Achievement tracking - Modi 2.0 Govt - No discussions

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Achievement tracking - Modi 2.0 Govt - No discussions

Postby suryag » 26 May 2019 23:23

Hi all (admins and BRFolk) - we need a thread which acts as a repository of what all is happening with this new Govt. No discussions and just compendium of links and data, so that people can follow what is going on. Discussions can take place in the other policy thread re: policies in Modi sarkar etc.

Will also act as a useful counter to all the motivated propaganda (sure to occur) which says nothing is done.

I'd suggest the following format: Title, Date, Explanation/Brief description, Link

There can be topics which straddle multiple topics, but please make an attempt to at least add one.

Administration (Reports of Modi govt working 18 hr days e.g., MOS not asking for freebies)
Economy (General - e.g. GST etc, indices, stock exchange movement, trade - local and international)[/list]
Infrastructure (Construction, Roads - both come in here - am splitting other components out for greater focus)
Water Management (Cleaning Rivers also comes here)
Environmental issues
Medical / Quality of Living Indices (E.g. Policy for road safety would come under QoL, Infra both)
Defence (Services, Production, Exercises, Acquisitions)
Industrial Policy and Technology ( SME, Medium Industry, IT, Mfg - anything beyond just general trade indices)
Agriculture/ Food Security (Both Agriculture and any attempts to reform the creaky PDS)
External Affairs/Diplomacy (Outreach to other countries)
Internal Security (e.g. IB breaking terror modules, Art 370)
Womens Security (Modis speeches mentioning this topic, policy decisions)
Education (Skill Development can go here)
Cultural (Any policy decisions re: temples/ RJB movement, portray pride in Indian culture, awards to national level folks)
Sports (Hopefully more than cricket)[/list]

Aim is to have a repository of everything the Govt does. Otherwise we run the risk of losing track and the MSM again gets to spin its overall theme of doom and gloom as and when relevant payouts are made to them.

If I have missed anything in the list above, please add it to your heading - aim is to start off and keep it going.

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Re: Achievement tracking - Modi 2.0 Govt - No discussions

Postby VKumar » 26 May 2019 23:44

Arrest of Naresh Goyal by recall of his flight even as it was taxiing for take-off. Scamsters being brought to justice.

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Re: Achievement tracking - Modi 2.0 Govt - No discussions

Postby disha » 01 Jun 2019 05:16

Modi na sota hai, na sone deta hai !

Title: Scholarship extended to children of Police who are martyred in terrorist/naxal attacks., Extension of PM kisan scheme to all farmers., Pension scheme for traders., Extension of scholarship to Police personnel
Date: May 31, 2019
1. The rates of scholarship have been increased from Rs. 2000 per month to Rs. 2500 per month for boys and from Rs. 2250 per month to Rs. 3000 per month for girls.
The ambit of the Scholarship Scheme is extended to the wards of State Police officials who are/were martyred during terror/naxal attacks. The quota of new scholarships for wards of state police officials will be 500 in a year. The Ministry of Home Affairs will be the nodal Ministry in this regard.

2. A day after taking oath, the new cabinet met on Friday and approved the extension of the PM-KISAN scheme to all 14.5 crore farmers across the country. The first meeting was held at the Prime Minister's Office in South Block.

The extension will cost Rs 87,000 crore a year. A pension scheme worth Rs 10,000 crore, which will benefit five crore farmers, was also announced.

3. Pension scheme for traders

The government also approved a new scheme, which assures a minimum monthly pension of Rs 3,000 to all shopkeepers, retail traders and self-employed persons after attaining the age of 60. The decision is expected to benefit more than three crore retail traders and shopkeepers.

Union Minister Prakash Javadekar said that five crore traders are expected to join the scheme in the next three years.

"All shopkeepers and self employed persons as well as retail traders with GST turnover below Rs 1.5 crore and aged between 18-40 years can enrol for the scheme," an official statement said.

