Manning the Siachen Glacier

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Re: Manning the Siachen Glacier

Postby Sunil » 04 Jul 2003 05:21


> Indira Col or Peak?

I think I found something that may clear things up.

From NI-43-4 it appears Indira Col is a small gap at 19000 ft between the Sia Group to the left and the Staghar Group to the right. North of Indira Col, is the Urdok glacier which leads to the Shaksgam Valley. This Col rapidly falls a few thousand feet into the Urdok Glacier. These is a slightly more gentle climb just to the east of that.

Also from the IMF site.

"The first was to reach the Indira Col, the lowest point in the watershed ridge at the head of the Siachen (there are two ‘cols’ in the Indira Ridge, which forms the border with Chinese Sinkiang; the West at 5,840m and the East at 5,800m. The West is considered the main col as it overlooks the Urdok Glacier running north below the Gasherbrums to the Shaksgam. It was first reached by an Indian team in 1981. However, it is impossible to descend from it to the north. The East leads into a side valley of the Urdok Glacier and was first reached in 1912 by the famous American explorers, the Bullock-Workmans. Incidentally, the name Indira was given to the col by the Bullock-Workmans as a mark of respect to the Goddess Laxmi. "

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Re: Manning the Siachen Glacier

Postby Sukumar » 04 Jul 2003 07:46

This is the definition of a "Col"

A strip of land or a ridge connecting two formations, such as mountain peaks. A depression in a mountain range; the lowest depression between two peaks. South Col is the lowest depression south of the summit of Everest.

A Col is not a pass or a peak. Here is a photo of the famous SOuth Col of Mt. Everest

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Re: Manning the Siachen Glacier

Postby shiv » 04 Jul 2003 08:33

Someone has mentioned "fighting (or not fighting) in inclement weather" in Siachen.

But with Siachen being above the snow line and over 15,000 feet isn't ALL WEATHER at Siachen "inclement weather"? I suppose it's a bit worse on a snowy night in winter, but clear days in summer in Siachen don't sound attractive to me.

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Re: Manning the Siachen Glacier

Postby Denis » 29 Jul 2003 14:33

Attention Admins!

Dear Sirs,

IIRC, this thread, "Manning the Siachin Glacier" by Col Nair was locked by you pending the arrival of some answers from Col. Nair to a query from your side. There was a message that the thread would be unlocked after this verification.

The original thread had gone upto 8 pages with approx 300 posts. Has this issue (the issue that triggered the thread lock) been resolved ? or is this an oversight, due to extreme work loads in getting the forum up and running again.


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Re: Manning the Siachen Glacier

Postby member_201 » 29 Jul 2003 15:32

Thank you Dinesh for bringing this to our notice. This thread shall remain closed until further notice.

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Re: Manning the Siachen Glacier

Postby Jagan » 31 Jul 2003 13:55

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Re: Manning the Siachen Glacier

Postby Nikhil Shah » 31 Jul 2003 15:29

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