Possible Indian Military Scenarios - XIV

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Re: Possible Indian Military Scenarios - XIV

Postby ParGha » 08 Dec 2017 03:22

Rahul M wrote:ParGha, I am still waiting to know what happened next.

It was supposed to be a catalyst for a collaborative writing exercise (a la PIMS-I style) to engage the mujs flushed out from the GDF. Who knew real world events would catch up to my ball-of-yarn?

I will provide some more runway for the Cerberus H2 program this weekend, but I’m really hoping that the flyboys and fanboys will pick the H2 thread and run with it. H1 is more my area of comfort, and H3 is where India can really deter the Chinese.

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Re: Possible Indian Military Scenarios - XIV

Postby viveks » 08 Dec 2017 13:17

feel so compelled to write about this ... I dont know what to call it....but here goes... this is my first attempt.

Having witnessed the outcome of aggression towards an enemy, the pakistani army chief tells his family member....we have aggressed the lands of kashmir believing that they are one of us, a sacred muslim community who continue to hold and have deep regard for our beliefs in them for the several years post independence that we have given them shelter from the wicked and treacherous hindu culture and religion. That is something foreign, unknown and I classify them as abominable. This has justified my ancestors and leaders to hold fort against their possible wicked transgressions.

However, I believe that our approach in giving them shelter and fighting for them has resulted in the suffering of so many families from our side and theirs. As being assigned a leader and holding an office of leadership representing the highest traditions of valor based on human values in this rapidly changing world, I have been compelled to believe our goal is not to foresee a continuous upper hand against an enemy that has foreign beliefs but to forge an alliance with them for continuous co-existence based on the ethics of peace and prosperity. I am most numb to taking these drastic actions based on what I have seen but I think these will only lead to continuous improvement of my fellow citizens upbringing who strive to better themselves for themselves and a few others in their every way of their life.

I therefore, am compelled to and inclined to forego our occupation of the PoK and invite Indian assistance in doing so. I dont see we have and will ever have a cause in that region without their insight into the development of our social bodies and the kashmir Pok without their valuable assistance.

Reading this letter/dialogue ...the PMO decides that this is start of so many wonderful things. They immediately share this with Ratan Tata, RAW, NIA, IB, Indian Airforce, Indian Navy and last but not least most important...the Indian Army. Leaders of the Indian Army carry the greatest traditions of their ancestors...and decide for a meeting with the Chief of Army staff of Pakistan. Indian intelligence agencies then start going about their work about who they think will be more liberal and objective to this outlook, given their islamic background. A meeting is arranged where the fate of the "Great Union of Kashmir state" is discussed and under whom this state will fall under. Pakistani people in the negotiating table for the first time in their history come out right and say that the document of accessation is the only evidence of a direction under which administration the state should fall under. Their outlook, most indian experts believe is that their continuous occupation injured them as well as their families in the whole process and they would like to see reconciliation for that suffering, and so invite investment that would see better upbringing of their children....presenting them with greater opportunities.

On a beautiful winter morning...some time close to diwali Pakistani military chief declares de-occupation of PoK by bringing down the Pakistani flag in the Gilgit area. His movements and schedule closely shared and monitored by Indian Intelligence agencies...who have put their point defensive teams in position with Pakistani intelligence teams in position. Indian intelligence teams go an an over drive getting inputs from their own assets...and steadily bolstering the Pakistani army general and prime minister.

News breaks loose of the Pakistani action and several media individuals line up for interviews with the Pakistani General and Prime Minister.

Indian PMO, with consultation decides that the Pakistani Chief of Staff General has stepped into something unknown and needs a helping hand from the international community. He decides that the next noble peace prize and initiative should be to the Pakistani General. Kashmiri leaders, who witness this....decide to rename a newly constructed airport terminal after the name of the Pakistani general who decided to give up the ambitions of his fellow ancestor leaders. PM attend and the General attend the inauguration.

The Pakistani general flying into srinagar to inaugurate the new terminal is accompanied by 2 JF-17 fighters from the Pakistani elite protection unit. Indian defense ministry, who thinks this is actually, an "Indian Victory", decides to dispatch 2 LCAs to accompany and escort the general. Pakistani Air force unit directs the LCAs to the frontal halve of the escort, thereby, making Paki JF-17s in the 2 LCAs's 6. Both the LCA pilots, despite being armed with Python 5 missile, coming from north indian origin decide to think that they placing their lives in the hands of an adversary with whom their ancestors and fellow seniors have fought several wars with. They decide to stay objective and remain cool through out the engagement....they are escorted nicely into srinagar airport. This bolsters their new dynamic believe about the adversaries new ethics approach to combat.

As the border gates start to open from the Pakistani side, Indian convey vehicles start to roll into an unknown foreign lands manned by their adversary army. There is an expectable feeling that an adversary soldier would turn against what he has been instructed to him. Surprisingly, indian vehicles seem to get past past certain areas without any hold-up. This helps in bolstering a belief to attentively listen to the adversary soldier and believe in what he tells you to do.

