
aiming for the latch area in the middle. trooper#2 threw in two stun
grenades on a 1-sec fuse aiming to the left and right of the door. Gurung
and his buddy #2 entered together a moment after the flasg , guns
drawn....he could feel the pounding of blood in his neck as everything
spooled down into a slow motion, everything was green, with splotches of
white....to the left a dazed looking shalwar clad man clutching his dinner
plate *burp burp* he pumped two shots and scanned for more, his shots
came a moment before #2 pumped in another two acting on reflexes. #3
and #4 entered and moved right....a sleeping man had risen to his feet
clutching a small weapon ...#3 who was covering that quadrant ventilated
his head in two places....quick scanning all over the room...nobody....the
man had fallen back on the bed, #3 rushed over to check him for explosives...something fell from the bed..he recoiled in horror expecting
a grenade...a magazine...its cover read "hustler"...#3 cursed viciously,
good heavens we caught this guy jacking off under the blanket.... :oops:

Gurung looked around the room in a sweep...nobody...up in the front #5
and #6 came in sweeping through the empty rooms...nothing....gurung
heard the report on the radio and headed for the stairs on the double with
his three people close behind...where the f*** were the other four..they
must be having some secret bedroom on the 2nd floor that none of the
spotters had managed to identify ......twenty stairs, a darkened hallway
ahead with seven doors leading off left and right.

A head bobbed around a doorway follwed by a body....gurung snapped
off two hasty shots, one hit the shoulder and one missed, #2 following
one step behind finished the job with a double shot into the head...fingers
contracted as the dead body collapsed on floor...loosing off six shots
that felt like bombs going off in the confined space..

#4 and #3 peeled off to explore the rooms on the right, gurung and #2
continued on the left rooms.....a burst of wild gunfire from entrance of the
last room indicated someones presence and #2 unleashed another flash
grenade around the corner ... both entered together guns up and ready.
Shots rang out, gurung left #2 collapse into him as two figures hiding
behind a bunch of boxes appeared to his NVG..the buggers must have
held clothes over their eyes as they heard the grenade land, the
situation was bad...gurung dived to the right on the floor
and flipped his MP5 into full auto, landing in a roll he aimed a burst in the
general direction of the boxes and let rip...a gurgle indicated someone
was hit but then sounds of rapidly departing footsteps....gurung flipped up
his NVG and ran around the stacked boxes, a bleeding body lay on the
floor, no sign of the second figure.

There was another corridor leading to short flight of steps ..some sort of
attic space....he kept moving carefully listening for signs of activity..
...noises up above....one by one the steps up to the attack....he again felt
the pulsing in his neck as he gently poked his weapon up into the attic..
..expecting a burst of gunfire in greeting...nothing..but more noises..
..not good...nothing to do but move on...he heard the footfalls of #3 and
#4 rushing up behind him and went in , diving in a roll immediately and
trying to scan for the missing guy at the same time. A battery powered
table lamp seemed to be on, a work table of some kind, lots of wires and
things on the table.

Up near the end of the attic, 30 feet way stood Hakim clad in only a
banian and shorts. Around him near the table stood the arsenal of his
cell..around 300 lbs of high explosives carefully smuggled in small lots
over the last one year. On the table lay the long special box sent by the
Ababeel for which a life had already been taken.

Gurung took a couple of seconds to size up the situation, hakim was
unarmed in terms of a handgun and looked a little terrified...so chances
were he would surrender , there was no escape...#3 had already
appeared to back him up and shooting could ignite something..he could
almost smell the explosives.

He turned his torch into Hakims eyes and moved in a crouch...demanding
that Hakim raise his hands and lie on the floor.

Too late he spotted the belt around hakims waist and the green pocket
hanging off it....Hakim almost smiled as he thought of Anisa and pulled
the cord already in his hands.....Anisa whom the indian shells had killed in
her village near the LOC...he felt satisfied....he couldnt do everything but
he had done his part...everyone had to contribute and unite behind the
Cause....he hoped his brothers would complete the job..for him the time
given was over...and there was Anisa to meet.....

Gurung in the last split second of his life did bring his gun to bear and
launch a hail of bullets at Hakim..but there was no more time.

Kenghe recoiled in shock as the entire attic and roof of the building
exploded showering dust, cement, broken bricks and vicious slivers of
wood all over... ...he rolled off the toilet roof..landing awkwardly 6 feet
below still clutching the rifle..sharma rolled off another side and landed
badly, spraining his ankle. "oh shit". pain throbbed in his head and he got
to his feet and started moving cautiously towards his side of the building
, reflexes took over as he saw a lean looking figure open a second floor
window, climb on the parapet, jump to the ground 10 feet below and
start running across the yard....the giant rifle moved to his
shoulder...round already ready....swiveled his body to line up...
....too close for the scope....the lean figure looked to have hit
a brick wall at 100mph as the heavy slug carved a path through his chest
cavity and continued on..penetrating the side of the building also to hit
girders inside.

