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Re: Bharat Rakshak on Rediff

Postby Jagan » 19 Aug 2003 12:56

Originally posted by George J:

Now i know most jingos are in lau with V.Bhosle and her ilk, but I'd rather see BR being praised in the print: TOI to be precise. Now i know you dont like TOI but take it from me it makes a world of a difference if you get featured in TOI over any other newspaper.

Oh yeah..hey Vishnu how bout doing a feature on BR???
Hmm, maybe not a review like rediff , but BR was quoted as a source for photographs and information umpteen times in the regular press - Indian Express, Deccan Chronicle (not sure about ToI) , Telegraph. We were reviewed on TV once (Channel V) and have been mentioned by Jasjit Singh on StarTV Breakfast news as doing 'great work'

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