Project 75I - It Begins

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Re: Project 75I - It Begins

Postby Rakesh » 30 Jul 2020 22:51

Vips wrote:Admiral i doubt if new kilos are available for $300 Million a pop. I know this figure has been quoted a lot citing purchases by Vietnam and others.
The reason is if the new ones were available for $300 Million then how come Russia offered us refurbished Kilos (30 year old Kilos from its feet) at about the same price?

The offer was for 3 used (and modernized) Kilos from Russian Navy + Modernization of 3 Kilos in the Indian fleet at $1.82 Billion.

Kilos indeed hover around that price. That is a fact. Even Comrade Philip will tell you the same thing :)

You will have to ask Russia why they are offloading used Kilos to us.

I get the part of modernizing the Kilos we have now, but used Russian Kilos are definitely not a good option. We have no idea of the material state of these vessels. No amount of visual inspection is going to solve that.

Remember the Gorshkov episode? That vessel was also inspected. How did that turn out?

The Navy is currently studying the proposal of the three used Kilos. I hope they reject it.

I am not against Project 75I, but if the IN needs submarines right away...the Type 636 is your best bet. Otherwise, like I said, wait till post 2030 for the IN to get her hands on the first P-75I.

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Re: Project 75I - It Begins

Postby V_Raman » 31 Jul 2020 02:15

Even Indonesia is getting HDW subs with ToT - ... _submarine

We wasted our HDW ToT :-(

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Re: Project 75I - It Begins

Postby fanne » 31 Jul 2020 02:45

There were rumors that we have full HDW ToT - Meaning we can make all and any number. Can anyone confirm?

I don't know what we have with scorpion, perhaps another screw-driver giri.

The corner stone of any ToT is simple - Can you make the next one all on your own and can you make any number of them?

You can still take HDW ToT - put DRDO AIP, ability to shoot Brahmos (original HDW had missile firing capability), augment with whatever we got from Scorpion (I assume that with all things French we do not have full ToT). That could solve our problem of future submarine. The point to note is, one of the contender for Project 75i is Korean derivative of HDW.

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