A dazed looking #5 emerged from the rear door dragging a wounded #6
after him.


Eyes Only CCS.
From: NSG Secretariat
Time: 6 AM - Feb22

First information report from NSG_DAE team in guwahati confirm

* a live low-yield nuclear device was in place at the fatasil site
* said device has its explosive trigger destroyed by a conventional
blast and is non-functional
* said device has been id'ed by DAE members and is held secure in
borjhar airport now
* AN32 enroute to pickup and bring to BARC, fighter escort is arranged
* four SAG operatives confirmed lost, including leader Capt Gurung,
one operative injured
* Local police instructed to pass on news of gas cylinder(s) explosion
to the media from illegal welding shop.
* site is secured with army platoon now, forensic people are enroute
* six unknown terrorists confirmed dead, no survivors to question
* Police has picked up two maulvis for incendiary speeches in the area,
heavy police presence has been arranged to prevent untoward incidents
* SAG team is flying back with wounded member, replacement team
is leaving today morning. DAE members will remain onsite.
* The trail to other Cell members has turned cold with the destruction
of the site. Further progress will depend on forensics.


From: NSG secretariat
To: NSG SAG team
Feb22, evening

Yesterday we lost four of our finest in a incident at guwahati. We mourn
the loss of our friends and comrades in arms, victims of the unrelenting
fight against our nations enemies. We hope to keep alive their memory in
our dedication to our nations defence, something they laid their lives
down for. The nation will never know of their real sacrifice but let us hope
it is worthy of its great patriots - men like captain Prem gurung, havildar
Mitra thapa, havildar raj vasisht and havildar rajesh rao.

May their souls rest in eternal peace. A prayer service will be held at
dawn tomorrow.
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Postby member_6700 » 22 Nov 2004 21:19

simply awesome................ extraordinary narration!!

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Postby Singha » 22 Nov 2004 23:34

p.s. I believe SF attempt to enter a building from both top and bottom and
meet in the middle. but in this case no convenient tree or fire escape was there. Dhruv helis all used by JTFs and too noisy - might scare the faithful into a nuke blast.
Attempts were made to locate the builder of the facility. he had passed away and his business long defunct, all records sold by his family to the raddiwalla.
the labour who built it had long dispersed with no ability to track them. also
certain unauthorized extensions like the dormitory were built without GMC
permission by frelance masons & labour after the facility was open.

So the SAG had to go in with only a approximate idea of the interior.

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Postby chola » 23 Nov 2004 00:18

MTS, you ********, you killed off Gurung after bringing us along with him for the whole operation! :D

The initial description of the illegal deshi problem is harrowing and almost hopeless for the solving. For a while, you gave us hope with the professionalism of Gurung. And then you take our hero away to reinforce the dire consequences of the situation where men like Hakim are allowed to flood the nations in thousands.

My goodness! This is no hackneyed Tom Clancy jingo where one superstar can singlehandedly deal with the bad guys. No Hollywood Rambo where we know that the hero can never die.

A superb chapter of a shining work.

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Postby Singha » 23 Nov 2004 01:06

junta has demanded I not let us win 100% of the time so as to differentiate from tom clancy. life is hell, the good guys dont always make it.
but guwahati was saved and captain daljit singh chauhan of the paracos is
still left :D

[next : "first mission - JTF Black Raven" :twisted: ]

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Postby Kartik » 23 Nov 2004 01:19

Rudraji, for Gods sake dont waste your immense skills of storytelling ! become a writer ! your series of stories are so gripping, its better than most of the novels that I've been reading till now. when Capt.Prem Gurung died, my eyes moistened, thats the power of your narrative. find a publisher, Rudraji !

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Postby Cybaru » 23 Nov 2004 03:03

Lovely story so far..

looking forward to more ..
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Postby ramana » 23 Nov 2004 03:04

MTS, A couple of questions. DAE tech's name - Saroj(a) Mallick and the ranks of the team. Sergeant or Havildar?

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Postby Singha » 23 Nov 2004 03:12

Saroja is a Oriya first name.

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Postby amiava » 23 Nov 2004 03:17

wonderful reading. So addictive that I keep coming to this thread 2-3 times a day just to get the next fix. :wink:

keep them comin

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Postby mody » 23 Nov 2004 03:54

Amazing work GD. I have copy pasted all the story telling posts in the thread into a word document and given it to a few of my non-BR friends just to show them what they are missing.
Seriously GD you should have this thing printed into a book when your finished. Will give Tom Clancy a run for his money.