URL: [url][/quote]

URL: ... 66151.html

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Re: Achievement tracking - Modi 2.0 Govt - No discussions

Postby ramana » 01 Jun 2019 23:55

Synopsis of New Education Policy by Dr Amit Thadani
One of our friends. ... 87457?s=19

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Re: Achievement tracking - Modi 2.0 Govt - No discussions

Postby jaysimha » 05 Jun 2019 15:26 ... -tricolour
Abu Dhabi celebrates PM Modi swearing-in, lights up Adnoc tower in tricolour

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Re: Achievement tracking - Modi 2.0 Govt - No discussions

Postby Karmasura » 09 Jun 2019 07:42

Temples of south east asia: How India is restoring these adobes of faith brick by brick

For India has had deep cultural ties with South-East Asian nations, which precede the beginning of the Christian Era and have left an indelible impression on many aspects of life in a number of countries of the region.

Interestingly this is one area which is then, an example in the history of mankind where one sees such cross-fertilization between different cultures and people for over two millenniums, all of this, without any involvement of political or military force. Many monuments in this region reflect this syncretic culture and some of these have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

India has been partnering with some of the countries of the region for restoration and conservation of these heritage monuments. India was the first country to respond to an appeal made by Cambodia to the world community in 1980 to come forward to help save the Angkor Vat, the center of the Khmer Kingdom for several centuries.

From a little bit before Modi 2.0, but still important.

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Re: Achievement tracking - Modi 2.0 Govt - No discussions

Postby Ashokk » 26 Jun 2019 02:44

Govt may deliver 1cr houses 2 years before 2022 date
NEW DELHI: The housing ministry on Tuesday announced to advance the deadline for delivering one crore houses under PM Awas Yojna (PMAY) in urban areas by almost two years to 2020. The government had set the 2022 deadline for PMAY.
Union housing minister Hardeep Singh Puri said he was confident that sanction for almost all required number of houses will be received by the first quarter of next year and completion of constructions will be achieved by the end of the year.
Earlier in the day, PM Narendra Modi tweeted, "No stone will be left unturned to fulfil the dream of Housing for All, which will give wings to crores of aspirations."

These initiatives have seen record investment, speed, use of technology & public participation. We are committed to…
— Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) 1561432128000

PM said his government is committed to further improving urban infrastructure while citing that PMAY(Urban), AMRUT and Smart Cities missions were launched four years back "with the aim of transforming urban landscape".

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Re: Achievement tracking - Modi 2.0 Govt - No discussions

Postby dnivas » 29 Jun 2019 23:21

One nation one ration card’ scheme from July 1, 2020

‘One Nation One Ration Card’ scheme, which will allow portability of food security benefits, will be available across the country from July 1, 2020. This means poor migrant workers will be able to buy subsidised rice and wheat from any ration shop in the country, so long as their ration cards are linked to Aadhaar.....

Fortified grains

In a bid to reduce nutrition deficiencies among beneficiaries, the Centre would roll out a pilot project in 15 districts to fortify rice grains with iron, folic acid, Vitamin A and Vitamin B12. The first fortified grains would be available in ration shops from this November.

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Re: Achievement tracking - Modi 2.0 Govt - No discussions

Postby vijayk » 16 Jul 2019 03:47 ... is-working
PM Modi’s Project To Transform India’s Most Backward Districts Is Working

The Modi government has identified 115 most backward districts in the country and endeavours to put them on the aspirational path.

The programme has thus far shown remarkable results, using evidence-based data.

While some critics oppose their ranking, based on what they see as ‘naming and shaming’ of districts, the government has put in place a rewards system, wherein the greater the development, the more the financial support.

On 15 June, Prime Minister Narendra Modi chaired the fifth meeting of the governing council of Niti Aayog. On the agenda were four key issues: water management, agriculture reforms, security in left-wing extremism affected districts and achievements/challenges of the aspirational district programme.

PM Modi noted that many districts have witnessed huge transformation in the past one year and he praised the local teams working to create ‘champions of change’ out of the most backward districts of the country.

But first things first, a short introduction of the PMAD is in order here. It was announced by Modi in January last year while addressing a gathering of district magistrates and commissioners of India’s 115 most backward districts which rank at the bottom on development parameters such as education, skill development, basic infrastructure, health, nutrition, agriculture resources, financial inclusion, et cetera.

