Structural Reforms Milestones post 2019 Elections

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Structural Reforms Milestones post 2019 Elections

Postby ramana » 16 Nov 2018 23:29

Folks 2019 elections are less than six months away and need to think about what structural reforms/milestones to be achieve by the next government. I would like folks to use a hashtag #Strategic, #Economic, and #Political milestones to gather ideas. I know Niti Ayog and TIFAC types will have there own set off targets but we have been about 20 years as a Forum and I would like us to come up with our own milestones for the nation.

Under the hashtags I would like to gather:

#Strategic: Defence, Foreign Policy, Military manufacturing etc.
#Economic: Structural reforms and changes that will ensure Indian autonomy
#Political All elections, legal, judicial reforms.

I would consider another #Societal/Cultural if there is interest.

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Re: Structural Reforms Milestones post 2019 Elections

Postby ramana » 16 Nov 2018 23:35

#Strategic: A6 development, INS Ardhiman load out, IBG transformation, MMRCA procurement resolution, Tejas Mk2 development, NSG membership, MoD reorganization to ensure smooth working of the military sector.

#Economic: RBI under Govt control, Real estate sector clean up. Enable India to be a financial/capital raising center for IOR.

#Political: Review and scrap old legislation that stops economic development, Scrap NGT, enact NJAC, Review IAS/IPS and numerous multiple agencies set up to crutch the system.

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Re: Structural Reforms Milestones post 2019 Elections

Postby Mollick.R » 16 Nov 2018 23:56

1. Make Laddakh a UT & Garrison Town.
2. Make more stringent laws to curb NGOs & EJs
3. Tweak DPP such that pvt ship builders (specifically like L&T) gets order to survive & flourishes.
4. Speed up Strategic petroleum reserve project.
5. Provide more finding for AI , ML & Supercomputing
6. Allocate more resources & declare Jet Engine (Kaveri follow on proj) project as national project.

List not exhaustive, may keep adding on.......

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Re: Structural Reforms Milestones post 2019 Elections

Postby Supratik » 17 Nov 2018 00:15

Little premature as policies will depend on who forms next govt. If this govt comes back I would like to see UP divided into four states for better governance, NRC implemented in other states, Article 35A gone, decisive steps taken for UCC among priorities.

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Re: Structural Reforms Milestones post 2019 Elections

Postby ramana » 17 Nov 2018 01:28

Supratik, let the list continue. Always can ignore the thread no?

Also use the format please.

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Re: Structural Reforms Milestones post 2019 Elections

Postby souravB » 17 Nov 2018 01:47

1. Naval base in Southern Sri Lanka and conversion of Rajapakshe airport for civil and IAF use.

1. Inclusion of Civil cases in Disqualification of convicted representatives from seats.

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Re: Structural Reforms Milestones post 2019 Elections

Postby ArjunPandit » 17 Nov 2018 21:16

The classification is a bit nebulous, esp the description, but the categorization can be done towards the end. Also, it is more of a wishlist

#Strategic: I continue to focus on Pakistan, because while not being the direct enemy forms the arm of enemy. Severing that arm helps neuter china and focus on china with manageable resources
1. Reconsider historical passivity w.r.t: Chahbahr activation and further engagement in Afghanistan and Ayni Airbase activation
2. Military:
a. Reinvigorate domestic jet engine program and work on a national education policy focussing on higher education for defense purposes
b. Further reduce military equipment import and increase exports
c. Focus on plan to retake kashmir in the next war. It's been 16-19 years since pakis we fought us. This equals the peace after '71-72. Next war
would be on such opportunity.
3. Reconsider One China policy unless Indian sensitivities are not given active consideration
4. Start thinking and perhaps working towards a post pakistan plan including governance, bounty splitting, border management and IWT

1. Real Estate Reforms:
a. Property/Adhaar/PAN linkage and Geo tagging of properties
b. stronger RERA, with proper provisions addressing construction quality, and geniune buyer issues
To some extent the economic stroll and not steaming ahead is because of the slowness in RE market. Perhaps govt can also consider an
aggregator like Fannie Mae and Freddie mac
2. Further press on the cashless agenda: Cash Transactions above say 50K attract an extra charge
3. Properly Define appropriate levels of autonomy/independence of RBI, I am not in favor of RBI under govt thumbs, esp. 5 years is a too small
time horizon to implement fundamental reforms for Indian economy. But RBI should not be overly conservative too. Appt levels of systemic risk
need to be planned for.

1. Ram Mandir and Mathura Mandir freedom from the mosques
2. UCC and population control to control the allah ki neymat
3. Stricter checks in place to minimize medical and rice bag induced conversions
4. Perhaps a china like social credit system should be considered: For two reasons: It will create a storm, giving govt to sneak in other actions and
also push the opponents on backfoot. If it gets through I will be happy to bring in some soft of social order. Let's have a debate that who's
breaking the rules. This is contentious, perhaps calling a thread of its own. But lets warm up to the idea
1. New policy focussing promoting quality research on emerging techs, e.g., AI/ML, Big data, with increased collaboration with global
institutes.More so than what is done today. We used to have some during soviet days, but with many western nations its more invdidiual than
idiosyncratic, perhaps I am not fully aware of it but there's always scope of improvement.
2. Revisiting the leftist history, perhaps promote research in this area
1. Urban transportation in light of evolving tech, e.g., VTOL, Maglev etc.
2. Pollution management: Air water

Wrote in an impromptu manner so will keep on editing the post as I think

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Re: Structural Reforms Milestones post 2019 Elections

Postby Shankas » 17 Nov 2018 21:34

#Strategic: Integrate the 2 million Sri Lankan Tamils to the 68 million Tamils in Tamilnadu. Create free moment of goods between Tamils across the straight. Encourage TN Tamils/Indians to invest in Northern Sri Lanka in areas such as Agriculture, Small Scale Industries, Hotels, Hospitals. Allow goods/produce made by TN Tamils/Indians from Northern Sri Lanka to flow freely into Tamilnadu and Kerala. Encourage Indian investment into all of Sri Lanka in the tourism sector and promote Indians to visit Sri Lanka. We need to do this to check the Sinhalese and to keep the Hans at bay.

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Re: Structural Reforms Milestones post 2019 Elections

Postby Shankas » 18 Nov 2018 10:05

#Strategic/Diplomatic: Establish Indian embassies in all 54 African Nations. Use our national carrier to connect to all major African countries. Expand Air Cargo services using our national carrier. It is making a loss anyways, at least will pay dividend in the long run.

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