C-130J and C-17 Goblemaster aircraft make landings in the Gilgit and scardu airport, deploying military personal. First to be the Boots on ground reporters, write about the welcoming committee. Locals are guarded about seeing foreign BMP armored personal carriers in their lands and are inquisitive about their intentions. India decides that the MBT Arjun should be shipped to these locations...and so it happens. Bofors guns are also shipped to these locations...as a measure of capitalism defense, when faced with a greater adversary, China, who now has more borders seeing Indian soldiers and ever before.

Once at Gilgit, Indian Army Border team along with senior BSF personal are taken beyond Gilgit to the areas where Indian border come into a zone facing.. Russian, China, Pakistan and Afganistan..in an area of the Hindukush Mountain Ranges. The Northern Light Infantry HQ get new higher personal, who get stationed by the Indian Army. They Indian Army stage a memorial for the troops from this memorial to honor their sacrifice in the Kargil conflicts...who were merely carrying out their orders and working towards their objectives.

Indian Army chief, overseeing this operation, decides to constitute a team of elite personal who would be tasked to get Gen. Musharaf into the country. A court setup to convene at Kargil town was setup to constitute his trial and give due punishment.

India, never sent its elite newly constituted Rafale squadron, the 2 Mirage 2000 squadrons and the 6 Jaguar attack aircraft squadrons into the process of earning control into the unification of Kashmir. Instead, the Mig-29, Mig-21 and LCA squadrons played a major role. Also, the Israeli Green pine radars were moved into northern Kashmir and big boat of sensor suites. These were put in place to check China.

Last, Indian business tycoons...who would only follow Ratan Tatas visions would venture into Pakistan, creating jobs and generating employment opportunities in Pakistan. It is the first time, in his life time, that Ratan Tata vouched and so vociferously led the Indian business campaign into Pakistan....and that region welcomed it with all the necessary infrastructure and environment, thereby creating a foundation for a very strong business and thriving relationship that had witnessed so many down trends in human history.


In the years to follow...the Indian railways decide that there should a track all the way up to Gilgit from Baramullah. Also, Border road Organization, along with National Highway authority decide that there must be a road from Gilgit to Leh directly.

Moral of this Kalpinic vision --- we sing with words in a language of medium that holds us dear to give out a message...a message that has no political objectives....a message that portrays the joys of humanity and human co-operation to solve complex disputes that go on for years.

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Re: Possible Indian Military Scenarios - XIV

Postby ParGha » 10 Dec 2017 08:57

The re-armament program under the National Re-Construction Plan (External Security), code-named the Cerberus Program, consisted of three divisions -- H1 focused on the immediate mass-production and deployment of low-complexity armament; H2 focused on medium-term acquisition, indegenization and deployment of intermediate-complexity systems; and H3 focused on immediate- AND long-term special weapons projects.

Despite Raza's best efforts to breakdown the inter-services barriers and force the services to prioritize jointly, each of the three services had come to dominate a division -- army in H1, air-force in H2 and navy in H3. Of course, as a senior IAF officer, Rao knew that there were exceptions -- H1 was churning out the Junglee-Kukkurs by the hundreds for Project JACK, and H3 was on a hypersonic beg/borrow/steal race for Project LONGBOW. But it was H2's LCH-MkV, Spider-Silk, Wolf-Hound and NAICK projects that captured most of IAF attention and budget.

The slightest hint of a brewing Sino-Indian conflict would encourage the French to hike-up the cost of on-going Rafale sustainment and unbalance the negotiations for SNEMCA help on engines for the Networked Aerial Interceptor and Controller (NAICK) project. However if the Chinese SRBM and cruise-missile batteries had a even a moderately powerful counter-measure capable of bringing down the Junglee-Kukkur hunter-killer pack, it would render the whole fleet fit for nothing more than policing the Indus Valley Nature Reserve.

Full implications of an even more powerful jammer pushing back the Wolf-Hound project, designed to replace the depleted MiG-27 and Jaguar fleet, was too terrible to think, and thankfully above Rao's pay-grade. Nevertheless, neither those heavy worries nor the more pedestrian annoyance of a bawling infant two rows down kept the good soldier from catching as much sleep as the flight to London would allow.

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Re: Possible Indian Military Scenarios - XIV

Postby Singha » 11 Dec 2017 16:21

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Re: Possible Indian Military Scenarios - XIV

Postby k prasad » 20 Dec 2017 17:17

Question from a few posts ago, Vivek

vivek_ahuja wrote:...However, if something of interest came up, they would then attempt to move to the “spot” mode and try to capture a high-resolution “snap” of the small region of interest. If they couldn’t do this with the aircraft maintaining an orthogonal heading, Nair would call up the flight-crew and they would break pattern for a more direct vector towards the “spot” and then “snap” it...

Do you mean that spotlight mode doesn't work as well when the aircraft flight vector perpendicular to the direction that the target 'spot' is in? Because my understanding is that its better when the target is broadside rather than forward looking.

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