In his speech at the launch, the Prime Minister had emphasised the need to change the mindset and label them as “aspirational” rather than “backward”, in line with his government’s approach of using politically correct terminology (for instance, viklang are now officially called divyang). Once the districts were selected, they were given initial scores (baseline) based on 49 performance indicators (81 data points) under five themes - Health and nutrition (weightage in final score: 30 per cent), Education (30 per cent), Agriculture and water resources (20 per cent), Basic Infrastructure (10 per cent), Skill Development (5 per cent) and Financial Inclusion (5 per cent).

Recently, Niti Aayog announced that it was making available additional funding to the tune of about Rs 1,000 crore for two years as a reward to top performing districts. Additionally, the government has also mandated that ‘60 per cent of CSR allocation of Central Public Sector Enterprises under health, nutrition and education be spent on projects in aspirational districts.’

PMAD is changing the most backward districts of the country. Focused attention to these districts on improving education, health, basic infrastructure, skill development and financial inclusion will not only help India raise its Human Development Index drastically in the coming years, but also give a renewed sense of hope and confidence to those living in utter neglect for the past many decades.

The intent of this pet initiative of the Prime Minister is worth applauding. Its success will prove that the different arms of the Indian state spanning across centre, state, district levels and so many ministries can indeed come together and work to deliver for the poorest of the poor.

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Re: Achievement tracking - Modi 2.0 Govt - No discussions

Postby vijayk » 16 Jul 2019 20:07



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Re: Achievement tracking - Modi 2.0 Govt - No discussions

Postby vijayk » 16 Jul 2019 20:13 ... ted-by-bro
Construction Of Over 2,000 KM Strategic Road Infra Across LoC, China Border Completed By BRO
The Border Roads Organisation (BRO) has constructed over 2,000 kilometres of road along the actual line of Control and international borders with China, thus giving a boost in the arm of India’s bid to develop the strategic road infrastructure along the border, The New Indian Express reports.

Work has been completed on 61 roads with the stretch of 2,304.65 kilometres identified as strategically important, Minister of State (MoS) (Defence) Shripad Naik said.

A revised Long Term Roll on Works Plan of BRO for five years (2918-19 to 2022-23) has been formulated for constructing/renovating of 272 roads of 14,545 km length. Of these 272 roads, 61 roads of 3,323.57 km have been identified as strategic roads.

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Re: Achievement tracking - Modi 2.0 Govt - No discussions

Postby ramana » 22 Jul 2019 09:48

Fifty day report from Times of India

Please post the crucial achievements. ... share_tray

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Re: Achievement tracking - Modi 2.0 Govt - No discussions

Postby vijayk » 24 Jul 2019 00:08 ... 310110.cms

How an in-house e-commerce platform has revolutionised government procurement
Rolled out in 2016, GeM is a platform to make govt procurement cashless, contact-less and paperless.

Entrepreneur Shweta Sharma, 27, harboured similar notions, too. Started by three college friends in 2016, her startup Leaf Era sells moringa leaf tea and extracts.

They started retailing on Amazon and Flipkart and now exports to Hong Kong. Late last year, her entrepreneur father, who runs a sanitary fittings business, suggested something that made her raise her eyebrows.

tart selling on GeM, or the Government e-Marketplace (, he said. Doing business with the government has become easier and safer, with timely payment and few logistical hassles. Sharma was sceptical.

But within days, she changed her views. Onboarding the GeM platform was easy, with all registration formalities, such as uploading documents and their verification, done remotely in two days. Within a month, Leaf Era was selling on GeM.



Chauhan acknowledges the challenges but is upbeat. “It’s a journey. We are working to get better. We are at 3,000 daily transactions today and should touch Rs 1 lakh crore this fiscal. We hope to reach Rs 5-6 lakh crore within five years.”

