Artillery Discussion Thread

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Re: Artillery Discussion Thread

Postby member_23455 » 10 Oct 2013 21:27

ramana wrote:The US had devleoped the jeep mounted 106mm RCL which is the largest caliber so far and used in 1965 war and 1967 Nathu La.

Incorrect...Google "Davy Crockett + 155mm", for one of the more bizarre weapon systems the world has seen.

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Re: Artillery Discussion Thread

Postby krishnan » 10 Oct 2013 22:02

i ended up googling for it and
The Davy Crockett Atomic Battle Group Delivery System was born of a time where the US Army felt it needed some 151,000 nuclear weapons for deployment in a protracted conflict with the Soviet Union. Of this total, 106,000 would be for tactical battlefield use, 25,000 for air defense of US Army units and installations, and 20,000 to support our Allies. All of this was predicated on the thought at the US Army would use an estimated 423 atomic warheads in a single day of intense atomic combat - not to include surface-to-air missiles. This is mind-boggling when you sit back and ponder this.

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Re: Artillery Discussion Thread

Postby ramana » 10 Oct 2013 22:09


"All generalizations are general, including this one!"

Davy Crockett is a short range last ditch nuke weapon and was a kalidasa type weapon*. And hence taken out of use.

*Truly emobdies the essence of "hoisted on own petard!"

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Re: Artillery Discussion Thread

Postby Kanson » 11 Oct 2013 18:45

Lilo wrote:Aha ! remember them ... also realize that rockets need more propellant charge than a shell for traversing the same distance because of the lack of confined gasses ... a surprisingly shortlived light weight mountain fighting theory eye must say :oops:
Thanks krishnak ji.

Not really! You can find missile of same weight category having similar or more range.

Jumper Missile: weighs ~60 kg ; Range 50 km ; GPS guidance.
Excalibur: weighs ~50 kg ; Range ~ 25/50 km ; GPS guidance.

Spike NLOS: weight ~70 kg; Range 25+ km ; IIR/pinpoint targeting.
Copperhead: weighs ~60 kg ; Range ~ 15 km ; Laser guidance

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