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Postby vishnua » 23 Nov 2004 09:27

keep the secrets with you and just deliver the product..( mean it in a good way)

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Postby kgoan » 23 Nov 2004 10:11


Don't be hesitant to use more of your commentary style posts that you use on BR in your actual writing.

Love that Jacob character. And his riding of on a cycle after the mission with the co not saying anything because it would be "comical", is lovely stuff.

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Postby bagha » 23 Nov 2004 10:47

Hello singha saar.
im happy to know that people actually know of the existence of oriyas :))
anyway, i just thought it strange that the terrorists hadnt wired up the place with alarm systems, even simple trip wire systems.
Im of the opinion that the nuke would be protected by the best of the best.
And even the merely "competent" would set up a perimeter warning system. Its another thing that the SAG probably would be knowing of all such tricks and would try to bypass them.
Im sure the narrative would become twice as gripping with this battle of wits included.

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Postby Singha » 23 Nov 2004 15:53

well the pak army isnt part of the Ababeel and its arsenal so no SSG. Just a few adventurous ISI elements and Ababeel volunteers. Not the A-list material in fighting ability but highly motivated.

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Postby parikh » 23 Nov 2004 16:37

Awesome stuff MTS,the Jacob stuff was cool,in the above scenario could the unit have used chemical stuff to deactivate/dull the enemy before going in,anyways Yeh public maange more,chaapte raho

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Postby bagha » 23 Nov 2004 16:47

Singha saar
the reason why this aspect struck me was because of the choice of the hideout.
It was not a place where they were hiding in a crowd and blending in... they chose a place where there was no throughfare. This was a place where no one came in. Therefore im of the opinion (where's that bag of salt?) that if they chose a location where they would not be disturbed, they would set up a system which would enable them to know if their area is disturbed. Im not talking of motion sensors and laser trip systems, im talking of bent branches, strings and tin cans, even given their naivette in military tactics.
If they chose a location for it being out of the way, then my guess is they would want to keep it that way. Unless it was merely a coincidence that the place they chose was deserted and no one ever went there.
Sorry if im bugging you with inconsequential trivial stuff. Great story, absolutely rivetting.
And please no talk of Clancy, I have a personal loathing for him coz of the Rs250 i had wasted on him when i was a broke student.

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Postby Singha » 23 Nov 2004 17:10

someone like you or daulat or anyone else with better knowledge of small
arms and CQB work could rewrite the part from where they enter the compound to make it better. :D fell free to kick some paki butt anytime.

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Postby daulat » 23 Nov 2004 17:51

MT Singha wrote:someone like you or daulat or anyone else with better knowledge of small
arms and CQB work could rewrite the part from where they enter the compound to make it better. :D fell free to kick some paki butt anytime.

shurely saar, shum mishtake is there onlee? the only cqb i am familiar with is with ladies-loge, and then i usually loose onlee :)

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Postby Babui » 23 Nov 2004 19:06

GD - you are wasting your time with computer engineering stuff.......become a novelist....and watch the money roll in ala Clancy :lol:

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Postby SaiK » 24 Nov 2004 02:39

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Postby Cybaru » 24 Nov 2004 03:07

krsna wrote:http://www.hindu.com/2004/11/24/stories/2004112405401000.htm

Should they be sending minutes of these meetings later ??

Don't mean to distract this wonderful thread ...

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Postby Luxtor » 24 Nov 2004 03:32

krsna wrote:http://www.hindu.com/2004/11/24/stories/2004112405401000.htm

"Often the best and simplest deception is the presentation of the truth but in such a form that the adversary disbelieves it.''

I have to disagree with this statement from the above article. Truth is the last thing that you should convey to your enemy. When you exercise your "option" or Plan, it should be such a shocking surprise to the enemy that he would be stupified. Sorta like what the Allies did in the invasion of France during WWII or during Desert Storm against the Iraqis. Both adversaries were totally stupified and dumb founded, as the saying goes.

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Postby karan » 24 Nov 2004 12:48

It has been pleasure reading your novel so far. However on western front a squad of highly trained, highly skilled and motivated members of 3rd Sikh Reg with short hair cut, and long flowing facial hair conforming to true islamic traditions MAY SNEAK from Fazilka Border into Lahore. Rest is upto you, "As the old saying goes, PAYBACK IS A BIATCH"...........

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Postby Kakkaji » 25 Nov 2004 06:16

Rudra Singha you are brilliant!

