Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft: News & Discussion - 30 August 2019

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Re: Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft: News & Discussion - 30 August 2019

Postby brar_w » 29 Jun 2020 20:55

^^ Reference the Piccirillo ATF/F-22 book to see what sort of industrial eco-system was needed, and created, as part of the Advanced Tactical Fighter program in the US in the 1980's and 1990's which formed the base for much higher level work down the road (and without which the JSF would have been impossible to execute at scale). Very specifically, around LO industrial capability, propulsion, materials technologies, power, and electronics. This is the perfect opportunity for the AMCA to build, by leaps and bounds, over the decades of work on the LCA and create the sort of ecosystem that will be required to sustain future 5FGA, and other advanced combat aircraft (LO UCAV's, Bombers, ISR aircraft etc).

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