Blasts in delhi

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Re: Blasts in delhi

Postby Raghavendra » 15 Sep 2008 16:46

Interesting thing that has come to light.

The family of simi terrorist and azamgarh cleric who was arrested for his role in guj and bangalore blasts takes rations from the PDS. i.e these people are ready to accept food provided by the central government and subsidied by tax-payers but will still bomb and kill the hands that feed them. :twisted:

G Subramaniam
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Re: Blasts in delhi

Postby G Subramaniam » 15 Sep 2008 17:29

The other interesting fact that has come out is that virtually all the ring leaders of the blasts had already been under police scanner and were let off due to vote bank reasons

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Re: Blasts in delhi

Postby archan » 15 Sep 2008 17:53

G Subramaniam wrote:The other interesting fact that has come out is that virtually all the ring leaders of the blasts had already been under police scanner and were let off due to vote bank reasons

I see it as a failure of democracy. India needs to take a long hard look at how her democracy is going and take corrective actions before it is too late.

G Subramaniam
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Re: Blasts in delhi

Postby G Subramaniam » 15 Sep 2008 18:14

Another look at the blasts

1. Partition was not demanded by TSP muslims but rather by UP muslims
In the 1946 elections anti-Jinnah muslims won 60% of the vote in NWFP, 25% in Pakjab and 30% in Sindh
2. Much of the partition rioting was done by IMs in residual India
and the rioters mostly stayed back
3. In the Nizams kingdom, virtually every able bodied muslim male joined the razakars
4. Aligarh univ, both pre and post partition has been a rabidly islamist univ
5. Both pre and post partition, muslim ghettos have been no-go zones
6. Islamism was temperorily put on hold thanks to sikh reprisals and the fear it induced in IMs
7. As the fear in IMs in item 6 has evaporated thanks to vote bank politics, they are back to their old ways in trying to carve out another Pakistan
8. Thanks to gandhist and nehruvian secular whitewash, the hindu public is unaware of items 1-7
9. 1 day of direct action in 1946 kolkata killed 5000 hindus, equal to a 100 blasts
meaning giving in to the terror of the blasts will simply cause more violence
10. Active policing, not riots, is the best way to ensure success against islamists

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Re: Blasts in delhi

Postby CRamS » 15 Sep 2008 18:15


The erudite among us most confront this line, based on a bold-faced pack of lies and anti-Hindu propaganda, that the terror attacks in India are all local in origin. There is not such thing as excusively local, or exclusively foreign when it comes to execution. Both foreign and local elements are there. Without sophisticated planning, technological expertise, intelligence etc provided by TSP, the locals, SIMI and assorted scum cannot pull of such attacks and not get caught (of course Islamist ideology is the key glue that binds hem all). Given the ease with which the scum pulled of the Delhi attacks, so was the claim that Gujarat police busted the Ahemdabad terrorist scum a bit exaggarated or what?

The one immutable fact remains: the nerve center of Islamic terror against India lies in the TSP army and ISI headquarters in Islamabdad. But by toing this 'local' line, and a lie repeated 100 times becomes unchallengable truth, that terror attacks in India are local in origin, Paki terror strategy will be on auto-pilot. They can hide behind this local terror terror subterfuge while reaping the benefits of makiing India bleed, and both Indian media and western media will then peddle the line that the so called 'local terrorists' have genuine grievances as a result of "Hindu extremism". This sophistry needs to be busted befroe it develops into an uncontrollable chain reaction. If not, expect the kind of chutzpah coming out of this Paki rag become more of a norm after every terror attack. (and that MMS/Sonia have alreadyt fallen for this is reflected in their decision to form joint terror mechanism with TSP) ... hi-outrage

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Re: Blasts in delhi

Postby shiv » 15 Sep 2008 19:23

Aaah! I was seacrhing for the "conversions thread" and this is he last place I thought to look. How silly of me!


Please discuss Delhi blasts in a new thread and stay on topic.

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Re: Blasts in delhi

Postby RayC » 16 Sep 2008 10:27

Raghavendra wrote:Wow, thapar,n.ram and all communist nazis being called dhimmis. Once I got a warning from shiv saar for calling a dhimmi a dhimmi in my previous janma. Atlast something radically has changed in here that people are willing to call people for what they really are.

I will make another statement that again may not be liked.

Islam cannot be reformed. The only way to end terrorism is by declaring islam a criminal religion and asking muslims to quit islam or be ready to be treated as criminals.

If i as a person asked all people here to practise peadophilia,murder all homosexuals,rape all women not covered up in an tent, declare me as their prophet or get killed, pay jizya and live like a sub-human being then i would have been called a peadophile,muderer,religious bigot and all other adjectives that are in english.

But the same people are not ready to call mohammed for what he is really was. Until people start using words that fit the character of mohammed and islam then no progress can be made in the fight against terrorism also known as islam.


Islam cannot be reformed does not mean that others are to reform it. It means the instrument of 'ijtihad' is no longer valid in Sunni Islam and hence they cannot use this instrument.

However, the fact that ijtihad is no longer operable is no licence for you, if I may suggest, to use terms that are not quite in order or would not be appreciated in an open forum.

May I request you to take a hold of yourself and do be good enough to use syntax that are acceptable to general society, while yet expressing your considered opinion that are not needlessly inflammatory in syntax?

True..Islam cannot be reformed or rather muslims will not permit any reform, they are still in the dark ages..


May I suggest that you understand Islam before stating that 'moslems will not permit any reform'.

Ijtihad is no longer operable and hence they cannot change. As simple as that.

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