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by Nikhil_Naya
19 Nov 2019 18:39
Forum: Mil-Tech Archive
Topic: Naval Tejas Mk1/Mk2: News & Discussion - 23 February 2019
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Re: Naval Tejas Mk1/Mk2: News & Discussion - 23 February 2019

I believe the TEDBF is just a new name for the MWF (Tejas 2+). The reasons could be many. If you see the profile of the AMCA - it is evident that the wingspan is large, could be that due to the minimal RCS expected of this type, such a wing will have penalties in terms of wing folding, etc. Also, th...
by Nikhil_Naya
20 Mar 2019 18:46
Forum: Technology & Economic Forum
Topic: Indian Autos Thread -2
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Re: Indian Autos Thread -2

:lol all cars plying in India will fail phoren crash ratings tests. Tragic but True. Ofcourse, it has to do with affordability as well. No - not all. There are quite a few which have scored excellent scores in GNCAP (Global NCAP) which has a higher speed threshold for frontal impact. In fact the Ta...
by Nikhil_Naya
09 Nov 2018 19:32
Forum: Military Issues & History Forum
Topic: INS Arihant: News & Discussion
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Re: INS Arihant: News & Discussion

On this 'story' of the hatch being left open and the SS02 being Flooded, could this be a ruse for ensuring SS03 is able to move out for fitting (out of the covered space while SS04 hull is getting ready - to make it look like the SS03 is the SS02, while SS02 is merrily testing itself out in some wat...

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