OFB, MoD Companies Discussion Thread

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Re: OFB, MoD Companies Discussion Thread

Postby ramana » 17 Apr 2019 23:56

A very pertinent article on Defence Research in India

Defence Research India's Achilles Heel

almost all the ills are mentioned

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Re: OFB, MoD Companies Discussion Thread

Postby nithish » 10 May 2019 15:29

Defence ministry to adopt new procurement policy
The defence ministry will be adopting a new procurement policy that will define the level of indigenous content for defence equipment and give higher preference to local vendors in contracts and to start with, it has identified military textiles such as bulletproof jackets, boots and high altitude clothing for this purpose.
According to the order, the minimum local content for an item should be 50%. While officials explained that quantum of indigenous content has not been fixed, the order adds that a ministry can prescribe a higher or lower percentage of it for a particular product.

“The nodal ministry may annually review the local content requirements with a view to increasing them, subject to availability of sufficient local competition with adequate quality,” the order said.

Another important part of the order is that the purchase preference for a product will be given to local suppliers. An official explained that in the procurement of an item where there is an adequate vendor base and if its value is Rs 50 lakh or less, then only local suppliers are eligible.

In cases where the procurement value is more than Rs 50 lakh, if the L1 (lowest bidder) is a local supplier, the contract for the full quantity will be awarded to it. However, if the L1is a foreign vendor, then only 50% of the order quantity will be awarded to it.

“Thereafter, the lowest bidder among the local suppliers, will be invited to match the L1 price for the remaining 50%. This will, however, be subject to the local supplier’s quoted price falling within the margin of the purchase preference,” explained an official.

If the lowest eligible local supplier fails to match the L1 price, then the next higher local supplier within the margin of the purchase preference will be invited to match the L1price for the remaining quantity.

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Re: OFB, MoD Companies Discussion Thread

Postby ramana » 16 May 2019 01:20

Dated article 19 November 2018 on explosion at CAD Pulgaon while destroying old 23 mm ammunition.


Hazardous ammo was being destroyed at CAD,
The article implies contractor personnel were also involved.

So could be handling of the ammo.
Wonder if there is correlation with the 40 mm ammo issues recently mentioned by TOI.

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