Bharat Rakshak - New Main Page Launch

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Postby mohan » 15 Jan 2005 23:27

Very very slick!!

An excellent job mnkumar...thanks :)

Now, instead of going straight to the forum, I will also make it a point to see the 'front-page' everytime I come to BR..


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Postby kgoan » 15 Jan 2005 23:30

Hi kgoan, Did you see the note I added in the BR Monitor?

LOL! Rakesh, I completely missed that despite it being in bright red unil I saw your post!

Hey Rishi: Firstly, :oops:

But then again dude, the IAF has had to wait 2 decades nearly for their trainer and yer complaining about 2 measly years? :D

BTW, such threads don't really last on BR. Thing is that it doesn't have anything to do with India, except tangentially, and the admins have killed such threads previously. Still, I wonder if I can find that stuff on my old hard drive or one of my backup CD's . . .

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Postby putnanja » 15 Jan 2005 23:37

In the news section on the main page, is it possible to open the links in an iframe within the new window, with the top of the window saying that you are visiting a site outside of Bharat-Rakshak, similar to the way it is done in Sulekha etc?

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Postby Rishi » 15 Jan 2005 23:54

Kgoan.. yeah, thread might not last. I am still enthu though... if you find any interesting material on HDD, or have general pointers (including recco'd lit) on how to go about studying the issue (have relatively large amounts of free time this sem).. would be much appreciated.

tandon DOT rishi AT

And, yes... Rakesh boss, is that Red Notice pucca? No ressurrection possibilities for a BRM Lite?

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Postby Rakesh » 16 Jan 2005 00:10

BRM may be reborn in a new avatar. But the admins have to take a group decision on the matter and a large part of that decision will be based on the regular flow of articles. It may also be called something else, not necessarily BR Monitor ;)

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Postby amol » 16 Jan 2005 00:23

Great new design! Thanks to Naresh and everyone for putting in a lot of hard work. The results are spectacular! :eek:

One small suggestion: Could we have the 'BHARAT RAKSHAK' title a little larger and brighter, please? It kinda gets lost among everything else on the page.


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Postby RayC » 16 Jan 2005 00:29


The best part is that it is USER FRIENDLY.

All important areas of BR is just a click away.

Great work.

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Postby Guru » 16 Jan 2005 00:30


My compliments.

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Postby hanumadu » 16 Jan 2005 02:31

Superb. I love it.


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Postby ragupta » 16 Jan 2005 03:01

Nice work!, keep it up!.

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Postby Y I Patel » 16 Jan 2005 06:58

holy crapamole!!! BR went and got itself an extreme makeover!


Thanks, mnkumar, jai, and all others who made it possible

tres magnifique

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Postby Indrajit » 16 Jan 2005 09:01

Congrats to the Admins for the nice upgrade. :) 8)

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Nice Work

Postby sbangera » 16 Jan 2005 18:54

New homepage looks absolutly fabulous. Well done guys.

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Postby vsunder » 16 Jan 2005 19:43

New Page looks good. There are a few egregious typos
in the new material that has been added. In the Multimedia section
in the video clips by Dr. Sastry, the title of one video has to
be rectified. Video of "jubilant crwods in Pakistan on Sept 11, 1999"
to be changed to "..... Sept 11, 2001".

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Awesome !

Postby member_5974 » 16 Jan 2005 20:33

Fantastic job on the layout ! The new year's off to a good start .... :D

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Postby davidn » 17 Jan 2005 04:55

very nice work guys!! very sexy indeed! :D

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Postby gashish » 17 Jan 2005 06:07

Amazing job!..Top Stories and snapshot of latest forum discussions on the homepage are brilliant ideas.


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Postby Denis » 17 Jan 2005 10:21

Brilliant :!: :!: Excellent :!: :!:

Just Great :!: :!:

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Postby Amitabh » 17 Jan 2005 17:26

Very nice!

Since you asked for suggestions, when might we look forward to an RSS feed for the forum? I have no idea about the feasibility of such a project I should add, but lots of media websites as well as discussion fora have taken that route. :D

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Postby Jagan » 17 Jan 2005 18:12

Amitabh wrote:Very nice!

Since you asked for suggestions, when might we look forward to an RSS feed for the forum? I have no idea about the feasibility of such a project I should add, but lots of media websites as well as discussion fora have taken that route. :D

I have been thinking of RSS Feed for News and Updates but the forum did not strike me - It should be doable, though not immediate priority and any major changes will probably come only after we get over the aero india fever.

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Good show!

Postby SRay » 18 Jan 2005 06:13

BR's front page is looking very professional indeed -- congrats to everyone who put in the time and effort.

I second the RSS request, but could live w/o it.

Also, I realize that BR is a consoritum of sites, hence the different look 'n feel across sections... but it would be nice if the front page layout crept through the rest of the site slowly... :)

Anyway, good show folks!

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Postby Vasu » 18 Jan 2005 08:37

My day starts with the Forum, and when one goes to the main page without visiting the forum first for the first time during the day, one can be assured of jumping out of one's seat.

Great job to everyone involved. It really looks professional now.

Um, this is just a thought, and only from the aesthetic point of view, we could put the google search section either at the bottom of that section, or in the top corners, like in the google Internet Explorer Toolbar.

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Postby Chayan » 18 Jan 2005 14:37

excellent work .keep it up

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Postby Ragav » 18 Jan 2005 20:06

great job
keep up the good work

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