Intelligence & National Security Discussion - July 2018

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Intelligence & National Security Discussion - July 2018

Postby ramana » 12 Jul 2018 06:01

All, Previous thread was closed and please continue here.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Re: Intelligence & National Security Discusssion July 2018

Postby krishna_krishna » 12 Jul 2018 07:24

ramana wrote:All, Previous thread was closed and please continue here.
Sorry for the inconvenience


R garu, I was able to find the records for the death from MD but only doubt in my mind is , is that the same guy with no name change ? , however I also stumbled upon a recent interview of Amar Bhushan (Chief investigation officer of RAW for this case), I have pasted my summary of his entire book on the episode "Escape to nowhere" in the earlier thread for people who do not have the book and interested. I say its a must read. He confirmed in this article that he is indeed with 72, I am pasting relevant paragraphs :

By way of deception: The making and unmaking of a spy

" Cut to June 2017, to a quiet suburb in Domlur, Bengaluru. The gentleman who opens the door is tall and strapping, bearing the definite traces of military or police service. This is Amar Bhushan, the R&AW operative turned fiction writer, whose newest book, The Zero-Cost Mission and The Wily Agent, was recently put out in stores. In his first book, Escape to Nowhere, Bhushan presents a thinly-veiled fictional account of the operation mounted against Rabinder Singh and his much-publicised escape. The complaisant gentleman who sits before us was also the Chief Investigating Officer in the Rabinder Singh case. "

"Back to the story of Rabinder Singh, however. The mission might have been perceived as a colossal failure, according to the mainstream media, at least. Bhushan's response, however, is surprising. "It was a great success! We got exactly what we wanted!" The affable, humble, generous-to-a-fault Singh had been known for his propensity to ask questions. "He would walk up to various officials and say things like, 'Do you know if Rajapakshe will win the election? Have you gathered intelligence? Have you briefed the U.S. Embassy'?" Bhushan recalls.

Startlingly, none of this gave rise to suspicion, for Singh's lavish parties, which drew top intelligence and IPS officers, brought him much popularity within the organisation. It was an agent from Karnataka who, his suspicions aroused, began asking questions about Rabinder Singh"

Besides, what if we brought him in and filed a case only to have him acquitted by the court? He would have remained in Delhi and continued being a mole, no doubt."

"The options before Singh were clear: Run away and disappear or confess and "let the organisation finish you off." Singh, needless to say, chose the former." He died last year, Bhushan informs us, in total ignominy, having been abandoned by the CIA and left without a passport or even refugee status." ... a-spy.html

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Re: Intelligence & National Security Discussion - July 2018

Postby chetak » 12 Jul 2018 09:29

Things are not all well in the independent socialist republic of trinamul.

Chinese drug factories in Indian territory?? What next?? A secret CPEC through west bengal??

Have the BSF, IB and the CID given up in bengal??

Chinese Were Running Illegal Drug Factory In Bengal That None Knew About

Chinese Were Running Illegal Drug Factory In Bengal That None Knew About

by Jaideep Mazumdar
Jul 11, 2018,

How is it that Chinese presence in a sensitive border district like Murshidabad has gone undetected for so long?

State authorities in Madhupur in West Bengal’s Murshidabad district, which borders Bangladesh, have just woken up to an illegal drug manufacturing unit that has been running under their nose for over three years now.

The arrest of five Chinese nationals, by Government Railway Police (GRP) personnel, who were seen moving around suspiciously at the Kolkata railway station, has led to the discovery of the illegal drug factory being operated at Madhupur since 2014. The factory is now suspected to have also been involved in the production of amphetamine, a dangerous synthetic drug. It has also come to light that there are 30 Chinese nationals in a backward pocket of Murshidabad ‘trading’ in human hair and cellphones.

The said factory was set up on a 2.61 lakh square foot of land at Madhupur, which is just a few kilometers from the international border with Bangladesh, in 2014 and had always been shrouded in secrecy. The land belongs to a member of the Madhupur gram panchayat Boju Sheikh, who is also a local Trinamool Congress leader. Operations in the factory were shut down suddenly a few months ago.

The factory was discovered by Bengal’s Criminal Investigation Department (CID) quite by chance. The arrest of Chinese nationals occurred on the night of 29 June. “They looked like Chinese and when we asked them where they were headed to, they tried to run away. We arrested them and a search of their suitcases unearthed some tablets packed very neatly in 27 plastic packets. They turned out to be Chinese nationals with valid travel documents. We handed them over to the CID,” said a GRP officer.

Narcotics cell experts have confirmed that the tablets were amphetamine tablets worth about Rs 40 crore. The Chinese men, aged between 30 years and 37 years, also had mobile phones, 60 credit and debit cards, and some cash on them. Only one of the five, identified as Wang Xiao Dong, could speak a bit of English and the CID had a lot of difficulty getting information out of him. Dong was uncooperative and refused to answer any questions, even claiming at one time that the suitcases from which the drugs were recovered did not belong to them.

A further search of their belongings led to the discovery of two train tickets from Belganga (in Murshidabad) to Kolkata. Confronted with this, and after sustained interrogation, Dong finally led the CID sleuths to the shut factory in Madhupur on 4 July. Another 1.9kg of amphetamine tablets were found in the factory along with some Chinese medicines and equipment like syringe pumps and grinding machines.