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Re: Achievement tracking - Modi 2.0 Govt - No discussions

Postby vijayk » 24 Jul 2019 00:13 ... 306262.cms

PM Kisan enrolments speed up, likely to be 70 million by July
Under the scheme that became operational on December 1, the Centre gives a cash benefit of Rs 6,000 to eligible farmers in three equal instalments to help them fund agricultural input costs.

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Re: Achievement tracking - Modi 2.0 Govt - No discussions

Postby vijayk » 24 Jul 2019 00:15 ... 310916.cms

How India won Kulbhushan Jadhav's case against Pakistan at the International Court of Justice
The Indian case has been a well-prepared and solidly argued one on a simple request - of access to Jadhav.

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Re: Achievement tracking - Modi 2.0 Govt - No discussions

Postby A Nandy » 25 Jul 2019 20:32

Triple Talaq and RTI Amendment bills passed.

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Re: Achievement tracking - Modi 2.0 Govt - No discussions

Postby Mollick.R » 05 Aug 2019 16:56

Feeling tempted to post it here first, :D :D :D

Modi Government revokes Article 370, present Jammu & Kashmir state is to be bifurcated into two UTs.
Jammu and Kashmir will be a UT with its own Legislature.

> Ladakh region will be a separate UT without its own Legislature.

> The two states will have separate Lieutenant Governors.

> Home Minister Amit Shah introduced the Jammu and Kashmir Re organisation Bill in the Rajya Sabha for the same.

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Re: Achievement tracking - Modi 2.0 Govt - No discussions

Postby vijayk » 13 Aug 2019 05:53

India’s Mr Clean-Up

If someone were to ask Narendra Modi, at the end of his second term as Prime Minister in 2024, what is your lasting achievement, there could be many answers. It could be about poverty reduction, cutting down corruption and black money, taking the Indian economy to the $5 trillion level, improving ease of doing business rankings, or many such things.

Narendra Modi can genuinely lay claim to the title of Mr Clean-Up.

Cleaning up is costing him political capital – and the economy some amount of growth. Growth is down and in trouble because cronyism will no longer help rescue firms in loan default to recover quickly; there is no great advantage in remaining small or in the unorganised sector after the advent of the goods and services tax (GST) and incentivisation for formalisation of employment; the scope for speed money in transactions with government is rapidly reducing; the digital push is forcing more and more small businesses, even vegetable sellers and kirana merchants, to accept non-cash payments or risk losing business; the real estate sector, once the Gangotri of corruption and black money, is learning to clean up its books, especially after the legislation of the Real Estate Regulation Act (RERA); and corrupt businessmen, who once demanded the right to hire and fire labour, are now finding that they themselves are being fired by being pushed to the insolvency court, the National Company Law Tribunal.

The Prime Minister’s clean-up strategy can be broken up into three broad categories: physical clean-up of our natural surroundings, financial clean-up of the banking and related corporate crony systems, and transparent policies that prevent the build-up of more opportunities for corruption and illegal wealth generation in future.

Physical Clean-Ups

The most obvious and costliest attempt at clean-up of the physical environment relates to the Swachh Bharat campaign. It started out as a general clean-up exercise involving all public places, with political leaders showing up on TV channels with brooms in hand, but the scheme’s parameters were quickly focused on building toilets and making India open defecation-free (ODF). According to the Swachh Bharat Mission portal, by the third week of July 2019, some 624 districts (out of 725) and 5.73 lakh villages had declared themselves open defecation-free, thanks to the building of 9.83 crore household toilets, not to speak of public conveniences.

Financial Clean-Ups

The Modi government’s financial clean-up act involves a handful of approaches. One is to focus inwards, at government subsidy payouts to citizens to prevent leakages. The second is to bring more and more people and businesses into the tax net by extending the goods and services tax (GST). Third, the attempt is to put fly-by-night shell companies to pasture. Fourth, the government is cleaning up bank balance-sheets by both recapitalising them and by pushing defaulter companies towards the bankruptcy courts, thus enabling recovery of some of the money lent, faster. Fifth, it is going after economic fugitives who flee the country after failing to pay up banks. And sixth, it has closed some of the tax loopholes that allowed round-tripping of funds and gave unintended tax breaks to investors bringing in money from abroad. Double-taxation agreements with Mauritius, Cyprus and Singapore have already been reworked to enable this.