Just one question:

When Hakim carried out the suicide explosion, he knew he couldn't escape, and he wanted to take as many Indians with him as he could. So why did he explode the conventional explosives, and not the nuclear device?



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Postby Aditya_M » 25 Nov 2004 08:36

Probably because nobody keeps a nuke in a ready-to-detonate form next to their bed while sleeping, eh? :)

I'm assuming it takes a bit of time to piece together and arm a nuke, and possibly they miht have a built in time delay so that if you did switch it on, you had some time to get away.

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Postby Murugan » 25 Nov 2004 12:15

If all of us want india to be a Superpower:

Pl Stop Comparing Genuine Singha with Tom Tom Clancy
Singha is Intellectual and Valuable Personality of my Beloved nation. Perhaps tom tom will find some inspiration from him one day.

Instead, Let them (fair skin and all) start Comparing
Bismarck with Sardar Patel
Machiavalli with Chanakya
Emanuelle Kant with Adi Shankaracharya
List goes on and on

We will be what we believe in...

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Postby bagha » 25 Nov 2004 12:57

Murugan saar
Please no mention of that Clancy character.
Maybe some day someone will write a research paper on how he managed to sell his trash and make so much money. As for me, I want my Rs250 back.
Chanakya is head and shoulders above Machiavalli in terms of impact. Chanakya helped create one of the biggest empires of the ancient world, while Machiavalli at best helped a city state resist a couple of invasions until at last his state was overtaken by the enemy and he was reduced to a life of penury, at which point in time he wrote "The Prince".
Im sure that more than any of us, MTS realises that he has miles to go before he can present a coherent, unified novel, and he is working on his writing skills. Lets not ruin his budding writing career by saying that he is already at a stage when he can publish a book which will kick Clancy's ass.
Let him train for that stage instead of jumping into a fight with Lennox Lewis. I wish him all success and therefore i would want him to keep working on his skills for some more time. And then when he is ready, the New York Times will feature his name and the whole world will enjoy kicking some paki butt, instead of the few hundred on this forum.
Darn its so difficult to write a coherent post, I can imagine how difficult it must be to write an entire book. Must take tremendous discipline.

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Postby daulat » 25 Nov 2004 13:32

bagha wrote: I can imagine how difficult it must be to write an entire book. Must take tremendous discipline.

it is easy onlee - visualise own booted foot, moving rapidly towards Mushy-tushy with deadly intent... suddenly it all begins to make sense!

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Postby max » 25 Nov 2004 13:41

daulat wrote:
bagha wrote: I can imagine how difficult it must be to write an entire book. Must take tremendous discipline.

it is easy onlee - visualise own booted foot, moving rapidly towards Mushy-tushy with deadly intent... suddenly it all begins to make sense!

Couldn't have put it more clearly in any way :twisted:

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Postby bagha » 25 Nov 2004 17:13

I tried that approach once, but had trouble writing the second line. I mean what could i write after the climax is already over in the first line.

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Air Fight: Flankers Vs F 16

Postby p_saggu » 26 Nov 2004 20:22

Great write up!!! This mail’s probably coming in very late, but I joined in just now…
Just imagine everything happening in the dark moonlight, the night suddenly lighting up with the missiles exploding.
8) 8) Just two questions / suggestions though. :?: :idea:
1. The flankers did not get in touch with HQ before engagement / did not get the go ahead to make paki chop
2. It would have been good if the dying paki F 16 had managed to shoot off one of his sparrows in a valiant but vain attempt to take out the flanker. The flanker deploying countermeasures and the missile harmlessly whizzing by.

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Postby Aditya_M » 27 Nov 2004 09:33

What Sparrows? :twisted:

Current PAF AD layout for Falcon is 6xAIM-9 + drop tank(s).

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Postby max » 27 Nov 2004 10:02

TSPAF does not have any sparrows at least none has been observed on any aircraft and they have a limited number of AIM-9L thus they use the AIM-P and -L combination on their aircrafts though Falcons , I presume would carry the L varient largely due to their status in the TSPAF

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Postby p_saggu » 28 Nov 2004 01:27

My mistake. :shock: I was referring to the AIM-9. Although I remember reading an article in (?? India Today, ?? Some Newspaper) the early 90’s about Pakistan possibly acquiring sparrows for their F 16s.

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Postby Aditya_M » 28 Nov 2004 11:30

you werent completely mistaken, there were rumours flying around thick and fast about them having received the sparrows.

however their birds never got the MLU that could enable them to fire the missiles, because the radar didnt have the modes in the block 5-10-15 versions. The PAF has the blk 10. If they *did* have the missiles, the only use would be to put them on the wingtips to preent wing flutter like I hear the Americans/others do....

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