The factory is surrounded by high walls and had armed private security guards who would chase away locals coming too close to the property. Some locals who used to work there say that they were asked very strictly to stick to their designated workstations and the factory had some rooms that were always kept closed and to which only the Chinese had access. The factory used to procure jute stalk from local farmers at good prices and it was believed that they were making activated carbon for export to China. But no export documents have been found. Incidentally, activated carbon is used to treat overdoses of amphetamine and other drugs.

On Tuesday (10 July 2018), a team of sleuths from the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and India’s Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) flew down from Delhi to interrogate the five Chinese men. But not much headway has been reportedly made and the Chinese continue to maintain that the factory in Madhupur was being used to make only activated carbon. “But the major question is, why would the Chinese need to set up a factory in such a clandestine manner in a remote area along the Indo-Bangladesh border. Bengal has been seeking Chinese investments and would have been happy to grant all requisite permissions to set up a factory manufacturing activated carbon for export. And why such a factory in such an area that is far away from ports and airports. There is much more to this than what the Chinese have revealed,” said a police officer.

But this is not all. Enquiries by the state CID has revealed that there are 30-odd Chinese nationals who stay in Murshidabad’s poverty-stricken, backward, and remote Beldanga area. “Though they have valid travel documents and claim to be trading in cellphones and human hair, we are carrying out detailed investigations. Beldanga is the most unlikeliest of places for some 30 Chinese nationals to be operating out of. There is definitely something fishy here,” said the police officer.

What is appalling, however, is that Chinese presence in a sensitive border district like Murshidabad has gone undetected for so long. “This represents a horrible and shameful failure on the part of the state police and the intelligence apparatus. An illegal factory ran for more than three years on a large plot of land and the state administration knew nothing about it. Thirty Chinese nationals are staying and ‘trading’ in Murshidabad and it is only now that the state administration has come to know of it. Nothing can be more shameful than this. And this represents a total breakdown of the intelligence-gathering and surveillance machinery in the state,” said a retired Intelligence Bureau officer.

Experts suspect that the Chinese could have been operating drug manufacturing units in Murshidabad. “Slipping the drugs through the porous border into Bangladesh, from where it would be sent back to China and Southeast Asian countries, could have been the reason behind locating the factory in Madhupur. There may be more such factories in the district; it is quite unbelievable that as many as 30 Chinese nationals are staying in Beldanga area and engaged in some innocuous trading activity,” said a former police chief of Murshidabad.

The failure to detect such operations also hints at local political patronage, without which the Chinese nationals could not have been running such unchecked business for such a long period.

Jaideep Mazumdar is an associate editor at Swarajya.

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Re: Intelligence & National Security Discussion - July 2018

Postby RoyG » 12 Jul 2018 20:14

chetak wrote:Things are not all well in the independent socialist republic of trinamul.

Chinese drug factories in Indian territory?? What next?? A secret CPEC through west bengal??

Have the BSF, IB and the CID given up in bengal??

Chinese Were Running Illegal Drug Factory In Bengal That None Knew About

You have to look at the long term plan of China and Pakistan. They can't crack the Indian state from outside or by using their traditional proxies. In the last decade there has been a switch to narcotics. The number 1 exporter of Fentanyl to the US is China and I see what sort of destruction this is causing for patients and the health system overall. These two have learned well from the British.

If I were China, I would try to facilitate the push of more Rohingya to the border areas and get the small kids to be couriers for heroin. Try to build a self sustaining base of operations for the migrants using the narco cash and begin bankrolling all of these TMC, Left, Islamist parties in West Bengal and Assam. Simultaneously I would draft some naxalites and open them up to the larger Indian market. Right now they are being hit bad but they can use their existing networks in the cities to push drugs on college campuses and other areas.
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Re: Intelligence & National Security Discussion - July 2018

Postby Kati » 16 Jul 2018 10:41

Can we have some discussion on the topic of Rabinder being dumped by see eye yeh?
(Assuming that the article states the facts.)
Did massa see him as a useless liability later? Or, did he feed garbage to massa?

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Re: Intelligence & National Security Discussion - July 2018

Postby sum » 16 Jul 2018 10:51

^^ What if it is a false info fed by Indian agencies to show public and other potential collaborators that doing so will lead to such bad things? When in reality, Rabinder and other folks lived pretty decent lives and maybe did actually die in some mishap.

Of course, no one from US side would refute anything our agncies put out in public against any of the US agencies

In this field, one can never trust anything ( though i do fervently hope that the Indian story printed was true and he did suffer for his deeds)

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Re: Intelligence & National Security Discussion - July 2018

Postby Aditya_V » 16 Jul 2018 10:52

And we were seeing this Punjab as well, where Pakistan has pushed in Drugs. Ideally Pakjab should have very high drug usage.

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Re: Intelligence & National Security Discussion - July 2018

Postby dinesha » 17 Jul 2018 21:50


this kind of rumour mongering without even mentioning the source is not acceptable and akin to trolling.
just writing '-Twitter' is not a source. one might as well write 'some monkey with a phone'.
- Rahul

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