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by MohanSI
22 Jan 2012 05:57
Forum: Technology & Economic Forum
Topic: Solar energy in India
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Re: Solar energy in India

These are other less rosy reports about the solar power in Germany. Solar Subsidy 'Insanity' Will Cost Consumers,1518,809529,00.html Re-Evaluating Germany's Blind Faith in the Sun,1518,809439,00.html The sola...
by MohanSI
09 Feb 2010 21:34
Forum: Trash Can Archive
Topic: J & K news and discussion
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Re: J & K news and discussion

There is interview right now on NPR Diane Reams show with Bashar Peer about his book "Curfewed Night". Probably will be very one-sided, but will be interesting to see how many lies will go unchallenged.
by MohanSI
15 Oct 2009 21:33
Forum: Strategic & Security Issues Archive
Topic: Indian Economy: News and Discussion (June 8 2008)
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Re: Indian Economy: News and Discussion (June 8 2008)

Babus must have forgotten their Swiss bank account numbers or everyone has moved it to another location already. Victory for India; Swiss Banks to reveal Indian black money Published on Wed 14th Oct 2009 17:10:59 New Delhi, October 14 : .......... "The BJP is claiming that about $500 billion t...
by MohanSI
28 Nov 2008 03:43
Forum: Terrorism Archive
Topic: Indian Response to Terrorism
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Re: Terror Attacks on Mumbai-II

Once all the damage is done and the dust settles, I can only hope that this attacks serves as a catalyst for positive change in the country's policing/governance. Going forward things need to be done differently than they have been in the past. The last couple of times after L-E-T attacks the terror...

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