Corruption in Arms Deals - News and Analysis

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Re: Corruption in Arms Deals - News and Analysis

Postby chetak » 31 Jan 2019 02:51

ANI Verified account @ANI

Geeta Luthra and Prateek Yadav, lawyers of Rajiv Saxena (in picture, a co-accused in AgustaWestland case):

Rajiv Saxena was picked up by UAE state security from his residence this morning at 9:30 am (UAE time) and illegally extradited to India around 5:30pm (UAE time).


ANI Verified account @ANI 6h6 hours ago

Geeta Luthra&Prateek Yadav, lawyers of Rajiv Saxena: There were no extradition proceedings started in the UAE & he was not allowed access to his family or lawyers or essential daily medicine. He was onboarded onto a pvt jet from a private terminal at Dubai International Airport.

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Lawyers of Rajiv Saxena (co-accused in AgustaWestland case): When his lawyers asked to speak to UAE state security & demanded to understand what happened, they were told he's on flight & can’t be stopped. When they queried this further they were told “Ask the Indian Government”.

7:08 am - 30 Jan 2019
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and finally,


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Re: Corruption in Arms Deals - News and Analysis

Postby ramana » 25 Jun 2019 04:00

Now Pilatus deal has corruption linkages


Please discuss here.

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Re: Corruption in Arms Deals - News and Analysis

Postby tsarkar » 25 Jun 2019 13:34

Karan M wrote:i hope this actually leads to something and the BJP does not use it as usual for some back room ploy and then drop the prosecution in a fit of ham-handed graciousness and megalomania

Agree 200%. Unless prosecuted and severely punished, it will be impossible to root out corruption. Also, those whose children have got foreign admissions, jobs or whose children's domestic NGO's have got disproportionate funding needs to be investigated as benami transactions as well. This was expected in 2014 itself.

The family's involvement in Augusta Westland, Pilatus and Embraer has breadcrumbs everywhere, especially the London houses that Priyanka G said in televised reports as hers.

The Embraer deal is especially tragic as Embraer had modified the aircraft at its own cost and done extensive testing in Alaska. With Embraer being blacklisted, we have to select, modify and extensively test another platform. Ideally we should have inducted couple of Nethra AEW&C for every Fighter Wing for persistent support of strike and air dominance missions.

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Re: Corruption in Arms Deals - News and Analysis

Postby abhik » 25 Jun 2019 18:22

I think we should give amnesty to blacklisted foreign weapon companies if they rat out the indian parties involved and pay a nominal fine. Till date we have not managed to successfully prosecute even one case but have blacklisted half the suppliers.

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Re: Corruption in Arms Deals - News and Analysis

Postby ramana » 26 Jun 2019 06:40

Yes punishing the corrupt and taking holistic approach to the supplier is needed.
If the supplier gave bribes to sell shoddy product its one thing but if product was good and still got kickbacks then its our own khota sikka.

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Re: Corruption in Arms Deals - News and Analysis

Postby darshan » 29 Jun 2019 10:00 ... ly-abroad/
Supreme Court stays Delhi HC order permitting AgustaWestland accused Rajeev Saxena to fly abroad
Appearing for the Enforcement Directorate, Solicitor General Tushar Mehta, presented specific new facts with regard to other offences that have come to light and asserted that the CBI will be formally going to register an FIR against Saxena shortly.

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