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Postby paramu » 23 May 2008 00:02

Purpose of the rally is not to spread party propaganda. But to force those in the center to pass strong anti-terrorism laws and not to trash the anti-terrorism laws sent by Gujarat and Rajasthan govt. Of course, I don't expect "Jai Srirams" in those rally.

BTW, terrorism costs govenrments too....

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Postby Rye » 23 May 2008 00:44

India's whine on terror

Hard hitting article by Rajinder Puri. Nails the worthless politicians that lord over us Indians for the complete incompetence and abuse of power in their job.

The CBI is a federal agency to fight corruption. Consider its scandalous record in solving corruption cases. At every step in every case it is impeded and subverted by political interference. So how would a federal agency for fighting terror be any more effective -- unless it was insulated from political interference? To accomplish this, federal agencies would have to be made autonomous. They could be made accountable to either the President or to Parliament. This would involve a systemic change. Would the politicians accept such change? (What are the chances that thieving scum sitting in parliament will undercut their crimino-political interests and do the right thing?)

The BJP's proposal to re-enact POTA in order to fight terrorism is equally farcical. POTA was in force when major terrorist attacks, including the one against Parliament, were successfully carried out. Perhaps the most conspicuous achievement of the POTA law was Jayalalithaa's successful arrest of her political rival, MDMK leader Vaiko. Given the propensity of India's politicians to misuse, subvert and bypass laws, it is unlikely that any law by itself could successfully counter terrorism. (This is absolutely the root cause of India's law and order problem -- take every politician who abuses his power and destroys law and order and humiliate him and his party, and the problem will resolve itself over time.)

Politicians need to be reminded how, in the Jain Hawala case, only two conduits of illegal funds to terrorists received minor jail sentences. Over a decade later the businessmen who facilitated the transfer of illegal funds were held guilty and slapped a fine of Rs 30 crores. The case originally filed under the defunct TADA law (as stringent as POTA), was converted to a corruption case simply to avoid embarrassment to over 40 involved national political leaders of various parties. The aborted TADA probe helped a minor separatist, Salauddin, to escape unscathed. He flowered to become, today, the Pakistan-based head of the Hizbul Mujahideen. Thanks to the suspended TADA probe to protect politicians, another hawala operator, Moolchand Shah, also escaped. Only recently was he convicted for involvement in the 1993 Mumbai bomb blast case. Years after the Jain Hawala case probe ended, Tariq Bhai, the foreign fund donor named in that case, who was never questioned, was identified by British authorities as a prime source of terrorist funding in Kashmir. Mr Jaitley would surely recall that case? His considerable legal skills were deployed to get a number of involved politicians off the hook.

BJP is just as rotten as the congress, and worse they have some aura of being different. :roll:

Another good article on Jaipur bombings by Ajai Sahni.

http://www.outlookindia.com/full.asp?fo ... ajai&sid=1

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Postby ramana » 23 May 2008 01:57

Pioneer, 23 May 2008

Probe team close to breakthrough after twin arrests

Lokpal Sethi | Jaipur

With the arrest of two suspects - one in Delhi and another in Maharashtra, - Special Investigation Team(SIT), probing Jaipur serial blasts, on Thursday claimed to have reached near a "breakthrough" in the case.

Senior officials, investigating the case, told The Pioneer that the plan to carry out the blasts was prepared at least a month in advance and about a dozen operatives of terrorist outfits like HuJI and SIMI were involved in it.

Police have released a sketch of a 25-year-old man, who had sent the e-mail along with video clipping of explosive laden bicycles taken before the blasts from a cyber cafe in Ghaziabad, a day after the blasts.

The same person was seen by some locals in the walled city few days before the blasts

Police had recovered the hard-disk and come to the conclusions with the help of experts that the e-mail was drafted on April 10 and was edited more than a dozen times before it was sent.

In the e-mail, a little known terrorist outfit, Indian Muzahideen, had taken the responsibility of carrying out the blasts.

Sources said, the person, who had sent the e-mail, had created a new Yahoo ID in the cyber cafe itself and used the password "mission".

With the help of the Maharashtra police, the SIT sleuths, have arrested a 28-year-old youth, Imran Qazi, at Mangao in Raigad district.

He was brought to Jaipur on Wednesday and was being interrogated.

Sources said Qazi was very much present in Jaipur on May 13, the day when the blasts were carried out. He had made calls to some places after the blasts.

Police believe that he has close links with some fundamentalist organization and some time back had visited Nigeria and Dubai.

On a tip off, Delhi Police on Wednesday arrested one Mohammad Salim, when he alighted from Poorva Express at New Delhi railway station. Police suspects he is a HuJI operative, sources said.

According to AK Jain, Additional Director General of Police (Crime), so far investigators have interrogated over a hundred people and were moving towards to crack the case.

Among those interrogated were illegal Bangladeshis, who were picked from the colonies of illegal migrants in the State capital.

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Postby bharatiya » 26 May 2008 11:24

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Postby Karan Dixit » 26 May 2008 21:41

By Kavita Bajeli-Datt, Jaipur, May 26: They lie strapped up in hospital beds, one moment thankful that they survived and the other haunted by the prospects of a grim future. They used to be the sole breadwinners of their families but now find themselves helpless after being seriously injured in the string of terror blasts here.

http://www.newkerala.com/one.php?action ... s&id=64767

(Since the victims are Hindus, MMS is not going to do anything for them. People all over India remember this when you go to vote next time. It can happen to you too.)

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Postby Sanku » 27 May 2008 16:20

sanjaychoudhry wrote:
paramu wrote:This type rallys should become common whenever a terrorist attack happens in the country so that pressure builds on central govt. to support laws and stop pampering to pakis.

Not thinking along these lines shows the political innocence of BJP compared to Congress.

VHP to launch nation-wide campaign to oust Bangladeshis

Dont you wonder why you wont hear of this news in the so called mainstream English news media?

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