Indian Road Development

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Re: Indian Road Development

Postby Sridhar » 29 Jul 2002 09:25

Admins: could you please archive this thread. The next post could go into a new thread. I started on the promised writeup on Indian road projects, but found myself just repeating what has been written in depth on this thread. Wonder if a writeup is really due.

Regarding the phases of the GQ, AFAIK, there was just one phase. The mandate was given to NHAI in 1998/99 to develop the entire GQ by 2004. The GQ project was already in the works even before 1998, but not in the integrated fashion that we see it today. The Delhi-Calcutta highway was being developed through the Third National Highway project funded largely by the World Bank (under which the Delhi-Agra highway was built). Similarly, the Delhi-Mumbai highway was being developed with ADB assistance and the Delhi-Jaipur stretch was the first one to be taken up. What the GQ project did was to integrate all projects under one mega-project. Funding was ensured for other stretches that would otherwise need to be individually put up for approval.

The NSEW on the other hand had two (albeit informal) phases. The first phase was to be executed simultaneously with the GQ. This included key bypasses (since the urban sections are the main bottlenecks on most national highways). Some other sections deemed to be important were also included though it is not clear what criteria were used (for instance, I don't know why the Agra-Dholpur section was deemed more important than many other stretches I can think of). Some political decisions were taken on the NSEW project so that states not covered by the GQ would also get some length of the NSEW roads (Assam, Punjab, MP, J&K etc.) by 2004. The first phase of the NSEW would cover just under 1000 kms, with the rest being developed largely after the completion of the GQ. The entire NSEW is scheduled for completion by 2009 (brought forward internally to 2007). The contracting process for NSEW Phase II would begin by early 2003 itself (consultants are to be appointed this year itself to start work on Detailed Project Reports).

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Re: Indian Road Development

Postby Ananth » 30 Jul 2002 07:05

Thanx Sridhar. By the way regarding the writeup on the road development can that be made into a BRM article. It will be good to diversify BRM as the forum itself has been diversified.


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Re: Indian Road Development

Postby Eshwar » 30 Jul 2002 12:07

New fuel stations to be at safe distance from NHs [/url]

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