Out-of-India - From Theory to Truth: Part 2

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Re: Out-of-India - From Theory to Truth: Part 2

Postby Prem Kumar » 22 Nov 2019 09:26

Brilliant!! Provides strong OIT support and demolishes several AIT lies. I love how multidisciplinary scientists from India are taking apart AIT.

Lie #1: the original lie. There was no Saraswati. There was only an Indus civilization
Lie #2: there was a Saraswati, but it was the corrupted version of Harahvaiti, which was a river in Afghanistan that the Aryans first encountered
Lie #3: Saraswati river existed. But it was seasonal. The civilization depended on monsoon rains & were subject to the vagaries of the river

Reality #1: Saraswati existed. In modern times, the Gaggar Hakra flows in its paleochannel. The original river is very ancient: 80k years old :shock:
Reality #2: It was big & perennial from 80kya - 20kya. Importantly, it was perennial 9kya - 4.5 kya (Saraswati/Harappan civilization time window)
Reality #3: It supported the most extensive Bronze Age civilization
Reality #4: The Rig Veda spoke of this very same, massive Saraswati river, that was "as wide as the ocean" & "flowed from Himalayas to the sea"
Reality #5: Since the Saraswati started breaking up around 4500 years ago, it marked the zenith & subsequent decline of the Harappan civilization
Reality #6: The above dates place Rig Veda comfortably prior to 4500 years ago
Reality #7: After 4500 years ago, the Saraswati civilization de-urbanized, people moved upstream and downstream of the river

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