Why has it become so cool to hate India

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Re: Why has it become so cool to hate India

Postby harishn » 19 May 2003 13:42

This thread seems to have changed directions and is now into discussing Varna system. Maybe the mods can take the relevant portion of this thread and put in a new thread. The link to his new thread can be posted in this thread for the convenience of readers who would like to take that path.

Pulikeshi, the division of labour is not part of the Varna. Hinduism does not say that a Brahmana cannot be a businessman. If a Businessman follows the 12 qualifications of a Brahmana then he is not a Vaishya but a Brahmana. This would of course make him a lousy businessman :( . I do not see how an empowered individual is related to the Varna system (maybe u'r referring to the new corrupted form of Varna). I am not against the evolution of the Varna system either.

You say that the Ideal Brahmana or the ideal Kshatriya does not exist (I disagree on this point, have u made an attempt to find the ideal Brahmana or the ideal kshatirya?), then neither does the ideal Christian or the ideal Muslim or the ideal Buddhist exist. The Christians still try to imitate Jesus, the Buddhists still want to become like Buddha, the Muslim wants to be like prophet Muhammad and the Hindu wants to become a Brahmana (realize Brahma).

You have labeled the Fijian Hindus as Shudra or Vaishya. How can u generalize? There are Brahmanas, kshtriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras in all societies including Fijian.

Chola, u still choose to be blind.

Valmiki was not a sudra, he was born into a brahmin family. He committed banditry during his younger years. Perhaps this is why you had thought him to be base like a shudra.
Which family Valmiki was born into did not determine his Varna. Valmiki was a Shudra because he chose to act like one. The day he reformed and followed the path of Brahmana he became one.

You mention that no one choose to live like a Shudra. That is where ur wrong. There are many reasons why people choose to live like animals. People loose hope, they loose their loved one's, they loose money and they loose the will to live. They get addicted to drugs and sometimes they are just mentally sick. This is where the Brahmanas were supposed to come in and help them find a purpose. There will always be a section of society who will need help and will need to be taken care of. This is where Hindu society failed. Any society that does not take care of its weakest is doomed to failure.

The Prejudice u mention is due to the ignorance in Hindu society about Hinduism. This prejudice can only be destroyed by a revival of Hinduism with its true message of becoming one with Brahma.

You mention the fifth Varna. There is only 4 Varnas in Hinduism, and all Hindus are classified into these 4 varnas depending on their nature and leaning. U'r own definition of Varna based on division of labour finds no place in the true definition of Varna.

The samurais were supposed to fight for their lords and nobles. The Kshatriyas were supposed to fight for the people. By definition the Kshatriya is the very anti-thesis of the Samurai. That u choose to study East Asian culture is good, but studying u'r own culture first would make more sense.

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