India-US Nuclear Deal continued

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Postby S.Valkan » 05 Jan 2007 02:39

Vijay J wrote:Venting should be kept private or atleast made indirect, this is the tradition and this is the culture.

Rather silly statement.

The GoI has the right to appoint anyone it deems fit from the empanelled secys, for whatever considerations.

Equally, those not selected have equal rights to complain - privately, if in harness, and publicly , if not in harness - as long as matters of national security are not divulged.

Sikri is no longer in harness in his IAS capacity.

As a private citizen, it is his right to publicly or privately vent at his ex-employer's decision any which way he deems fit.

He needn't be like Ali Kuli, a nobleman ( Pashtun feudal class ) whose career in the army was hardly aimed to gain higher social status.

Sikri may have joined the IAS for name and fame, and his obvious frustration for not being nominated for a long-cherished position of status definitely shows.

It is understandable that he made his displeasure known publicly, unlike Ali Kuli.

This talk of "tradition" and "culture" and appeal to "civility" and "propriety" to stymy freedom of public expression of government officials is uncalled for.

Let them say what they want.

The "tradition" should be to encourage and accept constructive criticism, and to investigate and ensure that the functioning of the government, the secretariat and the rest of bureaucracy is not suffering from any nepotistic morass or ameritorious considerations. Period.

PS: Oops! No intention of continuing on this vent. Feel free to delete the post, Ramana.

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Postby JCage » 05 Jan 2007 04:20

Ramana wont discuss the topic, but very curious about 1 of Gjs statement:

there is a more uncharitable dept. but I dont want to go there.

Dept of Family Planning? :lol:

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Postby asharma » 05 Jan 2007 04:34

Dept of Official Languages?? :rotfl: :rotfl:

But seriously, not sure how different you and Vijay J were, both emphasized the same point that empannelment does not indicate any right, what he was saying was that traditionally supercession that has not led to any public whining in the past...

Okay-wokay.... enough before Ramana garu slaps us all :lol:

See, Georgekaka, I am from the cow belt so can't help doing the rhyming stuff :D

George J

Postby George J » 05 Jan 2007 05:28

I think its Ok-Shokay (as in CGHS lady doc telling a crying kid that his skinned knees will be fixed fine, "beta hum tumhein Ok-shokay kar denge.")

No its this one...and before jingos go into more babu bashing for being so politically incorrect, please remember I am guilty of disclosing a private thought on a very public forum and among the babu circles its considered a punishment posting.

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Postby asprinzl » 05 Jan 2007 06:19

ramana wrote:Can we take this interesting babu-neta rights- perogatives discussion to another thread? Say the Indian interests or the Foreign Policy thread seeing that its the MEA chaps and chappettes involved?
Thanks, ramana

Admin, I think someone (or GJ we should all collectively make him "volunteer" :lol: ) should make a chart of this and have it in permanent form somewhere on BRF as educational material.

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Postby Roop » 05 Jan 2007 06:25

ramana wrote:Ok, Enough. Bas!

Okay, people, please read Ramana's post and tell us which part of "Ok, Enough!" you are finding hard to understand.

Take it to the other forum and waste the bandwidth there! Start a Whine Thread, get Rahul Mehta to lecture us on Neta/Babu/Judges/Whatever, but for God's sake, enough already of this irrelevant garbage on this thread.

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