Clearly, the most successful clean-up has been the extension of the direct benefits transfer (DBT) scheme to more and more subsidies. At last count, the government was running nearly 439 subsidy schemes, and direct payments to beneficiary bank accounts are believed to have saved a cumulative Rs 1.41 lakh crore since 2013. The government says that in 2018-19 alone Rs 51,664 crore was saved by transferring government payments directly into Aadhaar-authenticated bank accounts.

Ever since the IBC came into force in end-2016, some 1,858 cases of loan default were admitted for resolution by March 2019. Of these, some 378 companies were being liquidated, 94 had been sold to new owners, 152 were under appeal or settled, and 91 cases were withdrawn due to settlement outside the IBC process. This still leaves a hefty 1,143 cases pending before the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT), but the delays were primarily due to court challenges and the refusal by some company managements to help the resolution professionals, which the government is planning to address through some key changes to the IBC law.

Internal Clean-Ups

The third prong of the Modi strategy – to gradually eliminate opportunities for corruption by increasing transparency in government procurements and allotment of scarce natural resources through auctions – is now slowly becoming the norm. Coal mines and spectrum have been auctioned in recent years only through an auction process, and increasingly government purchases are being made online through a cashless, paperless and contact-less process. The last is most important, for corruption happens only when sellers have to contact the government department for payments on supplies made.

According to an Economic Times report on GeM (the Government e-Marketplace), the government’s e-procurement platform now has 2.5 lakh vendors and 37,000 buyers (ie, government departments and public sector undertakings), offering over 10 lakh products and 12,798 services. Over the last three years since 2016, transactions worth Rs 32,000 crore went through GeM, and the target for 2019-20 is Rs 1 lakh crore.

We are talking of an Amazon or Flipkart being built quietly, and no one has even noticed its potential to revolutionise e-procurement and reduce corruption and speed money payments to buyers

Simultaneously, in the last financial year, the government began lateral inductions to the bureaucracy, with nine experts being given five-year contracts at the level of joint secretary. This year, some 40 more could be inducted at levels of joint secretary and below.

Modi is clearly moving slowly but surely to clean his own house even as he focuses on cleaning up the rest of the country.

It does not matter if all the claims of improvement do not fully materialise, or actual achievements turn out to be less than stated. What matters is the direction of change, not its speed.

Modi has earned the right to be called India’s real Mr Clean-Up.

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Re: Achievement tracking - Modi 2.0 Govt - No discussions

Postby vijayk » 15 Aug 2019 21:47 ... ff-at-last

Chief Of The Defence Staff, At Last

While conveying greetings to all Indians on the Independence Day, I am hopeful that the majority would have watched and listened to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 94-minute speech.
Tucked away in the second half was the communication of a decision that the strategic community has wished for long and had almost given up on it. The Prime Minister announced that his government had decided to create the post of Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS) which he hoped will help in taking the Indian armed forces to a higher level of efficiency and greater recognition internationally.
To the layman this means absolutely nothing. So let me try and explain in the simplest terms what this is all about.
Just remember war and the means of waging it are never static. They are always dynamic; even as a war is being fought there are changes taking place in technology, strategy and means of operational application.
In earlier years, war on land was not even remotely connected with war at sea. Then came the air arm, the air force and the dynamics of war changed completely. Nuclear technology had its own effect as much as the way information revolution has had its impact on today’s wars.
I have written about hybrid war extensively and how it picks and chooses domains from the spectrum and combines them to make it a lethal whole.
In short, a nation fights wars today not necessarily in the conventional domain alone and no service can claim exclusive rights or priority except in exceptional situations.
Senior professionals to a great extent and their juniors down the ranks to a lesser degree are expected to be aware of all means of waging war and not be restricted to their service domain only. Thus an element of jointness has entered into fighting wars and the more integrated the three services are their war waging potential will be optimised that much better.
With modernisation of all three services, they can no longer function purely in their own domains. A classic example is the fact that the air force may have its own priorities about the way it will address threats.

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