Endgame of NaPakistan: How and what afterwards

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Re: Endgame of NaPakistan: How and what afterwards

Postby ArjunPandit » 09 May 2020 03:31

lets focus back at home rather than looking at imported solution..in fact westerners have not thought about a solution. If at all there are only three places this solution can come from
1. Russia: Chechenya experience. Again localized esp when compared to overall russia
2. China: might pinch us in long term. But i think that is the right approach
In the end we need to devise our own strategy

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Re: Endgame of NaPakistan: How and what afterwards

Postby syam » 15 May 2020 14:51

nam wrote:Sorry to say, but this is the Pak way of getting in to a war. Remember Kargil? You don't get in to a war with no end goal.

Sir, who told you we don't have end goal? this thread is full of it. I didn't elaborate the post-war scenario as it is off-topic for that thread. We can explore it here to our heart's content.
You can break up Pakistan, ONLY if those pieces actually want to be broken up. We would be delusional to think Paks in Sindh want to become a new nation. We break up Balouchistan, then we have to maintain forces to protect it from getting re-occupied.

Those pieces have no choice but to accept the present situation. atrocities by pak army are well known to the world. other ethnicity people totally fed up with pakjabis. only thing stopping them is the mean guy with the gun. if we can destroy this mean guy, everything will fall apart.

First will be Baluchistan. Just reimagine the map with separate baluchisthan. PoK will be already lost to them by then. They will be busy genociding sindh and tribal areas to curb the movements there.
Why would we want to occupy PoK with a hostile population and explode the insurgency problem? Not to mention screw up the demography.
Think about it. Why would people who we have been subjecting to fire assault for decades would be happy to be with us?

the present stock in PoK is recent settlements. please google local tribes displacement by pakjabi army. we are not going to win their hearts by giving roses. things will fall in place once we reclaim the land. Average radical guy in PoK is no different than the radical guy in valley. In fact they are same in every place. if we give up, we have to give up everyplace dominated by them. trust me on this, 2040 india won't be same as 2020 india. less 'bleeding hearts and winning people over' crowd will write policies. i assure you these radicals will have no choice but to behave.
Pakistan Army is Pakistan Punjab Army. You break up Pak in to PoK, Sindh, Punjab etc, the Pakistan Army will still survive!

The terrorists are cannon fodders. Our objective is to get the puppet master. Pakistan Army.

And Pakistan Army is found in thousands on LC & IB. We just need to get better at killing them and get better at announcing to the world that we are doing it.

Once we get the pakjabi army, what will be there? that's why i am saying the war will cripple the country. the country is hanging by the thread of military. if we snap it, it will fall apart. that's why i am saying, war with india will be final war for present pakis.

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Re: Endgame of NaPakistan: How and what afterwards

Postby ArjunPandit » 26 Jul 2020 20:39

x-posting this video here..very rare good work from somoene in indian media

1. Problems in balochistan:
a. Drinking water problems and how PA shot civilians for water protests
b. destruction of fishery business
2. number of ports balochistan port: speciifcs of gwadar
a. In the video: Gwadar, Pasni, jiwani, ormara. Weak paki navy might find it hard to defend multiple thrusts on these areas
b. This link should also provide some more details on paki coasta resources, more than usual media
c. interesing facts about depths of different ports. Gwadar-17 mt, karachi 9-10 m. Surprises why paxis havent developed it yet. Potential reasons i thought were: i. Lack of seller ii. competition to karachi iii. prioritizing RIT (radical isl ter) over development
d. how china started thinking about it back in 2003. Look west chinese strategy. Role that gwadar plays
e. geographic advantage of gwadar
3. Chinese military presence in gwadar. I havent seen anything more detailed info balochistan/CPEC
4. How CPEC land has been claimed. Military has been instrumental in displacing the natives.
5. Electricity in Gwadar comes through Iran and it is not for commoners for corner plot army. Only 3-4 hours in gwadar.
6. Another business model of paxtani army in water tanker mafia. This makes me think even if paxtan is defeated militarily how will they be displaced from the civilian set up. Something like congress. In 70s east bengal was still not that deeply entrenched as the focus was on west paxtan. That needs to be thought.
7. 80% of coastline and fishery business has been self destroyed.

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